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Ist Assignment Results Back!!

I know, I know, I'm not making proper posts at the moment. I'm VERY busy, but i will catch up soon i promise. Here's why I'm busy - I've just got back my results from my first assignment with the OU: You have scored 90% on CMA TT280 41 WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jacquie & Dave, 21st Oct 2006

Post coming soon... like when I have a chance! Isn't she beautiful???

History Matters

Don't fotget to get on there and post your blog, if you can get on that is! I've been trying for the last half hour and the poor site wont load... too many people I guess! LOL - maybe I shouldn't be encouraging you all to get on until I've made my post!! As soon as I'm on and it's been accepted and published etc I'll stick a link in for you all

Thank you Kate

For sending me this fantastic photo and cheering me up! And yes, it does look JUST like Muppet! "Who Brought The Cat?" It set me off on a "Where did she get this photo from" thing, and here are two links you should check out if you like this piccie! Link 1: Who brought the cat? Link 2: airborn cats - a photoset on flickr

Back Dated Blog

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YORKIE - 10TH OCT (here with lil bro Bob) I've been busy - again. It seems like I always am these days, but this is a good thing! I am going back to a week ago tonight, when I took Yorkie out for his pre-birthday drinks, it being his birthday on the 10th, and that being his weekend off. I had texted people (in no order, mark & gemma, matt & lelly, garry & jill, ray & sarah, fran & simon, colin & tara, jen & steff, and asked jill to ask olly, ozz and andy as I didn't have their numbers and yorkie's phone is broken. Garry & Jill and Colin & Tara were doing family things and couldn't make it, Jen was stuck in Carnforth after a bust up with Steff and couldn't get down, and Matt and Lelly were going to try and make it after Matt's bro's wedding and Fran & Simon were working. I felt like I had let him down... left it too late to invite people (3 days ahead) and that this was going to be the biggest let dow

What are you doing on the 17th??

I'll be doing this! History Matters - pass it on, Mass Blog Day – 17 October 2006 Date: 03-Oct-2006 Source: The National Trust We know that history is something many people feel strongly about. But in the rush of our daily lives it's all too easy to take it for granted. And when it comes to the order of public priorities history is often sidelined. “History Matters - pass it on” is all about raising awareness of the importance of history in our everyday lives and encouraging involvement in heritage in England and Wales. Our goal is to build public support and interest in looking after our history and heritage - today and in the future. The campaign is being run by the main heritage organisations in England and Wales including the National Trust, English Heritage, the National Heritage Memorial Fund and the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Council for British Archaeology, Heritage Link, Historic Houses Association and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. 17 October 200

MM IS GONE!!!!!!

It's official! MM has closed it's door forever - or will have by the end of today. Luckily I managed to get hold of the office just half an hour before Jane left forever and explained the whole P45 situation to her. She's found all the pay info and is senidng it off for me (what I STAR! I have got her phone number for just in case I can afford a book keeper of my own one day) She said, casually in conversation, that the place was gone, shut, closed, finished. G fired her over the phone on Tuesday (sound familiar?). Every one has been laid off. Only LapDog was left down in the shop packing up boxes and putting stuff in cages. G is going "self employed" it seems. He's keeping the Lanc market stall for now though. I'm sure that means the SB and FB, and FB's LapDog will still have work to do... assuming the FB can get her very very fat self out of Morecambe into Lanc to do some work. And he never mentioned a WORD of that to me on the phone the two times I

Tango Vs Sony!

I loved this advert when i first saw it - I think most people did. I know it got maentioned in a few blogs So imagin how thrilled I was to see (just the once) the Tango people rip it off, and rip it off SO well! Personally I think I prefer the rip off. And I swear it has nothing to do with the familiar comfort of terraced housing....

If the musical condoms fail... you can STILL HAVE FUN! With Baby Toupee's no less! Say this on Breakfast TV this morning, and yes... I was sucked in and just HAD TO GO AND HAVE A LOOK! It's not as though I don't have better things to do, because I do. Lots of important things... but they all got brushed aside for a few moments while I browsed this little site. While it still has some way to go before it reaches " stuff on my cat . com " status, I think it does have potential! People shoving wigs on the heads of unsuspecting small people's heads, taking a photo, and posting it on the WEB! (Boy, will that come back to haunt them on 18th and 21st birthdays, weddings, etc). They have even got the marketing side up and running already by selling wigs (starter wigs perhaps?) for you to put on the unususpecting baby. I'd look at that for a laugh... in fact I may even consider humiliatng my OWN spawn - when I get round to having some. They are less likely to cla


Yup! I have that feeling of self satisfaction that you get when you have accomplished something. October is a hellish month for me. Expensive! VERY expensive! I have my fellers birthday, my dad's birthday, one of my (soon to be) sister-in-laws birthday (today actually) and my step-brothers birthday this month. And this year Jacquie and David are getting married this month. But I have been a busy bunny! I have ordered and got Yorkie's gifts via (a handfull of obsucre DVDs he had coverted for some time), I have ordered my dad's gifts (books on B&Bs in France, slightly tongue in cheek, but an honest and caring present I think) from Amazon . I have texted Jenny a happy birthday wish (foolishly left it to Yorkie to sort out his sisters card / gift... not been done!). Antoni is a bit of a mystry. I shall have to speak to mum about him. Maybe a gift voucher for HMV or somthing. Jacs and Dave are asking for money as a wedding pres. They have (or are getting, I think)