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Fathers Day Gift Idea - British Tea Lovers

Fathers Day Gift Idea - British Tea Lovers I am a coffee person, there is no doubt about that. I like the odd herbal or fruity tea at work, but when it comes to a cuppa I'm coffee all the way. My Hubby however, likes tea. He'll join me in a coffee at breakfast but if he has a brew in the day it's tea. If he's poorly, he goes for tea. If he's (hee hee) hungover, he goes for tea. When we visit friends and family, he has tea. So when  British Tea Lovers offered me the chance to sample their Father's Day Gift Tin with English Breakfast Tea I jumped at the chance because I knew he would be able to tell me if it was any good. We received their smart looking limited edition Father's Day tin packed full of Ceylon black tea, and a rather sweet strawberry tea strainer (because it is loose tea). The tin is a good size and Hubby is looking forward to being able to fill it with his bits and bobs (like fellas do!) I made a pot of the tea and we both tried i

Day Out With Nana

Earlier this week Jack came bounding out of school with a letter inviting people up to Lancaster University for a Community Family Fun Day. It was on a day when Nana was coming to visit, and the weather was beautiful so I figured why the heck not? We packed up a picnic, slapped on the sun cream, and off we went! Apart from Jack once calling into the sports centre, its the first time the kids have been to the Uni. I'm not as familiar with it as I could be myself (after all, I went to St. Martins College in town, it was Hubby who went to the Uni), and we were trying to explain to the boys that this massive place - that looked like a small town - was actually a kind of school for grown ups. They loved the place though. We found the picnic and crafts area and tucked into our butties, fruit, and treats in the sunshine while we watched the crafts going on at tables all around us and work out what we fancied trying first! There was an air-drying clay table which drew their attenti

Another Proud Mummy Moment

I am having so many reasons to brag about my eldest son at the moment. I am very very proud of him! He now has his SILVER award for his Willow Words at school. He and his buddies were awarded them this week for their spelling, so naturally he wanted to wear ALL his badges... his VIP badge he got for the "Love Value" and both his Bronze and Silver Willow Word Stars. (He's gonna wreck his school jumpers with all these holes, hahaha) Jack BEGGED me to take a photo and share it on Facebook for him. He is clearly proud of his achievements too - and so he should be! It's such a great scheme. It's lovely seeing him be so happy at doing well in school, and it's great seeing his younger brothers look at him with awe and become determined to do as well (or even better) when they get their chance to win awards too. Tom is hopping up and down to get these opportunities in the next year or two, and George is just BURSTING to go to school with the "big boys!"

My "Work" Look

This is very different to my "home" look - which is (usually grubby) jeans, t-shirt or vest, and a fleece or hoody. And NO make up. I've been in meetings most of today - and not all of them nice ones. Dressing up a bit and applying the War Paint helps me feel able to face the day!! This is "Working Charlie" instead of "Mumma Walker", my kids always know if Mummy is working today (which sadly usually sparks crying in my youngest). And I must look totally different because when I nipped into the local supermarket for some stationary on the way to my first meeting today I bumped into someone I have known for over 15 years and she didn't recognise me for about 5 minutes! She is used to seeing me with no makeup, hair all over, in those grubby jeans, and with at least one of the kids in tow. And a good deal heavier too! Sadly my suit, designer specs, killer heals, and hot red lips didn't stop me from getting a parking ticket when the meeting ov

Jack's Garden

Aww! Look at this! Jack's out door and gardening theme continues at Beavers. He brought home this garden today: Bluebells, a path, and a "stream" (made out of blue, scented sand - it's rather like a zen garden) I think it's lovely! I've had to remind him that the cut bluebells will have to be moved when they dry out (before they start to pong) but we'll keep the rest. Maybe even put some Lego minifigs in and make a little display out of it. We're loving all this Gardening stuff. Tonight I got to see some of the gardening they have been doing around the Scout Hut - new planters have been made and filled with earth, there's been some weeding and clearing done. They really are working hard to make the place look lovely. I wonder how long it will be before we get the Gardening Badge to sew on to that Beaver Uniform of Jacks? Facebook has changed it’s policy for posts to Facebook pages like mine. They are only showing posts to a few liker

Beaver Sleep Over

I've been one kiddy down this weekend as Jack has been at a Sleep Over at the Scout Hut. He was a bit late getting there on Saturday because his swimming lessons clash with the camps (I don't mind him missing the swimming for the camps away, but for local sleep overs I try to get him to both) and was teased by one of the leaders for arriving just as the last tent had been put up! But we'd brought a TON of home baked cakes so he was quickly forgiven! He seems to have had an awesome time though, and come out with a load more badges. They are on a healthy living theme at the moment so as well as new Nights Away and Hikes Away badges, he also has one for Healthy Eating and Healthy Activities (we'd sent fresh veg as well as cakes). Jack was even given a special award at the end of camp for making the most effort at being good so I was super proud of him for that. He's brought home a mini terrarium and some alfalfa seeds for him to grow and eat. Along with the bean

My first day back at work!

Well I went back to work today. And do you know.... it's like I was never away! Which is a good thing! I do have a new role in the company (as I always do when I come back from maternity leave) and I am really excited about this one. I am now in the HR role! The Boss gave me my job description - it's a lengthy one - and I am really looking forward to getting stuck in to this. I have training courses and all sorts of stuff coming up. It's going to be hard work, but for the most part, very very interesting! Naturally I wont be able to blog about work much (or at all if I want to be safe) so expect me to post a little less often for a while, or at least until I settle into this work/life balance again. 9 months seems like a long time when I'm trying to get used to a change in routine. I can - however - show you some of my little friends who keep me company at my desk (thanks to the Hubby and the Kids!) Need to feel at home while I work! Facebook has changed