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It's funny how good things come out of bad situations, don't you think? Take this for a perfect example. On Saturday me and Yorkie were supposed to be going on a nice romantic day out. It didn't happen, he got a call off one of our mates - Simon - to go and halp arrange a stag night for another one of our friends who's getting married in August. I was miffed when I heared him say"Oh, sure, we have nothing planned" but in fall airness, I didn't know why he was going out at the time. Fran, Simon's wife, asked to speak to me, and talked me into having a night in with her and a bottle of wine while the lads are out. I agreed, but reluctantly. Fran is lovely, but she has a way of making me fell really bad about myself, when she's actually trying to make me feel good about myself. I think her aim is off..... Saturday night, and the house looks like a bomb has hit it. I ask Yorkie to help me tidy up before he gets ready to go out - which caused a fight, b

Damp and Pink!

Woooo! It's SO hot! Went to the gym after work, and had a lovely long shower after. I'm still all damp of hair and it feels lovely and cool down my back. *sigh* It's offical - Roy is GONE! Sacked for "gross misconduct" - which mean he gets no notice and no money, hee hee! Let this be a warning for all the tossers out there who think it's a good idea to twat about, not do any work, aileanate staff and - oh yeah - BUY IN STOLEN GOODS! I've had a pretty good day in general - slightly peeved about my Account Manager for GWS - he also covers MM's account, and I spoke to him today of behalf of MM. And he was EVER so sweet and helpful. Not a sniff of the twatish attitude he has towards me when I'm calling for BH! There was an interesting moment when he asked me again what my name was. Naturally, I told him. The hessitiation in his responce was great! He knows that voice, he knows that name, but not connected with THAT company.... Surely not?? Lol Oh, spe

Mum, the Gym, and Roy

BRIGHT LIGHT! Feeling some what bright and breezy today - it's a lovely warm sunny day and things are good! Went over to Mums yesterday for her birthday - she seemed to like her gifts, though she's a bit ill at the moment, and I think totally overwelmed with the day; John's younger daughter is over from Crete at the moment with her 4yr old twins, and 3 year old, and they are running the house! Very sweet, but I could only take them for a few moments at a time and had to run and hide! Julie seems rather strung out and I think the feeling's getting passed about. John was in a flap about trying to get 101 jobs done before the forcasted thunderstorms hit - he failed, but no one noticed or cared I don'r think, lol. Antoni made it over - it being fathers day too, and some time after his gf Adeal and and her sister Sus arrived. I met the gf last year, but the sister was new to me. they both seem lovely, and they give Antoni a suitably hard time, so they're alright by m
This is what happens to my hair if I just let it dry by itself! WHAAA! 

Still icky

I'm a bit miffed with myself today for not going to the gym. But I'm still stuffed up and coughing and headachy, so I guess I'm not really up to it right now. I'll be going tomorrow though - there is no doubt about that. I want to have a sauna and a pamper tomorrow too, and it seems daft to go to the centre and do one, but not the other. I'll give myhear a nice deep condition and get the straighteners on it, so I don't feel driven mad by it and tie it up (like I have done the last two days - grrrrr hair) Took myself to MM this morning after dropping Yorkie at work. I needed to drop off the stock from Lancaster anyway. This meant facing Lynn and Roy.... DOOM FILLED ME! Although Lynn was nice as pie to me again. As I was dropping stuff off in the office she came up and said she was having a cig if I had time for a natter. Curiosity got the best of me - as it tends to - and I joined her. She had a mad rant about Roy being a tosser (granted), complained that Daz nev

ACHOO! *sniff*

Today... Tired, pink of eye... It's been a funny few days. I've been sick with a NASTY cold, which I think is going to settle on my chest again, which means I'll end up back on that bloody inhaler again! Not good. Being full of a cold also means that I haven't been to the gym all week, so I'm feeling flabby and fed up with myself. But I'll get back in there tomorrow - sniffles or not! I also have to go gift shopping for Mum. He's 61 on Sunday, and damned if I can think of a single thing to buy her! I love her dearly, but NEVER has a woman been SO difficult to buy for! She doesn't like jewelry The only perfume she likes she has tons of She's not into music or movies She's not the bookworm she used to be since her sight got so bad She LOVES talking books, but wont buy any or have them given becasue she gets them from the library, and is happy to have them just once. She kills house plants She doesn't collect anything See - IMPOSSIBLE! Last time

Fairly chilled out

This is me today - feeling reasonable happy. Took Yorkie to work first thing, and then went to the gym via Asda. Bought some sexy new undies, some breakfast, new tracksuit and a magazine. Paul - the guy who inducted me to the gym - had me in stitches before I had even managed to get changed today. I swear the guy is off his rocker!!! Strange-latino bloke was there again giving me funny looks. OK, so I'm not as physically fit as the other girls who go, but even blobs have to start somewhere, at least I'm making an effort. It wasn't much of an effort today though I have to say. Let's face it, I've not had much sleep this week. Tuesday night - we had a row. I can never sleep when we fight Wednesday - Nip/Tuck started, and didn't finish till late but I stayed up for it anyway Thursday - Went on Yorkies staff night out, got home at sometime near 3 am Friday -Had a take-away and movie night. Up till late again It's hard to work out when you've had no sleep. My