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Jack's First Birthday

Our little Wiggle Bump is a YEAR OLD already! I have no idea where the last year has gone, and I can't get over how much Jack has grown and changed since the day he was born! We threw a party for him, with family and friends. Since there's no room in our house we booked a function room up at the Bowling Green Pub , which my Mum paid for as part of Jack's present. We had a really good turn out too: Family (not counting kids) : My mum, Kate & Dave, Rachel & Garry, Jenny, Bob & Rach, Claire Friends : Garry & Jill, Ray & Sarah, Fran & Simon, Jacquie & Dave, Jen, Roger, Steff, Mark, Ross, Jo, Abi Kids : Chris, Nicky & Alex; Megan; Morgan & Jethro; Caitlin, Mia & Daniel; Adam & Conner, Luke; Issac. We've bought this for Jack: and some ball pool balls, a couple more dino's like Splodge, and some balls with characters in them that he LOVES! It was a really nice do, only 2 hours long, but that was long enough for the kiddies wh

HE WALKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd not been home long yesterday having worked half of my day off (grr) and I was sat on the livingroom floor with Jack, letting him try some Figs (coz he likes dried fruit and hadn't had any figs yet). Needless to say, he likes them! They are too big for him to eat on his own, so I was sat there biting chunks off and handing them to him. I was clearly taking too long over it though, because he let go of the settee and took a step towards me! Without holding onto ANYTHING! Yorkie was just coming down the stairs at the time and I called to him to come and watch.... and Jack took ANOTHER step! That we both saw! The he lunged him self at me and stole the fruit. No more need to walk.... But he DID do it! We BOTH saw him!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!