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Funniest "Doctors" ever?

I'm a bit of a soap addict (sad but true) and I like BBCs daytime soap doctors. They are running a tragic story line at the moment, but they have made a little light relief with this gay James Bond spoof. I love it! Don't know how long this link will last for, hope you get to see it!

Another snowy day

Daddy, clearing the snow Originally uploaded by chiggster It's supposed to rain tomorrow, so I thought I'd take a couple of snaps while I still could. Poor mark has had to work out in this snow, walking around in it all day. I think he'll be glad to see the back of it! Jack's still impressed though, all we hear is "Snow!!" Tom just hates being cold! Me? Well, I think it's lovely and pretty, but I hate skidding about whn I'm just trying to get on with stuff. I will be sorry when it all gets melted/washed away though.

December 1st! Whooooooooo!

Hee hee hee hee! Christmas is getting closer! I've pretty much all of my shopping now, and most of the crafting too. Jack opened the first window on his calander this morning. Tom's still a bit little for that yet (poor mite, I do feel mean) but he is getting extra cuddle and kisses instead. They are both down for a nap at the moment, and I am toying with the idea of getting their Christmas suits out so that when they get up I can dress them up and take some photos. I'm thinking Christmas Cards, Desktop Wallpaper, Avatars for the forum, facebook etc.... Jack is an Elf, Tom is a Christmas Pudding *dance* The Christmas Tree is still firmly up in the loft though. I have been hinting (out right pestering actually) for a while only to have Mark say "It's only fecking November!" but he can't say that now, can he? Hee hee! He keeps going on about the "12 days of Christmas" which is all very well, but that starts on Christmas day, right? (I'm