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Gah! My car's trashed!

Today had just been one of those days. You know the type? I'd gone to spend the day with Jen and her boys, we were supposed to be going swimming. Only it's half term so the toddler swim session wasn't on, so we didn't have enough adults per child to be allowed to swim!

We wound up going to Cottam Fields instead for lunch since there is a kiddies play area there and the boys could let off some steam. When we got there the play areas wasn't open yet, and they weren't serving food yet either.

We hung on for the half hour or so for it all so get sorted, fed the kids and let them loose on the play area, so at least they enjoyed them selves even if it did cost us mums a small fortune!

Mark has us booked in for some dental appointments so I had to dash off back home shortly after, especially since the whole of Lancaster is being dug up at the moments and roads are a mess. Jack had fallen asleep in his baby chair in the front of the car so I saw no reason to wake him and out him back into his "big boy" chair in the back (which Conner had been sat in since he's bigger and older). Traffic was awful again so I decided not to sit and wait on the one-way system and drive on the back roads instead. I turned off onto Queen Square and stared to drive back up towards Aldcliff, which is the easiest way home.

Only that wasn't to be. An old feller (81 he tells me) had been turning round by backing into the cobbled area just the other side of Queens Square. I saw him sat there waiting in the side street and he was stationary, looking up the road in the direction I was driving towards. I had right of way being the only car on the actual road and it never occurred to me to worry. I should have done though. The muppet pulled out just as I was passing him! His car hit mine in the front passenger door - where Jack was sleeping - and he continued to drive, dragging his car the full length of mine, caving in the front passenger door, and rear passenger paneling, and finally came to a halt once his car had come off mine and hit a van on the other side of the street!

People came out of no where claiming to have seen what happened. I was handed a name and phone number of a woman who was clearly on my side, while some other guy fussed over the other driver (who was fine) and ordered me to call him an ambulance for him "because he's 81" ... yes, and walking around talking, he's fine! My 19 MONTH OLD SON, however, hasn't MOVED and who knows what could have happened to my UNBORN CHILD!

Anyway, the ambulance crew were a little more sensible than that idiot. They were concerned about Jack, who I had to prod to wake up (he's fine) and my bump, although I assured them that nothing hit my belly and that I was due to see the midwife very soon. They couldn't work out why they'd been called out for the old chap who had nothing wrong with him at all (apart from not being able to DRIVE safely!).

Needless to say I didn't get to the dentist. Oh, and the car? My poor little beloved Micra? The garage took one look at it and said "It'll be a write off, the damage will cost more to fix than the car is worth". Fab! Just what I need right before Christmas! They other guys car? He has a scratch on his bumper!

Where is the justice in an idiots car being fine, when mine is wrecked!?


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