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Dedicated to the one I love

Tonight is Fran's 40th birthday party, something which we are both looking forward to! Today, however, has been set aside for a day of shopping. Something which we both dislike emensly! In order to avoid the Saturday morning rush we set of to Asda early. It seems to have worked too! Sure, there were people there, but not the maddening crushing crowd we usually have to face after work or on a Sat afternoon. As we walked in Yorkie asks if I have anything to wear for the party tonight. I say that I do have that massive purple top I bought for Becy's leaving do from work and that would do, but he offered to buy me something else if I wanted it. Offered 2 and 3 times! So I had a look round and found a lovely black top with a few sequins and beads on which would both be pretty and servicable as a maternity top! Hooray! We lauged and giggled our way round the supermarket - mostly at Yorkie's inability to find anything to fit him (all hats are too small, even XXLs, the only trouser

Not a good day!

First off we'd been woken up on and off through the night by problems with the water. At midnight there was none. None of the tpas worked the flush stopped working too. at 5.30am we were woken up by the cistern making a god awful racket as it tried to fill it self with muddy silty water - the same water which was now starting to come though the taps, in small useless amounts. Yesterday was a training day, which in it self wasn't bad aside from the fact I had to go unwashed. It was an 8am start, 5.30ish finish, but generally ok. I learned quite a bit (mostly along the lines of "oh my god, why don't I know this?" so I know what to brush up on) and it made a chance from answering or making phone calls all day. However... it was not all peachy! At lunch time as we were wondering back to the boss's house (where the triaing was being held) with our bacon butties (which I didn't actually have enough money for - they nice chaps let me off 10p though) I checked my

Wow... 21 weeks

Which now means there are fewer weeks to come than have passed... And I guess I'm feeling a little spooked! Wiggle was booting extra hard last night, and for what seemed like ages! Tried to get Yorkie to feel it, and he did have his hand right over where I was getting attacked, but he's not sure if he felt baby, or just me (doh!). I guess we'll have to wait for Wiggle to get a bit bigger before he's convinced he's felt it. Jen came over for a bit last night, and brought some baby cloths with her. Her mate Chris is also expecting another baby, and Conner is already out growing stuff at an alarming rate (12.7lb at 6 weeks!), so she'd packed up stuff that was too small to give to the two of us . She gave us some teeny-tiny socks, scratch mits, a hat & snow suit, some grows and vests, and a selection of bibs. So cute! And our first lot of baby stuff! If only I had a fully kitted out nursery to keep them in I'm dying to go out and buy stuff - cloths,

20 week scan!

Thankfully got the car back last night (another £37.60 spent, but still less than I'd set aside for the MOT so not too bad. I guess) so we didn't have to taxi, bus or walk to the RLI. And I didn't have to go with a full bladder either so I was much more comfortable this time round. Still as wound up and excitable as a 4 year old on Christmas eve though! We had a good long look at the baba this time, and Wiggle was in a better mood this time too, turning and rolling about to suit the scan instead of mooning us like last time! Although he was hiding behing my belly button for a short time! We saw the little heart beating! We saw the dark areas which we were told were stumach and bladder, which shows that baby is swallowing ok, and the the kidneys are working too. We got a very good look at the spine too when Wiggle flipped over as though to give the scanner the perfect view. Yorkie asked if baby had all the right number of arms and legs etc and the lady giving us the sc


I'd not been having the best of days. First site I was visiting was a pain in the arse to find, but find it I did and will time to spare. Parking was a different matter! Sure, there was a car park right across the road... but it was full and being a long stay car park was still full after almost 20 mins of tooling round it and the surrounding 2-hour parking bays. In the end I had to park a good 10 mins walk away and was therefore late! And to cap it all when I got to the site I had left half the paper work in the car! So after introducing myself to the customer and setting the cleaner up to do his job, I had to go back to the car, drive back to the site and risk a parking ticket while I get the cleaner to sign his contract etc. Now, this is the first of three sites. Site A and C aren't too fat apart, site B is miles away. But, because of opening times and other such annoying factors, I have to go A, B C, not A C B which would have saved around an hour. Site B is out in the mid

'Informal Evening' at the RLI Womens Unit

We were late. Not by much, and certainly not the last, but still we turned up late (but only because I was picking my car up from the garage, the MOT done in under 24 hours and costing a grand total of £61.42! Woo!). As we tottered in and found some seats we were handed two jelly babies. No... not sweets. Scale model babies as 15 week and 20 weeks pregnant, in a rather disturbing cold, mucky, jelly like substance... I have to say I was quite freaked out by how big the 20 week baby was as that is what we are at the moment! It's massive! And about 1lb in weight. I was quite glad to hand it back! There were 4 other couples there, all due about the same time as us. One couple just before us and the others just after, and I was by far the biggest (although, the other ladies would prob be much slimmer then me if none of us were pregnant, so I'm not worried). We were chatted to about parenting classes and exercises classes, then diet and nutrition, and then about general exercis


One good thing about working in Leeds for a day is having a good excuse to call in at my Mums on the way home. Friday I was working in Leeds till 8pm and I really didn't want to drive all the way back to Lancaster which would mean not getting in until at least 10pm, so I stayed at Mums which meant I could be warm and cozy by 9! YAY! We had a good long natter about everything and nothing on Fri night - infact we were till up at 1am - and then went on a bit of a shopping jaunt on Sat morning which driffted into mid afternoon chatting before I dragged myself away. Me and Yorkie had been invited to a friends birthday lunch and while I was way to late for the food, I might just catch them up in the pub after. I didn't, as my beloved had kept his phone smothered in his jacket pocket and didn't even know I'd rung to find out what pub they were in for another 2 hours (grr) by which time I was cozied up at home... but never mind. Sunday I had a girly day out with Jen over at Con


I've got something grim on my neck! This turned up on Saturday, has got bigger each day, and darker, and it hurts! Guess who's off to the docs today?

"Prawns Feel Pain"

Am I the only person in the whole world who saw this and said "Well... DER!!!!!!!!!" Lets look at the basic facts that even and average punter on streets can accept: It's an animal It has a brain It has a nervous system (even if it is 'simple' it's still there) YEAH IT FEELS PAIN! I'm pretty certain that 'pain' is one of the basics for life... or at least having the ability to sustain it. I.E. "I'm not doing that dangerous thing (again), it hurts. Next time I might die / damage myself permanently and not be able to eat / reproduce / defend myself in the future" or "I'm scared to do that, it might hurt (see reasons above)" or "I'm getting away from this thing that hurts / might hurt in case (see reasons above)" Was it really necessary to torture the poor buggers to find this out? "Oh look, if we burn it here it rubs it self. Maybe it feels pain?" *Insert swear word of choice*


I am full of a cold! I hate colds! Especially when every single cold / flu 'remedy' states that I must consult my doctor before taking / using it. So there go the Lem-sips, Buttercup Syrup, Strepcils, and Otrivin nasal spray that I have come to rely on over the years to get through a bad cold while hardly noticing it. My head is stuffed up like it's full of warm wet cotton wool, my nose is swollen and blocked, running like a tap most of the time too, my throat is read raw and raspy and I have started a cough. I'm up half the night because I can't breath and I am dehydrated, and therefore I am grumpy too, and the headaches are driving me bonkers! I'm also feeling massively anti-social. Being tired and stuffed up, and head-achy and sore throated, I really don't want to speak to anyone. So if you've being trying to call (and I know some people have) that's why I'm letting the phone ring. It hurts to talk so I don't want to! This is a G


I don't even have the energy to use my computer most of the time, and the people who know me best know that means I really am off colour! I'm having the afternoon off work in exchange for half of my day off tomorrow. I was supposed to be going to Leeds to do some site visits this afternoon and evening, but as I feel worn out and was being sick this morning before I'd even had my breakfast I didn't think it was such a good idea. So I had my 10 o'clock with Tessa, and then a quick meeting with Rob about credit chasing, and went home. Still doing some work though, I have a stack of courtesy calls to make (at least I have a company phone, and they are short calls) and the appropriate on-line paper work that follows them up, but then that's it. The afternoons my own. It would be right now but I have to wait until about 1.30 for my last few calls to come back from their lunches. We should have had our first parenting session last night st the RLI, but as I was hel