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Bon Voyage Glenn

Believe it or not, I actually SAW Glenn yesterday! Shock Horror! The boss who is never there, was there. Although, admittedly, not for very long!

Infact, it was a day of productiveness! There was a message for me to call a customer from the web site, one who wanted to BUY something, not complain about something!!!! So I called her, and she wanted two LOTR box sets, we only had one of them in, but we did have her second choice, so in the end she did actually buy two from us. A £44.00 (inc P+P) sale for the web site! OK, so it's not much, but a sale is a sale. And by that point in the day, it was more than the shop had taken! Haahaa!

I've also updated the rest of the GWS stuff on the MM web site, and set up an alternative method of payment from the site while PayPal is still locking us out; an email form, and a phone number for the shop, so customers can be invoiced and pay over the phone with their cards. Again, not ideal, but at least then we can actually make a sale!

Glenn was very chatty and friendly, telling Andrea all about his new little 18 year old girlfriend in Preston (well done Glenn!), and he told us about how FB had blown her stack when she found a text message from this girl asking Glenn if he wanted sex with her! Glenn was supposed to go and meet her (the gf) but FB wouldn't let him out, she had baracaded him in, blocking the door with her body! When Glenn did get out, she sat on his car, screaming and howling, and writting "bastard" on his car! She's pissed off because he's "passing her over" for this girl. "What kind of girl sends text messages like that?" Dunno love, what kind of woman sleeps around with everyone and anyone, wears clothes that are 6 sizes too small, and freaks out when her ex gets a new gf, etc???? After all, FB has a boyfriend...... Why should she care that Glenn has a young girlfriend? *sigh*

He's talking about getting a flat in Preston. He's still on about bringing this Russian lady back with him next year, and lets face it, he wont be able to live in Morecambe with her, not with FB woddling about! He told Andrea he was thinking of Carnforth, Andrea said he'd need to be further away, that wasn't far enough to be "safe". So now he's thinking about Preston, which isn't a bad little city at all. It's far enought away to have a safe life (!) and close enough for him to come into the office as and when he needs.

HOWEVER! There is the whole issue of whether MM is still going to be around by then. It seems that just as MM was starting to pull it's head out of the shit slightly, it's been plunged back in again! The money Glenn has been making over the last few weeks, he's going to be taking with him to the Dominican Rep on Monday..... the bank is about 2 grand over the OD limit (again) and suppliers are screaming. And too add to it, Glenn's had the builders etc in all this week and last week, and hasn't got he the money to pay them. What makes THAT worse, is that the builders etc are Andrea's husbands men!! Understandably Andrea is "slightly stressed" about this. Although, Clive (her hubby) said he's spoken to Glenn, and that Glenn said finding the money "shouldn't be a problem" I hope for everyones sake he does find it!

It's (again) starting to look like MM might not survive Xmas. Especially if the issue of "stolen goods" comes up again, the police have been onto Glenn, and round his house. I assume they didn't find anything, and I hope to god that they don't ever find anything! The last thing that company needs is for the boss to be locked up!

But nothing seems to be phasing him. As he was leaving I asked if I'd see him again before he went on holiday, he said I probably wouldn't, so I wished him a happy holiday. He came over, gave me a small hug and a kiss on the check.... a nice guesture, if somewhat unnerving....


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