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Looking better... in theory!

I'm going back to work tomorrow. I don't fancy it. I'm not looking farward to it. I still feel sick and drained and grumpy and all the rest. Got a nice message from the boss though today. He was asking how I was and what the doc had said to me (must have got back to him that it was the doc I planning on visiting rather than the midwife, but I'm not about to split hairs on that one). I responded that I still felt horrible, and that it was largly down to working too hard, not eating and sleeping enough, and the fumes from the leaked cleaning fluid. I also mentioned that I might be forced into taking part time hours. He replied that he thought I had been doing too much work out in the field and would much rather I spent more time in the office. He suggested that I try that for a while and, when he gets back from his break, see how I feel about it. Then have a chat with him. He also said he hoped I felt better soon and didn't over do things etc... Now... THAT is a good


Argh ! Another year had slipped by. Where does the time go? So this is my first birthday as a married woman! And it's not felt that much different, aside from the lack of booze... although the last two years were pretty dry too as they the both the day before other peoples wedding and turning up still half cut or hung over was not really acceptable. Mum came over for the day as Yorkie was working and we sat and gossiped and watched the most recent movie version of Pride and Prejudice on Sky (which we both agreed is still not a patch on the BBC drama of a few years ago with Colin Firth as Mr Darcy... phwaaa !) , but she left just before I went to pick Yorkie up form work. Instead of the pub this year Yorkie took me to the cinema, a rare treat in itself for us these days (i.e. since we started to spend most of our money on DVDs, which are cheaper than a trip to the movies and you can have a pee without missing the best bits). We went to see the Bourne Ultimatum with Ray & Sar

Feeling ill

I feel ill. I have pains in my belly, and my head aches. All I want to do is sleep.... This is - I believe - largely down to work yesterday. Which was rediculas! Having not come home from work on wednesday until gone 7.45pm, I was up at 5am yesterday to start work at 6am. Driving to Leeds, Bradford & Halifax to visit various sites, deliver stock, and most importantly, have a meeting with one of our customers at 10am in Bradford to resolve a problem with a member of staff who is clearly bunking off half her shift every day. On Wednesday my boss was trying not to have me go. For one, I should be in the office, finishing off my training in there, getting this induction (which I am still waiting for after over a month) and visiting my own sites in the Lancaster area. Head of Ops (my head of dept: HoO) insitied that I did go to Yorkshire becasue if this meeting in Bradford. The boss suggested the W. Yorks site visitor who was already up there (having just come back from some time off) h

Over tired and hyped!

It's been another one of thse LONG days! Yup, a 5am-er..... Finally made it home at just gone 8.15pm.... I can't keep doing this! Although, today, I feel strangly good. Possibly because I have achived a lot, or maybe because I have got not just my second wind, but have passed through that into hyper-mad-bunny-mode. I suspect the latter. The weather's been horrible. And driven about 300 miles just today. I tired to inspect a site in Dewsbury that wasn't ours (easy mistake to make, two nursaries next door to each other, I walked into the wrong one thinking they were one and the same). I have interviewed - at very short notice - and hired a new cleaner for one of our problems sites, then trained her (and she's good too!). Former problem cleaners (at the same site) are now doing a cracking job thanks to my input - and they seem to like me still. I just hope they carry on doing well when I'm not there to watch over them. I also called in on mum for a couple of hours