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Jack's nursery 'graduation'

Jack's nursery 'graduation' , a photo by chiggster on Flickr. Jack's nursery 'graduation'

Looking to fill the summer hols

Things to do in Burnley for kids | | Places to go with children | Fun cheap family activities 6 weeks with no nursery or school... Kids gonna drive me nuts! We're having a week at my mums, a week with my in-laws, and a 3rd week needs planning. These are Mark's days off (he works week on week off remember), the weeks he's working we're staying local. I'm planning now for places to go and things to do - for both rainy and sunny days - and this website its going to be very helpful! Can't wait to take the kids to some of the parks and indoor play areas! First off, a week in my home town of Burnley :S