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Weigh in #29

It is astounding what can change in the space of a week. Shortly after I made my first post on 2016 we got word that my mother-in-law had been rushed to hospital. The day after we were told we had to get over to see her urgently. We went, and it is my great sorrow to say that she left us on the morning of the 3rd. This blog is not the place for me to talk about her, or the affect this had had on our family, but she will be greatly missed. Food has not been on the forefront of our minds, and we have not felt in the mood for cooking or exercising, so this week has been a bit of a non-starter. I suspect it wont be a big concern for the rest of the month. But I will try to keep up with everything on here. Weigh In: Me: 183 lb (13 stone 1lb), a gain if 15lb since my last official weigh in back in September. Hubby: 248.8 lb (17 stone 10.8 lb) My total loss since Nov 2013: 35 lb (formerly 50lb!) New Year, New Start (but gently does it) Things I have learned this week: My diet is not the most

New Year, New Start

I have been slacking these last 3-4 months. Depression and work pressures have made an impact on my motivation and i have taken a big step backwards in my weight loss. But it's New Years Day today so when better than today to try and get back into it. I will be having my first weigh day on Sunday - and it will be a substantial gain! I had been relatively sensible with my eating habits until November, and then it was mince pies, cake, sweets, biscuits.... And a weeks worth of cooked AND continental breakfasts over Christmas. I still have some Christmas goodies to munch, but I have the Hubby and the (skinny skinny) kids to help me with that. So here's to 2016. Aims: Get back on weight watchers Get back to hitting my step targets Get back into my pre-Christmas dresses Get back to regular weigh ins. No more being scared of the scales! Facebook has changed it’s policy for posts to Facebook pages like mine. They are only showing posts to a few likers unless I pay to boost the views