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Jack & Tom in the donut

Jack & Tom in the donut Originally uploaded by chiggster I got a new camera off my dad for my birthday. It's pretty much the same as the wonderful camera Mark bought me a couple of years back that met an untimely end in a cup of sweet tea (poor thing), and MUCH better than the one dad had loaned me in the meantime. For one, I an video the kids indoors without having film production standard lighting! Jack is very good at sharing things with Tom, even giving him his Splodge to cuddle. BUT he's not keen on sharing the donut, which really is a baby toy should should be for Tom to play in by himself. When Jack's having a nap and Tom is awake that's fine. This is what happens if they are both up! It's ok for them to be in it together it seems, but not for Tom to be there alone :oD

The 4 of us!

The 4 of us! Originally uploaded by chiggster Yay! I finally have a photo of the 4 of us together. It's my 31st birthday today. It's not gone quite how we'd planned, but with my dad over that goes withour saying. Still... I have enjoyed trhe day so far, and I have an evening of Chinese food and new DVDs ahead of me, coupled with some new baking and crafting stuff to get creative with. And this photo!

Jack or Tom?

Jack's Best Friend Originally uploaded by chiggster We have a large photo frame in the livingroom with photos of Jack's first year (we're going to get one for Tom too). Jack loves these photos. This is one of them. Every day jack climbs up on the arm chair closest and point to all the photos shouting "Jack" at each of them. Apart from this one, which he thinks is Tom. In fat, he is CONVINCED this is Tom, and wont accept that it's him. Even though it was there long before Tom was born! I know my kids look alike. I didn't think they were so alike they even they couldn't tell who was who :oD

Jack's Christmas Bag

Jack's Christmas Bag Originally uploaded by chiggster This is my first solo attempt at using the sewing machine. This Christmas themed name tag is one I made for Jack ages ago from one of my cross stitch alphabets and some beading. I have been looking for something to attach it too for ages, and was thinking about using it on a Christmas Stocking. But now I have some lovely patterns for stocking that I want to use instead. I think this fabric is ideal for Christmas stuff, so I sewed a little bag, and then sewed the name tag on. It's really sweet and i think it will be perfect for stashing all of his chocolate and snacks he's bound to get at Christmas. I need to make one for Tom now too :oD

Strawberry Baguette Bag

Strawberry Bag Originally uploaded by chiggster Yay!!! I've been using my sewing machine! Fay has been teaching me - and is a much better teacher than that dragon in my textiles class at high school! We made this strawberry bag together. She did one of my straps for me, and helped me to measure out the whole thing too as well as teaching me how to set up the machine and use it in general. It's not perfect, and I think I need to get much better at attaching straps. I think I need to work on wider ones for a while before I will be competent at thin ones like these. But it's not half bad! I'm calling it a baguette bag for 2 reasons, 1) it's rather long.... and 2) I'm not confident that the straps will be able to hold the weight of anything heavier than a couple of bread sticks :oD

Yay! Crafty things!

WIP - BIrth record/wall hanger for Baby "Bean" Originally uploaded by chiggster I have a couple of WIPs (works in progress). This one is almost done. It's a birth record for Baby Bean, my brother-in-law & gf's baby which is due at the end of Oct. It's not far off being finished. I have some buttons, ribbon and dowl to make it into a wall hanging. Then all I have to do is wait for the big day to fill in the name, date & weight, and a little something in pink or blue - depending on what flavour bean baba is. I am using the same theme to make a card for my step-bro & his wife who are also expecting at the end of Oct. They know they are having a boy so that's all blues so far, but no where near as finished as this one so I'll post a pic of that later. I have been to Fabrix in town this week and bought a meter each of some pretty strawberry and cupcake fabrics. I have also bought some tarten fat quaters. So now I have some bits to practice

Goin' Crafty!

"Little Monster" Birthday Cards Originally uploaded by chiggster I'm getting my crafting head back on! I have a couple of projects on the go at the moment. One is a birth record for my brother-in-law and his missus who are expecting their first baby at the end of October. Another is a large card for my step-brother and his missus who are also expecting their first baby at the end of October. A mini baby boom! Last night I salvaged the Christmas cards I made last year and forgot to take over to the family. I had them signed from me, Mark, Jack and Squiggle... but now of course Squiggle is here and called Tom. So I had to line all the cards with some pretty paper and re-write them back to the same people. I just need to remember to actually PACK them this year!!! This is a pair of birthday cards I quickly stitched for our nephews, when the night before we were due to visit them Mark said "Oh, I haven't bought any cards for Chris and Nicky!" Luckily I

Got my boys to myself!

Mark's managed to land a weeks work again this week (I really hope this leads to a full time job come November) and that means I have my lads all to myself for 5 days! I don't know how this works, but I seem to manage to get more housework done, and keep both kids happy and entertained BETTER when Mark's out at work... Go figure! I am up to date with all the laundry, the kitchen is sorted. I'm planning on wiping round the bathroom this afternoon too. I also seem to be avoiding the bulk of Jack's tantrums too. Getting him to sit on the sofa with his Splodge and a drink and asking him to "calm down" seems to be working most of the time, and he seems to only get really ratty close to nap time so if he acts up close to then he goes up to bed, has a cuddle and gets tucked in for a nap. Same applies to bed time. Last night he was getting cranky and when we asked him if he was tired and wanted to go up to bed he said yes, got his Splodge and a drink and wai