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Review: Gro-hush Baby Calmer

We are big fans of The Gro Company already, and we know they made good quality products for babies; we still have and use the Gro Egg and Gro Bags that we bought for Jack 6+ years ago and have used them for all four of our babies. So when I was offered the chance to review the Gro-hush Baby Calmer I was keen to give it a go with Freddie.

The Gro-hush uses white noise to help sooth Baby. Did you ever see that episode of Peppa Pig where it takes noise to help Baby Alexander sleep? ("The Noisy Night") Well it works a bit like that - only better! And there's no need to worry about your baby sleeping "too much" and missing out on feeds or other essential needs (like a nappy change) because it only soothes a baby without an actual pressing need.

Research into White Noise:

They acknowledge that white noises such as the noise of hair dryers and vacuum cleaners is known to settle infants and promote sleep. They state that white noise acts by masking other external removing such arousal stimuli and calming the baby. It was also found that white noise promoted sleep only in babies who were not hungry. Two of the babies who did not respond initially settled after a feed. Therefore it is unlikely that use of white noise will deprive infants of feeds, should they be required. 

Product Info:

  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) 
  • Includes a high quality protective travel case 
  • Automatically switches off after 10 minutes 
  • Volume is preset to safe sound levels and cannot be changed 
  • Cushion is covered in soft 100% cotton 
  • Cushion cover is washable 
  • Weighs 107 grams (with batteries) 
  • Use from birth

Trying the Gro-hush with Freddie:

Our Gro-hush arrived in a very timely fashion. I have been suffering from a stinking, horrible cold and splitting head. I was on the lem-sips and self pity in a big way... and didn't feel happy about co-sleeping with Freddie (you know, just in case...) So I sat up to feed him and then settled him into his own little bed with the Gro-hush. There are three sound settings; rain, waves, and heart beat. I chose the heart beat, but wondered if it would be any good for him as it wasn't mine or his Daddy's heart beat which he was (in theory) used to. But he seemed to settle quite quickly! The Gro-hush turns it self off after around 10 mins too so I could get to sleep too without worrying about having to turn it off (and risk disturbing him again).

Freddie is used to having his daytime naps in his moses basket in the livingroom. He has just about grown out of it now though, so we are starting to put him in his bed upstairs instead. Freddie's going-for-a-nap routine is now: nappy change, feed, cuddle and rock with the Gro-hush, and then laid in his bed with the Gro-hush. He sometimes makes a little noise (the odd "meehhh...") but no crying while he settles in and finds his fingers to suck. It's a million times easier and quicker than trying to rock him to sleep while his 3 brothers decimate the house in my apparent absence, or running up and down the stairs because he's started crying again the second my foot lands on the bottom of the stairs. Babies don't settle for stressed out mums!

What we thought:

So... While I believe that nothing is better for settling a baby than a lovely long snuggle and feed in a warm and cosy, peaceful room, I also know that you can't always have that. I know I can't unless the other 3 are at school & nursery! The Gro-hush is a massive help when Freddie is finding it difficult to settle. And don't we need all the help we can get when it comes to little ones?

Gro-hush - £34.99 from The Gro Company

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