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(TMI Warning) Update TTC

Well, I didn't get my BFP yesterday. But, I also have no sign of my AF either. Not even spotting. Since taking clomid I have almost been able to set my watch by AF, but nothing. It's possible that I haven't ov'd this cycle. My temps suggest that I haven't, but it was the same last month and I clearly did. When we caught with Jack I was about 9 days past AF due date before I got my BFP. I'm pretty confused at the moment. My body is giving me mixed signals. Guess I'll just have to wait and see!

First post as a 30 something!

Take a look at THIS! How's that for a birthday cake?? THANK YOU HUBBY!!!!!

My last post as a 20-something

Woooer! Not sure how I feel about turning 30 just yet. I don't think I feel 30. Prob best not to dwell on it too much.... On the up side, I do now have my car back. It wound up with a replacement clutch as well as gear box. Still, not massively expensive, and my BOSS paid for the repairs! Whoohoo! AND we even had a good weekend at work this weekend, practically unheard of! At least for the summer season anyway. The staff are a bit happier (or at least quieter, might not be the same thing with hidesight) and we managed to get finished on time this Saturday. The first time all summer (although first week we were only 1 minute over! That SHOULD count!) NEXT WEEKEND I'M OFF WORK! YAY!!!! About bloomin time too! Best of all though, (this is coded speak now to avoid TMI, the forum girlies know what I mean) tomorrow is POAS day on the forum, so I am getting involved - as it is my time to do so - and *might* get the result I want with a bit of luck. That would be the BEST present of al

More Jack-Bert Videos!

As I have been granted some PC time this afternoon (sleeping son AND snoozing husband) I thought I would catch up on some Jack video uploads! So, sorry to the people on facebook who will get bombarded with videos on here and there (many application links up! Whoohoo!) and who don't really care about Jack videos... And you everyone else who DOES want to see Jack: ENJOY!


Anyone who knows me knows I HATE waiting. I'm an "I want everything yesterday" kind of person. I know it. I'm comfortable with it. it's part of who I am. Today I am having to wait. I'm waiting for the second hand gearbox I've ordered to arrive, with a hint of trepidation: what if it doesn't come and I've been conned out of £130? I am also in my Two Week Wait now, and feeling bloated, nauseous, irritable etc. this could be because I am so stressed (and to be fair, probably is) or it could be "signs!" I'm thinking the former. I'm itching to do a test, but that would be pointless, and I'd just get my hopes up for 5 mins while the test took, and then be gutted when it comes up negative. I really should hold off until my birthday, at the earliest, since that's when AF is due to pay a visit, and really REALLY should wait until the 31st which is my official testing day. But I know what I'm like, and in a couple of days time

Poorly car, may be terminal

So I picked Gary up for work this morning, filled up the car with petrol, and set of for the Park. A little under half way along the motor way Gary says "What's that smell?", and taking a breath I hoped (and said) it might be something outside. Next thing, Gary is swearing and there s smoke coming up from under the passenger side. And we're passing road works! No where to stop! First chance I get I pull over and we get out to see what's wrong with the car. Nothing blocking the exhaust, nothing wrong with the tires, and then a little puff of smoke from under the middle of the car, again, passenger side. So we bobbed down to have a look.... And it's leaking oil like it's going out of fashion! 1st call to the boss to say "No car, no managers. Help!" and arrange a lift for Gary to get to the Park. 2 nd call, AA. 3rd call... my dear hubby. Less than 10 mins later AA are with us, and Gary gets picked up my Ian and whisked off to work. AA Man can