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Bragging rights

I am a very very proud mum! I'm proud of all of my kids. This week Jack is really shining! His teacher took me aside & told me they are putting him on the 'proper' reading books next week - the only one in his class of 30. They remarked on how well he managed to get changed for P.E. and I get told about funny/sweet/smart things he comes up with like today: teacher "why is granny wrinkly?" Jack - in all seriousness "she's been in the bath too long." Teacher said it was the loveliest answer she'd had. Jack is poorly at the moment. We all are (nasty lung infection which has taken down elderly mummy & daddy but the spritly young boys are struggling through). But he is determined to keep going to school. He loves it. He can't wait till next week when he can start staying for lunch, and then for Oct 1st when he can stay all day! So grown up....