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Mummy Bargains

I am so pleased with this pram.... you may have guessed by the number of times I have mentioned it already. Yesterday I actually got to get my hands on it for the first time!

It's in SUCH good condition for a secondhand pram too! Aside from the "pull this tab" arrows (on the bit to collaps the pram) which have faded a bit you'd never know it wasn' brand new! I don't think it got used very often. And it HAS come with a raincover too, which wasn't mentioned anywhere. So that's another saving to add to the list.

Jack seems to quite like it too. He's had a sit in it. He automatically tried to get into the bigger seat and was slighly miffed that he had to sit in the smaller one, but if we'd had the car-seat attached he wouldn't have even known there was a choice. Jack's had a go at pushing it around too! And had a sit in the car seat to watch telly. It meets with his approval!

Mark's impressed with it and agrees that I have found a cracking bargain in this pram.

I've been hunting around for other bargains. Not just for Baby but for Jack too. I'm after getting him a readybed for whenwe go away since we wont be in the travel cot much longer, and we talked about getting some nice new bedding for him so make the move into his bunks more fun, like some Toy Story bedding. He loves his Thomas the Tank Engine duvet cover already.

It's got me thinking about his "big boy room" in general. We don't need much in the way of furniture since Mum's giving us her old bunk, we already have umpteen sets of drawers, and there's the wardrobe that came as part of the Nursery set which we have never used for any of Jack's baby stuff, but will use for his older stuff. There's already shevling up in there too so that's a lot of the storage issues solved, and a TV bracket for him to have the occasional movie on if he wants to play in his room with the telly on.

We think we'll get the carpet cleaned. It's a tad tatty, but it seems pointless spending money on a new carpet when it'll only get wrecked and this one is already the right colour. The curtains will need a good (possibly professional) wash too. They are good, dark curtains that keep pretty much all the light out when drawn, ideal for a kids bedroom. But like everything else in this - what has been a box - room, it's dusty and covered in cat hair and generally needs making nioce and hygenic again.

It'll need some redecoration. It's already blue, but quite a cold blue and there is a patch of wall (which used to be behind a wardrobe years ago when I moved in) that is woodchipped and whitish-yellow. Previous occupants had decorated around the furniture! I think we'll stick to blue as a theme, but maybe lighten it up a bit with a white wall or two. I also want some of those removable character stickers so we can change them as Jack gets older and his tasts change. It's a lot more affordable than redecorating the entire room every couple of years!

A lot of the stuff I want to buy I can get cheaper on eBay than in the shops. And I am already bookmarking various shops ready for when we start doing all this. I'm hoping to make Jack's new room something he LOVES so he wont be so bothered when Squiggle takes over his old room at about 6 months old (I have a YEAR max to do all this. Not long....!)


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