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Odd dream....

I woke up at 5.30 again this morning, having had the strangest dream I have had in a long long time. In this dream me and Yorkie are on holiday, some where hot and sunny and mountainous. It's our last day, and we're swimming in the sea. The weather has been wonderful, but today there is a large cloud hanging over the mountain which dominates the skyline to the left of the beach. I'm in a mood because I'm happy on holiday and don't want to come home, but it's that time so we're swimming into the shore, gently in the shallows on the right of the beach where there's a small spit with trellising and plants growing up it. Next thing this cloud starts to move away from the mountain and over the sea, still big and white and fluffy, and starts raining own bolts of lightening into the water! We start swimming as fast as we can to get out of the water, but one makes contact just close by us and we get a shock, a long one, but not too drastic (the lightning bo

What's in a name?

So, at a loose end this morning before I set off to work I thought I'd look up a new image for my avatar to use from one month after the wedding (when everyone else will be sick of seeing wedding photos all the time). I thought I'd look up the word 'chig' as this has been my family nick name since forever. I found this: Link It seems that I am some kind of nasty space monster from a show called Space Above and Beyond. I'm not so sure that I am happy about this! So I searched for 'chiggster' instead which - thankfully - comes up with loads of stuff that is actually mine! Flickr photos, blog memberships etc. So I felt happy with that. HOWEVER! Something I did see was a word 'chigger' which is something I have been called by 'mistake' when people found chiggster difficult. And I must warn you all now, if you are eating, don't go any further down this page! LINK T hese 'orrible little buggers share my name! I am HORRIFIED! I actually fe


Ooooh! I got to drive the van today! And I get it all day tomorrow too! I have to say, I was scared to death of the bloody thing when I saw what I was to drive. It's NOT one of the Berlingos! It's the Dispatch ! And it HUGE!!! I tried to convince Calvin that it really wasn't for me at all, tha surely I would not able to drive it on my car liecence, but apparently I can. So I was handed the key to this shiny new '07 Dispatch and sent on my way. Until I went into a panic and got calvin to help me. No fuel for a start, and no mean to pay for it. So he said he's come with me to the pertol station to fill it up. Then I couldn't find the hand break! it down by the drivers door, not in the middle of the seats. Then I stalled it because I tried to use the squshy wheel arch as the acelerator. Then I fretted about getting ti out of the tightly packed car park, so calvin took it round safely so I could actually drive the blooddy thing out on to the road. From then on it wa

Soooo tired

Being back at work has it's ups and it's downs. While I like earning money, and the job's pretty ok too what with it's balance of office work and site visits, it's very very tiring... Monday was a nice normal office day, 8.45 till 5. Yesterday morning I was up at 5am to set off for Leeds by 6am, to be at various sites from 7.30 onwards. I got home at 8.30pm (although I did have an unpaid stop off hour at Mums on the way home). Today I was in the office again by 8.45am, finishing at 5. Tomorrow I get a lie in and don't have to be in the office until 10.30am, although I do have to be in Lytham St Anns at 5pm. Friday I'm site visiting all day (just in Lancaster though, phew). I will also be back in Leeds every Tuesday morning for the forseeable. I'm just not used to it!! That said, it is fun driving about. I was using the Sat Nav for a while which was great - until the battery ran out because I have no cigar lighter in the car to power it up with! I was off

Party Time!

Oh my poor every extending waist line! So much for this diet lark, I'll have to start all over again soon at this rate. Last night we went round to visit some friends who were planning on having a BBQ on their newly laid patio / sun deck, but this summer being the summer it has been it became a jacobs joint instead. So, in time honoured Lancashire tradition we all turned up with a ton of scran and a cart load of booze (apart from me, who brought 4 liters of diet coke instead as I was driving. Boo!) and hung about in the back yard (smokers smoking), kitchen (ladies gossiping), dining room (general hovering of punters) and in between showers, the patio (well, it seemed a shame to waist all the hard work). As we arrived we saw the host and baby tottering off down the road, away from the house and party guests, so we pulled over to see what was up. Turns out the nipper had woken up wheezing and coughing and has panicked the parents. As they live a spit and a stride from A&E Daddy

Lazy week

We've been having a very lazy time of it for the last few days. Well, we've been to town to I can do some of that name changing business, and we've done some washing and cooking and a little bit of tidying and stuff.... but really, not much else. We thought about starting on 'doing up the house' and got as far as buying picture hooks in Wilkos, and bumping into Olly on B&Q and having a gossip with him rather than buy anything.... The theory IS that we wait for the wedding gift cheques to clear (which wont be until the end of the month, cursed non-checque-clearing-bank-building-socitiy) and then once we have all of that we can totter off to Ikea with cash and cards, find out how much we have on the gift cards (not all had the amounts displayed) and see if we can put the whole lot on a single card. Yorkie reccons we are not likely to miss one card in many getting lost, but that we would miss a single card if it's the only one. I think he means it's easy to

The Honeymoon

Now, don't worry! I'm not going to go into graphic detail about the 'honeymoon moments'.... it's not that kind of blog! Our families read this and that would be just WRONG! What I am going to post about is the more savory activities of our trip to Bol, on the island of Brac, Croatia. After the Wedding the new Mr and Mrs Walker shared a taxi with the Brides Mother back to the family home. Jacs, David and the kids had gone on ahead as they were staying there too. Dave took the kids off to bed and retired himself while the four of us sat round the dining table opening cards and looking at the gifts (thank you to you all, by the way. You've been incredibly generous!) and waited for the taxi booked for 3am to take me and Yorkie to the airport. It was heart breaking to take the dress off though. It had got so dirty during photos and reception that it seemed like a crime! Still, it will clean and be preserved. The taxi arrived at 3am, and journey seemed to take forev

The Wedding

I woke up on the morning of the 6th July with a horrible thought.... you see I woke up in my old bedroom at my mums and for one awful moment I thought I had dreamed the last 10 years! Meaning I had not even MET Yorkie, much less was about to marry him. Then - thankfully - my Friend Jen (who had stayed with me that night and shared the room) spoke. She said "Happy Wedding Day!" and everything was good again! The morning is a bit of a blur, with breakfast hastily troffed and then poor Jen abandoned at my mum's while mum and I drove over to Towneley to drop off various things and stack up the cheese tower before people started arriving at Mums, like my Dad, Jacs, Dave, Mai and Caitlin, the photographer and beautician. Dad and Fay were the first to arrive shortly after we got back. Dad was all dressed up in his Highland wear and lookign very smart (if a little unhappy about the get up) and the three of them hung round the kitchen having tea and coffee when the beautitian arri


We've had such a wonderful time too. I am VERY tired right now, we were up about 6am to get breakfasted and picked up by the coach to bring us home, but it's been brilliant. Neither of us have any idea what has happened to the last two weeks. They seem to have flown by so fast! When I have recovered from the days travelling - probably some time tomorrow while Yorkie catches up with his Runescape characters - I'll make some proper posts about the wedding and the honeymoon. In the meantime, I have posted our honeymoon snaps on Flickr, and I'll san in the photos we have so far from the wedding. Catch you all soon! Mrs Walker (still like the sound of that!!!)

We did it!!!!!


August Edition, UK, Page 129 Check it out! ((Why I'm in Prima Magazine))