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Loom Band Lucky Charms

You all know I'm nuts about loom bands! I was given a free packet of pink, green & white loom bands from Paddy Power Bingo to have some fun with. So I thought that making some "lucky charms" would be fitting!

Snake Charm!

I adore making these snakes. I've made them for my kids before and they like playing with them. Snakes are the first toy animal I tried making with loom bands and still the one I like best!

I got the tutorial for this from MarloomZ Creations

Owl Charm!

How cute is this owl? It's perfect for a phone charm or to fasten onto a little bag. Owls were a request by my kids and took a lot of practice to get right! Georgie loves the owls almost as much as he snakes - in fact he's claimed this one for himself before I've even finished the blog post!!!

I got the tutorial here: TutorialsByA

Charm Bracelet!

My own :-)  Because you can't do a loom band post without at least one bracelet! 

This is an "inverted fishtail" which you can find all over YouTube with 3 little charms threaded on.

What lucky charms would you make?

Disclaimer: I was sent a packet of loom bands in Paddy Power Bingo for free with the only request being that I mention their brand and add a link to their site.

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