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Goverment Car Tracking / Taxing Petition!!!!

Many thanks to Crash n Donna for spotting this . The BBC has a lot to say about it - but that should always be taken with a pinch of salt (after all the BBC and the Labour Party have certain links...) They (the government and some BBC reports) trump it up to sound brilliant so environmentally safe ( not as safe as using an alternative to fossil fuels ), s o much cheaper than road tax and fuel tax ( does anyone actually believe these things will be removed, and if they are that we wont end up paying more? When do taxes ever go down without being bumped up even higher elsewhere? ) with charges ranging between 2p per rural mile to £1.34 on the motorway ( my car does about 10p to the mile, and like most people I don't live out in the STICKS ). But remember, with this system the government will know where your car (and you) are all the time, how fast you are going, where you are parked, and if you make an honest mistake you will still be fined! I agree that if you flout the law y

Pityriasis Rosea

GRIM!!!!!!! There is something WRONG with my skin!!!!! ((the photo is NOT me)) It started around Christmas, and I didn't think much of it. I had a small spot on my chest. I didn;t think much of it to start with, and then it got a bit bigger. I showed it to Yorkie who said 'it looks like a fag burn' but it wasn't. Then about a week later it got much bigger, and a couple of days after that LOADS of them popped up all over my chest, breats, tummy and back!!! Of cause, by then Dad's here, and the last thing I want is for him to know about it. All I'd get is comments about personal hygene and insinuations that either myself or Yorkie were sleeping about and this was the result (honestly, he's done that before when Yorkie had - it turns out - the same thing a few years ago), so I lie and say I'm suffering an allergy and hope it will go away. Day after Dad goes I got on the phone to the Docs and got myself an appointment for the next morning. And sure enough..

More Ring Business Important link that one. That's the link to our wedding rings, which I know I have mentioned a few times already. But now we're ready to get our ring sizes checked and the rings ordered. He still wants the titanium, simple as (so it wont get trashed at work) but I have the choice of that, or white or yellow gold. I'd love two-coour like my engagment ring, but the infill would be too fine and wont last (boo, honest, but boo!) I'm thinking of going with the gold. It's traditional after all. There's no way I'm changing the ring for something else. We both love it - and it's part of the dress too now (at some considerable hassle to the poor ladies who embroidered it). Yes, gold it is! Now... where'd I put that money?


I've just bought my tiara!!!!!!! It's a simple little thing, and the crystals in the centre match the ones on the bust of my dress! Whoot!

Wedding List.... (OMG)

A new kitchen.... Really! We need one! So I've been saying to people that we'll want either B&Q or Ikea vouchers... Only I can't say which yet because I haven't choosen which one I like best: B&Q Oak Shaker style: ( on froogle ) ( on their site ) Ikea: Tildaholm BECAUSE... our kitchen is REALLY badly laid out, the storage is dropping to bits, the seal round the sink is black and festering, the oven hasn't worked for YEARS (the hob and grill are ok though), the seal on one of thef ridge doors has gone too, and the floor... half tiled, half bare concret! But now I have to choose which one I like best, and get the measurements sorted out, and then get the prices for what I can have in the space we've got... PHEW!

Honeymoon Ideas!

We're wanting to go to Croatia for our honeymoon. It's somewhere we have both been as kids - before the nasty old war that tore the place up - and bothfancy going back to. We fancy going all inclusive too, so that we don't have to worry too much about taking huge amounts of spending money with us and so on... plus it's something I've always wanted to do. It's so idulgent! So... we looked at Hotel Epidaurus and Osmine and they both looked great! There's also a few on here we liked the look of. But think this is the one!!! There's SO much on offer! Bol Croatia Hosting the most famous beach in Croatia, the stunning White Horn, Bol is a well known mediaeval seaport with an abundance of cultural sights and peculiar places for you to explore. Plenty of cafes


This is why my blogging has been so slap dash lately. First off I want to make it very clear that I DO love my Dad, and I am pretty sure that he does what he does with the best of intentions. It's just a shame that his best intenetions only seem like the best to him... regardless of the reality round him. A few months back now he asked if it was ok if he and Fay came to stay with me and Yorkie for a couple of days in the New Year. I thought a couple of days would be no real hassle, and didn't think he'd actually come over anyway (he talks randomly about doing things he never does quite a lot these days), so I said it would probably be fine, so long as he understood that we'd be working. He said that was ok, because he and Fay would have to go off and do things of their own anyway, like see Fay's son Matt and his wife Joy, and visit some friends. Later it became apparent that he would be coming back to the UK to bring his mum (my Nan) back home after a holiday with h

Gig night

fri 12th SEND MORE PARAMEDICS + EXPLOITS OF THE DEAD + FORENZIC tickets £5 Off to work now with very sore feet, smelling faintly of the beer that I was covered in during the thrashing... Will post more in a bit!! 'In a bit.....' So, yeah... It's gig night at the Yorky and it's tickets only (rare, yet always worth it). Debs and Marie pulled out at the last minute (grr) but I dolled myself up and toddled down Cannon Hill and through the Marsh to meet Lelly out side the (now heavily bordered up) Vic Pub. It's only a 5 or 10 min walk, but my feet are already hurting, thanks to the new leopard print, PVC healed ankle boots I had bought that afternoon (after a tip off from some one at work about a sale at New Look on boots etc), and I'm freezing in my thin black mesh top and jeans (the only sensible thing I had on!). Staggered into town and went directly to the Yorky. Jen, Steff, Tall-Andy and various others wer

2lb loss!

Yay! I've lost a couple of pounds this week, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself! I'm off out tonight, going to a gig night at one of the local pubs. There's gonna be drink every where I turn, and I'll be honest, I am fully geared up to have a night off from being good to my body! I know I should be saying "I'm going to be good, and drink only diet soft drinks" but I would be lying! Diet-wise I have one day off a week. Idealy that will be a friday which is my weigh day, but some weeks it will be Sunday instead when we have a sunday roast planned. I'm full of crap, aren't I?

"myspace: 30" or just "My 30" if you like

1. What does your MySpace headline mean? It's a personal joke about how i have changed in recent years, from being a typical pissed up student type with out a care in the world, to becoming a 'proper grown up' 2. Elaborate on your default photo. It was taken at my high school reunion, just before the school closed down and became a 'community college' 3. What's your middle name[s]? Elizabeth (Hence CharlieBeth) 4. What is your current relationship status? GETTING MARRIED IN LESS THAN 6 MONTHS!!! 5. What are you wearing right now? Light grey t-shirt and bleach stained jeans... I'm about to go to work. 6. What is your current problem? My work have FAILED to pay me this month and I am being charges £39.00 for ever direct debit missed because of this!!! 7. What do you love most? My life the way it is, with my loving family, wonderful feller, and cute cats! 8. Who makes you most happy? Snuggling up in our warm bed with my man, not having to get up for anything, a

Back on the go!

Well now, it's past the 6 month mark - just - and things are on the move again!! Kate (Yorkie's mum) has found the green velvet we needed for Yorkie's suit and the nippers trousers, and there might even be enough left over to make a waist coat for the best man! Winner!! Today I went over to Burnley to see mum who had booked appointments to see the photographer, cake maker, and caterer. Pete, the photographer, seems lovely. He ran though what he does, explained about the album, choosing our photos, what happens to the spares, how he tends to organise taking the photographs, the prefered locations etc. He wants to see me and Yorkie for a trial run. He calls it "Engagment Photos" where we go over to Towneley and he takes some snaps of us. We get to keep them for free. This way he can get the feel for us, we can get used to his methods, and we get to see for real what he can do and the finished results. Sounds GREAT! And he is very reasonably priced too. Next we went

Random Text Messages about PEE!

So I'm sat at the PC last night and my phone does it's vibrateing and buzzing thing to let me know that a message has arrived. It's from Debbi. It reads: Why is wee always yellow an wen squatin over public bogs do u dribbledown left or right thigh me an marie r left wonder if it's earth magnietic pull? Dx MMm ... So I texted back asking how much she amd marie had been drinking, to which she replied that they were both sober, and why didn't I answer the questions. *Sigh* So I said pee is yellow because it's flushing out rubbish from our system, and that if we drink more water it wont be so yellow. And as for dribbling, I don't squat! I sit! I CERTAINLY don't DRIBBLE She seemed horrified by that and mentioned germs on public loos. Exasperated, and out of phone credit, I let it go for the night. BUT! I have found out some info for her, which I have printed off and will present her with tomorrow, to explain it all! I know - I'm a geek, but she wo


Checked out my BMI today: Your BMI is 30 This is above the BMI range of 20 to 25 which experts generally consider to be healthy. This may place you at great risk for obesity-related disorders such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Losing weight will not only make you look and feel better, it may also improve your health and protect your quality of life. Good way to start the morning! I'm expected to cook a roast dinner tonight, so I think I'll have to get the work out DVDs on this morning!!


I have been duped into thinking i had been a good girl today! I've had my bio pot, by pro biotic drink, my 5 servinf of fruit and veg, and even one of my apprantly twice weekly seriving of fish. I calculated my points and I was within my 22 points nice and safe, and then I though 'maybe I should check out the points value on this nice pure fruit juice I've been drinking all day'. Mmm! 1 liter of pure juice.... 8.5 points!!!! Gutted am I!

Invite Design

Hum .... not at my artistic best at the moment. So long out of practice. But here's the prelim' design which I have just emailed to Rachel in the hope that her superior card making skills will make it wonderful! Imagine it on a cream / ivory background, with gold lettering, and maybe a green ribbon holding it all together???

Proper Start

Yup... all bar one small bag of Champagne truffles have been consumed. Had a healthy breakfast this morning, a couple of weetabix with semi skimmed milk and one teaspoon of sugar - the sugar is something I will stop having in a few weeks when my points reduce. I have had some chocs instead of a proper lunch though, which was naughty, and I know I'll be wanting more food again soon. I guess I'll have to have something 'no points' like some tomatoes or something, or drink more water to fill myself up. I've stashed the rest of the chocies though. I'll save them for a weigh-day treat. There's not many left so if I make it to the weekend without slipping up on the food or the smokes I'll let myself have a couple as a reward that i can work off through next week. So far - apart from being grumpy - I'm quite please with myself!

New Year 2006/7

I'm ill. I feel fuggy and sleepy and grumpy. I want to sleep. I have a headache. I blame Bob. Still, New Year is New Year and we'd been invited to Jacquies so I wasn't going to stay home and go to bed early! I have the rest of the year to be ill. We were late again - as usual. I made a point of fibbing to Yorkie about what time we had to be there. I told him 5pm, when I'd arranged 6pm with Jacs. We arrived at 20 past 6. That man can drag his heals for Britain!!! Jacs was still at work so David entertained us for a bit until she got home. Caitlin was allowed up until midnight, but Mia went off to bed. Lea came round too and we all had a Chinese Take Away (strange place that doesn't do sweet and sour pork balls, but instead sent battered pork with no sauce, not even dipping sauce) and played Lord of the Rings Trival Pursuit. Me, Jacs and Lea Vs Yorkie, Dave and Caitlin. Caitlin went to bed after midnight and I think Lea wished she had done - LOTR not being her thing I