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Been a while

Hey there all. i know it's been a while, but,you know, things to do, people to see..... I'm not at home today so no pic of me. Instead I have chosen to share this wonderful image with you! You must visit , I love the pics on there, they are so funny, and so cool! I'm having a bit of a good mood / bad mood day today. Good news is that I have cash coming in and the business is going to be ok over the summer months - not great, but good enough. I also have my tax back at long long last! And Hobby Games have finally sent some one round to collect the miss sent order I have been charged for (grr) so I should have the money back for that soon too. Even better. Andrea's got her self a new job. I'm thrilled to bits for her, she's happy now and it's just what she wanted and needed. But I'm gutted too. In a very very selfish way. because now that means she's going in two weeks. And I'll be here at MM 16 hours a week all alone, with ou

My Cat Fred

Meet "Fred" Fred is my new cat - care of gopets. It is my new addiction, and, apart from the fact that I have NO IDEA what it's all about, it's a top little game! It took ages to download, but it's free and it's fun so give it a go! Other than that, today has been pretty quiet. It chucked it down most of the time, and the guy who was supposed to be collecting the stuff hobbygames sent by mistake didn't show up. Ste assures me he's on it for me - but I wont place another order until it's sorted out. Still quite happy about not going into MM until Wednesday, although I am getting a litte fed up of being stuck at home. It's not as much fun being off work when you have no money to go out an enjoy the time. Here's hoping I sell tons and tons of stuff tonight so I can pack it all up and ship it off tomorrow!

1 Week On

What a funny old time! It's been a week now and I'm still floating on air! What a perfect little holiday - God, I wish we'd been there for longer. When we arrived at Anglesea, it was just spotting with rain. I was gutted, it's hardly ever rained when I've been there, and I didn't want our trip away to be a wash out. I need not have worried! By the time we'd found the B&B the sun had come out and it was getting lovely and warm. We were to early to check in so we drove to one of my fave beaches. The tide was just going out, and it was still a bit cool on the coast, so we ate a picnic lunch in the car, then went for a walk on the beach. We held hands, collected shells and enjoyed the new sunshine (and had a pee in the dunes >_<). When we booked into the B&B it couldn't have been any more perfect! It's a bit of the island I've never really been to before - but we ARE going back! The village was tiny and perfect! Our room was no 4 (my lu

Anniversary / Engagement Pics

This is back dated by the way - I forgot to take my camera, but the wonderful internet provided me with photos of where we went! Isn't it wonderful? Visit my Flickr page and have a look at Me and Yorkie pics:


Ohhh! My God! I'm SO excited! Can you imagin what I'll be like when we get MARRIED!? I know that's still years down the line, but I'm just so full of it already, and I don't even have the ring yet. I went out last night with Fran, her sis Alice and Alice's hubby Clark. We went to see the Bon Jovi Tribute band at the Dome, and all I wanted to do was tell them we're getting engaged! But I know I can't, I know that the ring I want might not be available and that we said we wouldn't tell anyone until we have it, but still........ The band was DIRE! We saw them last year and they were really good, but they have a new lead singer, and he's SHITE! He doesn't look the part, he can't act the part, and we felt a little partonised by him to be honest. The Dome wasn't the best venu for it anyway. It's too big for the number of people who would go, and they left all the seating in, so there was hardly any room to dance. Last year they were at

Is this my future engagment ring?

Well, there it is people - the ring of my dreams! And, so long as it is in stock in my size on Wednesday morning, it's going to be mine! Today started out like shit. All the money I paid into the bank yesterday vanished over night. Damn the first of the month, damn direct debits and damn standing orders! So it was a rush round to the local cash point so Yorkie could give me his share of the weeks bill money, as I only had £1.23 left in my account, and at least another £30.00 to go out. Double disaster - not only did the cash point NOT have any money left in it, but Yorkie's wages had not gone in!!!! He had £40.00 left over from last week, so he drew that out from another cash point half way to work, gave me £30.00 of it. I droppped him off at work, where he pulled up another member of staff to see if they had been paid. There'd been a fault with the banking, they're getting cash at the end of the day instead. PHEW! It was starting to look like we wouldn't be buying