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Battered Head Land

I've been here so long I'm thinking of running for Mayor! I went to see Nan on saturday. Driving on the motorway freaked me out a bit after smashing the car up, but I coped with it in the end. Nan looked so small and frail lying in that bed. It's heart breaking. She HATES it. Really and truely hates being in the hospital. We took some flowers down, but she couldn't have them. I didn't know she was in Intensive Care still. Brenda took them back to Nans so she can see them when she comes home this weekend. Luckily we took her a little book of adorable dogs to look at, which made her smile a bit. I thought she'd be missing her dog and as we can't bring him in to see her, this was the closest to next best thing. She wasn't really that intrested though. She's got 3 novels sat by her bed that she's not even looked at, same with puzzle books. She wasn't on the drip though, which I took to be an improvment, but Brenda told me after that it was becaus

A light ...

I've had a bit of a break through with my assignment. At last. It's only due at 12 noon tomorrow! With the exception of one image which won't show up, I seem to have cracked it. I've had some considerable help from some javascript forums. But here it is. Scroll to the bottom of the index page and follow the 'coming soon' link and you'll see what I've been able to do (but put on one of my own sites, not the assignment site) Once I've figured out (or at least been pointed towards) the problem with my first image, and with why it won't seem to work on firefox (grr) it'll be done. And even if If don't get that sorted, I have enough there to get SOME points for it. I hope! Just need to get my car back now, and got over to see my Nan.

My poor Nan

I've had a nasty phone call from my Dad tonight. My Nan has had another heart attack and is in hospital. Her lungs are filled with fluid (I assume from the pneumonia she had recently) and her kidneys have failed. She currently has lost the use of her legs too. The can't be treated for her lungs or kidneys because the medication will put too much strain on her heart. She only has a short amount of time left. She wants to go home, and with luck she'll be able to get enough use in her legs to be able to do that by the weekend. She'll have to have a bed set up downstairs though, the stairs will be too much effort for her. I spoke to Brenda (one of my aunts) after speaking to dad and she relaid this to me. I'll be calling her again on Friday to see what the situation is. I should have my car back by then, so we're hoping to go over and see her at the weekend. If she's up to it. I really want to see her. But if having a ton of visitors is going to make her worse

Tired now.........................

I hate not having a car. I hate being stuck in the rain in a village that closes on a Monday waiting for a bus. I hate having an assignment that I can't finish. I'm fed up of being tired all the time and feeling stupid because I can't do something I need to be able to do. I'm SO tired! Went to work this morning. Did my shift and wondered across Glasson to the bus stop. It was raining (still is) and I had 45 mins till the the once-every-two-hours bus turned up. But the thought of sitting in the cafe with a pot of tea and maybe a sticky bun, or a piece of quiche, kept me going. Until I got to the cafe and found it's shut on mondays and tuesdays. So I thought I'd kill some time in the gift shop. That's shut too. The pub? Closed. Too early for the lunch trade at 11.30am. Damn. So I stood in the rain for 50 mins (the bus was late). And then walked from town to home. In the rain. I was very soggy and not very happy when I got home. Still, it's better than satu

Feeling a little better today

I used some of the sleep therapy stuff that I sell from my Avon books last night. Balm on my chest and spray on my pillow. Knocked me out! In fairness, I was shattered after the trauma of yesterday, but I wasn't taking any chances. So this morning I woke up feeling a little lighter and brighter. Last night I decided that I was not going to touch that wishlist script for two days. Instead I was going to work on providing changeable font sizes and using an external js file. Reasoning that if I continue with that one thing that I am stuck on I run the risk of losing points for these other two tasks by not getting round to them, as well as failing the wishlist task. It took about an hour to do both those tasks! I'm thrilled! I'd set aside a day for each! It took considerably longer to write up what I'd done on the code page (I had to write up the form task too as I hadn't done it yet) and I've just finished all that now. So my only remaining tasks are the dam

Nightmare day

My life just seems to be getting worse and worse right now. Aside from the fact that I STILL cannot figure out how to make the wish list cookie split 4 times for my college assignment (10% of my final assignment, which is itself 60% of my grade, and due in in a week), which is causing me to lose hours of sleep in a massive stress.... Today I almost DIED! OK ... slightly over the top. Although had this happened minutes before hand - when I was still on the motorway doing 70mph - it could have come to that. I made the choice not to sit through 3/4 of an hour of gridlocked traffic today between dropping Yorkie off at work and starting at the Marina. I chose to drive out of my way for a quicker journey by taking the M6 motorway round the outside of Lancaster instead of the A6 through the middle. I'm not stupid. I don't drive at daft speeds. I have a micra , daft speeds are not something they are built for and the car struggles to do more than 70 so I tend not to. Today was no dif

My New Look

I could quite get used to it. What do you think? Well, before you fall about laughing too hard at the horendus mistake I have made with a bottle of bleach, let me assure you that this is in fat a wig. The wig I plan to wear on my hen night! So if anyone thought I was kidding about the pink theme.... think again! I have other stuff comeing through the post curtosy of eBay over the next few days. I might post them up here.... I might leave it till the night and show off the photographs once I've sobered up!


It's one of those mornings. I need to be setting off for work in half an hour. My brain's notin gear yet. Feeling fed up at the moment. I'm sticking at 12 stone again. I really need to get my work out DVDs on and burn some of this blubber off, but I dont have time (and yes, I can hear you saying 'you have time to blog.... half an hour before work? you should be doing it now' but then I'd only be sweaty for work. And I'm too tired right now). I have 11 days left to get this assignment finished. I am making progress, but it feel like very slow progress. Since my last post I have managed to sort out the demo shopping cart. What a nightmare that was... until I twigged the one simple thing I had overlooked and then it was a breeze. Typical, right? The Form Page was giving me similar grief and it took a day to figure that out. It still needs some tweeking, but the pressure is off with that one for now. But - once again - I am stuck on the next bit, although I nev

What you get for procrastinating

Do you recall a little while ago I got a flat tire ?(Bloody hell, was it THAT long ago? I deserve this then!) Well, I never got round to getting a replacement, I just kept putting it off and off and off thinking 'oh, it's not been that long, as soon as I have a bit more cash I'll pop down to the garage and get a replacement'. Yesterday evening that came back to bite me on the arse! 5 past 5 and it's time to set off to collect Yorkie from work. As I'm backing out of our road I can't help but notice that the car does not feel right at all, and seems to be dragging to the right. The road is double parked all the way, and by now someone else is waiting to come down the other way, so I have to continue to the end of the road, clear out of the way for this other car, and then pull up again. I get out, and sure enough, my last remaining old tire... is as flat as the proverbial pancake! Arse! So now I know HOW to change a tire... but I don't have a usable spare

Open Uni - Assignment Nightmares!

Argh! I have too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do them all in! I'm having real problems with my current college assignment too. I'm stuck on one bit. Making a shopping card feature in javascript... using nodes and the DOM level 1. Now... when it comes to adding and removing nodes from a web page, that's fine. I can do that. And I though that would be the hard part. But it isn't. The bit I can't do is making the newly formed nodes of text appear in the right place. You see, in the example scripts we were given to play with all the nodes appear at the bottom of the web page. But as part of the assigment they need to appear in the top right. The page is layed out using CSS and I DON'T KNOW HOW TO TELL THE CODE TO PUT THE NODES IN THE RIGHT PLACE! But possibly I am just tired, as yesterday I couldn't make my rollover buttons rollover to save my life. I spent HOURS on them, and this morning it only took me 35 minutes. However, today I have success

Having a stress

About my OU studies this time, as well as the wedding. On the 26th of this month I have to submit my end of course assignment on Javascript etc. I haven't started it yet. I haven't started it because I haven't been able to finish my mini-assignment yet. Which is stupid because it's multiple choice for one, and for two, the answers are all right there in the information I have been given to study. But I can't get my head round any of it. I've been ok until I got to the DOM-level-1 (and 2) stuff. Give me code and I'm happy. Give my miles of text and my brain turns to jelly. Probably nothing a good nights sleep wouldn't sort out, but there's a problem there too. I'm not sleeping too well at the moment. Again. And I can feel axiety acttacks creeping up again. Seriously considering going back to the docs, but I get the feeling he's only going to say it's pre-wedding jitters. But so what if it is... GIVE ME SOMETHING TO KEEP MY CALM! Oh, and on


We've been away! Sunday evening we packed a suitcase, filled a cool box with perishables, and stuffed cats into travel boxes, loaded a giant IKEA bag with cat food, litter, toys and flea treatment, and shipped the lot off to my Mum's house. The cats, their kit, and the cool box of food was to stay at mums. Other wise we'd come back to a kitchen full of mould and severely pissed off cats! Muppet never forgave us for taking off and leaving her in the care Barbara next door a few years back. Fizgig has never been left, and would much rather spend a few days playing with his litter mate than loiter around at home waiting for the next feed. The food in the cool box... better to let mum use it than us chuck it out. Meanwhile, me, Yorkie and our one suitcase would be off to France to see my dad on Monday morning. John drove us to Liverpool Airport on Monday morning... and seemed to be a wee bit nervous... as he almost crashed a couple of times and kept missing turnings. And he&