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MY throat infection...

Jack is on the mend! Hooray! He's eating well, and even going back to the breast, so long as he's either asleep or there is NOTHING more interesting to distract him However... now I have it. And it's no wonder the poor little guy was so upset. It's really nasty. My throat is swollen and sore, cold drinks are murder. I have sores on my gums, tongue and cheeks. Food tastes of nothing but that doesn't matter because I don't want any. I've been to the docs, feeling stupid for asking for help for a sore throat, but if we're going to be visiting my sister-in-law and her kiddies I want to make sure I'm not still carrying this. I don't think Rachel would thank me for giving it to little Alex! Chris & Nick wouldn't be much fun with it either. But back to Jack (who is my favourite topic of conversation). He's back in his own room again now. Last night he would probably have slept through the whole night had I not woken up at 4.30 for a pee, se

Jack's throat infection

In my last post I mentioned that Jack was a little unwell. He got worse. He slept all saturday and had a high temp. By the end of the day he got so that he wasn't eating and then spent all night screaming because he was hungry but still wasn't eating. I stayed up with him on Saturday night, and got all of 1 hours sleep over two naps. Sunday morning I called the weekend emergency doc (because the regular doc is closed on weekends) and got him an appointment at the Bay Call surgery in Morecambe. His temp was still high despite us giving him calpol and keeping him undressed other than his nappy. The doc checked him over and said he had a throat infection. He has spots all inside his mouth which is likely to be why he wont suckle. He gave us some penicillin for him, a script for some other medicines, and cream for the spots in his back and chest. After being messed about by the only pharmacy open at 8am on a Sunday (run my ignorant muppets!) we got him back home and gave him his me

All change in the Walker Household

The last three weeks have seen some changes here. Changes that we're all having to come to terms with, and not all of them good. Where to start... Well, we have had some fun. A few weeks back Gary and Jill through a BBQ party for Sarah's 30th, and that was a great night. Since they have two kiddies of their own, one only a few weeks younger than Jack, we would take our wee lad with us. I got there around 4pm with Jack and Yorkie arrived after work (having already panicked thinking he'd lost his bus pass and then finding it just as I was about to pack Jack up so we could go and collect him). Jack was wonderfully well behaved, charming every one, eating his jar of veggies (which I thought he would spit out as there was no meat), didn't vomit o n anyone, and even sleeping in his pram in a strange bedroom. An amazing set up of multiple baby monitors ensured that if any of the 3 kiddies woke up at any point a parent, and even on occasion an honorary aunt or uncle, would b

No internet

About 3 weeks ago (I think) I got my MAC code from BT and gave TalkTalk a call asking them to start us up with our free broadband, a chap called Thomas. It was a little late in coming as TalkTalk first called me up on the 17th of March, promising that they would be able to give us free broadband from 11th of April and that they would sort the MAC code with BT. It sounded great so I forked out the £29.99 for the set up, and £16.30 for the first month of the new plan which included UK calls, international calls and the broadband. This has turned out to be a tissue of lies. Firstly we had no new internet by April 11th, but as Jack was still pretty much brand new I had other things on my mind and desided to sort it later. When I did get in touch I was told that I had to get the MAC code, TalkTalk could NOT do that for me. Not too much of a problem and eventually I got the code and called back. My lateness in doing so, however, caused more problems. Apparently because 3 months had passed si