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Docs today.... (warning, too much info for blokes)

My body has never really sorted it self out after having Jack. Which is fine and normal for a while. But even after stopping breastfeeding in Oct/Nov things are not back to normal. For example, I have not managed to shed any weight. If anything, I have gained weight. My periods have not comeback properly, with one Oct/Nov time and one Feb, and that's it. And no, I'm not pregnant. I tested in Jan, and again last week. And added to that I am getting hairer... on my chin, lower arms and shins. It's not an attractive look! Knowing a few people who have PCOS I started to wonder if that's what's wrong with me. So I booked the apt with the doctor and went his morning. And he thinks it's a possibility. So he took 3 tubes of blood to do various tests including thyroid (which should come back within a day or two), and hormone levels (inc breastfeeding hormones which might still be high in my system despite stopping months ago). They'll be back next week - but I wo

Jack's First Trip to the Zoo

On Easter Sunday we took Jack to the South Lakeland Wild Life Park , which is one of my FAVE days out! He really enjoyed it too. It was a BEAUTIFUL day, all warm and sunny (so lots of sun-cream on Jack). He LOVED the Rinos (maybe because it sounds like Dinos, and they do look a bit prehistoric), was unimpressed by the sleeping lions, and laughed at the apes and monkies. He missed the feeding of the Lemours though because he was shattered and fell asleep, but there's always next time.