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Blackpool Zoo!

(Happy Birthday Mum!) As part of the kids birthdays my mum gives us some cash for a day out. Today we used Jack's money for a trip to Blackpool Zoo! He chose this zoo because it has elephants and that's what he really wanted to see. We had a full day there, arriving just after opening and not leaving till almost losing time. And for the most part the kids behaved. There have been a few whingy whiney moments when I think they were simply tired from walking, and hot (coz it really was hot! I have a horrible sun burn!) but we got round everything and had a good time. The kids loved the big cats, elephants, giraffes, zebra, and penguins the best. I look LOADS of photos, and more video footage than I can put in a single youtube video, but if even with that warning you fancy a look, you can here: Part 2 | Part 3 Photos:

Father's Day

Photos: I think we gave Mark a good Father's Day this year... He got some nice gifts (a photo mug of the three kids, some star wars lego, a wallet he needed etc) It's been a nice day so we went out to Morecambe, took the kids to Happy Mount, and then had lunch at Frankies & Benny's (which still had a dads-eat-free deal, but it wasn't as good as last years). Tom think's it's daddy's birthday! Video:

Visit to Jack's School

This evening it was the Parents Induction for the kids starting at Willow Lane this year so I went along to have a good look round. First thing I noticed and was really happy about is the number of parents I know from his nursery, and whose kids Jack already plays with. Its really good to know that even though his best friend isn't going to be there so many of his other friends will be. The school looks great. There's such a good feeling about the place, it's not a massive school, just one class per year, but I like that. My junior school had 2 classes per year and I think that was a bit crowded really. But anyway... we got to see the reception year class room, which is actually 2 massive rooms, and an outside play area which is fenced off from the bigger kids. We also got to see the rest of the school and it all looks great. I think he's going to do really well there :o)

Tom's 2nd Birthday

Photos of Tom's Birthday: Awwww! My 2nd Baby is 2 today! He's had a lovely day. He got loads of Playmobil and colouring stuff - which is what he is into at the moment - and has played with everything! We'd promised him a trip to the Pirates In The Park at Happy Mount, but when we got there it was shut. Two very sad little boys. I suggested to Mark that we take them down Morecambe Prom and give them a couple of quid each to play on the Penny Falls with but we managed one better when we wound up at Johnny's Fun Factory and let them go nuts in there for a couple of hours! Tom decided he was a "big boy" and followed Jack up to the "no under 4s" level! But he coped well enough with it :o) Happy Birthday Squeak! Video:

6-8 week mum & baby check

How stupid is this.....? Post natal checks for me, 6-8 week checks for G. I'm all ok, and so is he... Not too impressed by the mistakes made thanks to the stresses of NHS cuts though... I was asked how his squint was now. He has no squint. I was also asked about his phototherapy. He didn't need any. Turns out the WRONG CHILD'S NOTES were on his record. It's being investigated, but I think that the day we left the mat ward it was SO busy that someone cocked up. My kid's ok. How's the other one doing? Oh, and through all this G gets weighed and is showing as having lost half a kilo in 2 weeks. I doubt it... He seems bigger to us and is going onto the next sized nappies. He gets weighed again on wed (when he has his jabs) so we'll see. Poor doc was distracted and distressed by having been given the wrong medical notes at the time.