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Jenny & Ash's Wedding

Yesterday was Jenny & Ash's wedding! It was fabulous too. Jenny, my lovely sister-in-law, looked stunning in her dress, and Ash, her new hubby, scrubs up well too :oD Jack got to be part of her entourage down the aisle. He looked great in his little waistcoat and cravat <3 Tom got to wear the same outfit even though he's too young to be trusted to walk with the Bride. They both looked amazing. Jack was very well behaved doing his "bit" and I could have been more proud! Even George managed not to cry during the ceremony. Jenny planned the day really well too, and the weather was fab, so after the ceremony folk went outside and the kids played on the lawn with toys and games she'd brought, and loads of bubbles. After the wedding breakfast Tom whipped his shoes and socks off to run around bare footed on the grass! Jack just went mental playing with his cousins, and George was passed round the whole family for loves & snuggles. I think the kids loved

The Walker Boys (2012)

George at 1 month old

He's fab! Love him love him love him! He gets weighed again on Monday, but last time he was already almost 11lb, and you can almost SEE him grow. He loves his mummy-milk, a bit too much if anything. Like Jack did at this age George feeds for more than his fill n then brings a load back (he did that about 20 mins ago, all in my bed, grr) but he's clearly getting what he needs - tubbster! Jack & Tom adore him and I'm having to fight them off from loving him too much. Tom's not really gentle enough, and Jack wants to cuddle him till he pops! It's better than being jealous though. All I hear all day from them is "Ahhh, baby Smudge!" as they go in for a hug with him. Jack wants to show him all his best things, and loves to show George off to his friends. So sweet!

First day just me & my 3 boys

And typically its a rubbish weather day, so no playing in the garden, no trips to the park, no wondering round town. Can't go far to find anything indoors to do coz the HV is round this afternoon. So I've let Jack & Tom have the PC all morning while I've snuggled George on the sofa. Gonna do lunch in a bit and I just know Jack'll ask for the Wii afterwards. Might just say yes and do some reading, drawing, etc with Tom. I can do that and keep hold of George (who is super hungry again today). Hope the weather is better tomorrow...