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White Cross Bay

White Cross Bay Originally uploaded by DenysShortt This is why we haven't been to work..... Those are lodges, not boats!

The "new" motor

So, this is it! Our new car. Not bad, eh? It's not as much fun to look at as the yellow micra, and it's not as young as I would have liked, but it is road worthy, sensible, and will do everything our expanding family needs for the foreseeable. Full years MOT, tax till end of Jan. What more can you ask for? Ok... so I might have to tart it up with some fun stickers or fluffy dice or something. Everyone has a silver car these days. I need to make it Mine somehow other wise I'll lose it in Asda car park for ever! I have a growns up's car. I miss my micra. Maybe I could get it sprayed!!

12 week scan!

This is Squiggle! Isn't she lovely! (Although I am guessing about her being a She, it's far too early to tell). I've been a little nervous about this scan. There have been a lot of women on the forum I visit who have had the worst news possible at their 12 week scan. And even though I was certain everything was going to be ok, there's always that little niggle in the back of your mind that maybe the worst will happen. And with the 6 week early scan showing Squiggle to be small for our dates there's that added concern, Luckily, though, every thing is perfect! We got a lovely picture of squiggle (which for now I have had to photo instead of scan since I have lost my scanner cable, doh!). I can't help thinking that this baby is a girl, even though it's too early to tell, so forgive me as I keep referring to the baby as "she" or "her"! She was very obliging in the scan (unlike Jack who mooned us his 12 week scan), she laid on her back s

Floods & Cars

I've had very little happen the last few weeks. Mainly because I have had no car, which really puts a cramp on my activities. The weather has been fowl too so I've not wanted to go trekking about on foot too much either. It comes to something when the most interesting thing that has happened has been me falling out with the insurers about how much they should be paying me for my car. £1100! Cheeky swines! I'll be having more than THAT thank you very much! But this week has been a little more colourful! My dad's over for a start, which is always entertaining! Fay is still suffering with her broken arm. She has a proper pot cast now instead of the semi-soft one which was causing her pain. My dad is recovering from a nasty bout of Labyrinthitis too (which he tells everyone about) so between them driving is... well... interesting. In fact, while they've been on this side of the hills I have been driving the hire car for them. I should have been working this weekend. C