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Happy Burns Night to all! Haggis Pie as made by Son1 (with a little help from me) #BurnsNight #haggis #yummy

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Yeah I know this has been around for a while.... but I still love it
We’re excited to announce that Trainers and their #PokemonGOBuddy will soon have more ways to connect, interact, and explore the world.

It’s time for another adventure, Trainers. A Buddy Adventure. 🤩 — Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) December 17, 2019

Facebook has changed it’s policy for posts to Facebook pages like mine. They are only showing posts to a few likers unless I pay to boost the views. Since I don't earn money from my blog (or at least not much, not even enough to buy one posh a coffee a week) I wont be doing that. The best way to make sure you will see my blog posts is to subscribe by email up there on the right. I usually only email once a week and include an invitation to my blog hop so you can share your posts too. 

 You can also go to my page, hover over the “liked” button and select get notifications. Then you will see my posts and status updates…

Big pingu 🐧 #pokemongo #pokemoncommunityday #gosnapshot

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Adorbs shiny piplup #gosnapshot #pokemoncommunityday #pokemongo

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My little buddy 🥰 #gosnapshot #buddy

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Piplup Hunting #gosnapshot #pokemoncommunityday #pokemongo

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