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New hair... less #unicorn more #mermaid 😍

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I've tried really hard this week. Weigh in tomorrow #fitbit #weightwatchers #diet #fitness

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All green in the #fitbit Today!

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First loss

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New year off to a good start #diet #weightwatchers

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Got home and had tea (delicious but very much not WW) but now feel like poo. I have been yawning for the last hour and it feels like the middle of the night at 8pm. So it’s early to bed with a rub of Vicks to help stop my nose from streaming. Hoping a good night’s sleep with make things better. Netflix and my duvet are calling. from WordPress via IFTTT

Chicken salad and fruit for lunch

Chicken, pea shoots and lambs lettuce.  Apple and grapes. Black coffee. 2 point lunch. Very tasty but could easily have eaten double. Think I’ll be hungry this afternoon but tea tonight will be worth the restraint today. Still not had any of those chocolates in my office! from WordPress via IFTTT

Hot honey and banana porridge

So today I have cut down on the oats and milk and chucked in a chopped banana with my spoon full of honey. It’s lava hot but smells good. Got a 2pt lunch today too because Hubby and Kids are collaborating on a lasagne tonight and I already know it’s not going to be WW friendly from WordPress via IFTTT

Fitbit today

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Oh magical coffee

The work day seem so much longer with a large box of chocolates on your desk that you are trying hard not to eat (with success so far). Hooray for coffee in a unicorn cup! Cheering me up and helping with the final push before home time. from WordPress via IFTTT

Breakfast success

It may have cost 11 points but today’s breakfast was good. Porridge again but with skimmed milk and honey which makes it muuuuuch nicer. I bought the skimmed milk especially to allow for the honey. #worthit Tomorrow I might use fewer oats and add fruit to bulk it up. Good start to the day! from WordPress via IFTTT

This is not my happy face

In 2013 I was as heavy as I am now. I lost 4 stone and swore I wouldn’t let myself get that heavy again. And yet here I am. I have eaten my way through a rough couple of years and it shows. I thought I had stopped using food as a crutch but I was wrong. I thought keeping up the exercise would be easy but I let it slide all the same. I bought lovely new clothes for my slimmer figure and can’t get into any of them. BUT I am trying to be positive. I know for a fact that I can lose weight because I’ve done it before. And I am going to do it again. Last time I tried to vlog about my journey but chickened out (I hate the sound of my own voice) but I’m thinking about giving it another go. Maybe. A photo will do for now. Not happy… tired from a 4:30am start and have just got the kids to bed. I should be getting some steps in but just want to veg out. from WordPress via IFTTT