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Video Jug

Thank you - once again - Radio 1 for this little gem! In fact I could have done with this link on Sunday when I wound up with a flat tire and no knowlege of how to change it. I ended up calling out the AA like an idiot. So, for how to change a tire, and other useful "how to's", check this out !!

Girly day at Warton Crag!

I had a well deserved day off from cleaning and studying yesterday and instead I went on a day out with Debbie and Marie. We got off to a slow start - after I dropped Yorkie off at work and picked Debbie up from our usual meeting place I had to call into the supermarket to buy a new hat (because my other one was still saturated from wondering round Morecambe in the rain with Debbie on monday afternoon) and some batteries for my camera... which meant back tracking back past Debbie's house before going back again to get to Maries. But since Marie had conviced Debbie to do some food shopping for her while we were there I got away with delaying the day by half an hour. Marie lives at Warton so we dumped my car there and had some coffee and breakfast bars before setting off up the Crag. It's a lovely walk, but the first bit of it is a killer for someone as unfit as me! And I had over wrapped myself against the weather. I assumed, with it being the end of November, that it would be c


Weeeeelllllllllllllll................ It looks like I've got a kitten of my own after all! Went to the Marina on Friday and the lads there said that Leona was looking for me, something about a kitten. So I went to find her, and it seems that the third kitten that was found was now in need of a home. The chap who had him also has some dogs which were going for the kitten and he was affraid for the little fellers safety. Leona asked if there was any chance I could take him... and since I still had the cat arry case in my car from Wednesday and as I was pinning for the other two pretty badly by then, I agreed. Half an hour later the little ginger cat was in my arms. The guy who had been looking after him was very sorry to let him go, bringing me his little bed and some cat food, and I promised him that the kitten would be well looked after and loved. I expected Yorkie to hit the roof when he found out what I had done - I spent the afternoon with Jen and I know she would have been happ


These two adorable little faces have been part of my life for the last 4-5 days. Saturday morning I went to Glasson Dock as normal and popped into the shop to see Leona, who had a cat carry case by her feet. I know she has a couple of cats so I assumed that she had to take one to the vets or something. When she finished on the phone she said to me "Want a couple of kittens?" Silly question really... given half a chance I would fill my house from top to bottom with cats, I wanted to BE a cat when I was a kid! So I called Yorkie up and asked if we could have them. Being the sensible bloke that he is (no, really, he is) he reminded me that we've got a wedding coming up and we can't really afford to pay for two lots of kitty jabs and nuterings, not to mention the additional cat food and kitty litter. Plus Muppet HATES kittens.... So I called mum. Now, the story behind these lovely little ginger fur balls is a very sad one. Friday evening they were found by the Marina, one

2nd Assignment Results Back!!

This feedback was produced on 18-Nov-2006 00:27:45 You have scored 100% on CMA TT280 42 Oh.... and I should have got 100% on the 1st one too. It was rescored and I got this result second time round: This feedback was produced on 28-Oct-2006 00:54:07 RESCORED You have scored 95% on CMA TT280 41 BUT the one that I got wrong I actually knew the answer to and clicked the wrong button!!!! So that would have been 100% too had I not been a fuckwit and actually checked over my answers instead of thinking "it'll be right!" :o(


I've been suffering with headaches now for three days running. Nasty ones - or possibly the same one which keeps coming back. It's right behind my left eye (the eye that actually works realitivly well) and goes right through my brain to the base of my skull. It's a hot, throbbing, killing pain, and I can't seem to shift it. It started on Tuesday evening, and Tuesdays are my day off, so I don't think it's anything to do with working with cleaning fluids and stuff. It starts both when I'm on the PC and when I'm away from it, regardless of whether or not I am reading or watching TV so I don't think it's nessesarily eye strain (although I am LONG over due an eye test and new specs), and this time it's not because I am inadvertanlty poisoning myself with carbin monoxide in a dodgy car (which is what was happening LAST time I had bad headaches). I can't even put it down to stress or being over tired because regardless of the fact that it is win


Did the Useless Personality Test on This is Yorkies: You are ONE USELESS BROTHER Take Which Useless Man are you? today! Created with Rum and Monkey 's Personality Test Generator . You are ONE USELESS BROTHER, not to be confused with One Useless Brutha. You are the tag along younger sibling of an overbearing dictator. You have no opinion on most topics, relying on others to tell you what to think, unless they want to debate the merits of Slayer or The Simpsons. Mainly, if you are ONE USELESS BROTHER you are humourously easy-going, but usually only after the fact. And this is mine: You are ONE USELESS MAN Take Which Useless Man are you? today! Created with Rum and Monkey 's Personality Test Generator . You are ONE USELESS MAN, an overbearing dictator who loves ranting and food. Technology advances make him happy, despite thinking the machines are still run by mice or midgets. Not that it matters, since you believe God is in charge of all creation

Busy old time of it!

I know I've been useless with my blogging just lately. But it's winter now and the season is taking it's toll on me. I'm back on my anti-depressants again, back to not wanting to get out of bed in the morning, and now I seem to be suffering from constant head aches too.... Things have been going on though and i do need to get them written down. So here goes! 19th October: Dad's birthday I don't see much of the old geezer these days what with him living over in France now, and while he still doesn't have his house built yet - much less have a computer connected with Skype and a Web Cam - I have changed a little. I have lost some more weight (Hooray! Being a cleaner sure sheds those inches!) and I have become a red head. So when he came back to the UK for a few days with Fay and his new best mate / neighbour Ivan and his missus, and asked to see me on his birthday, I guess I should not have been shocked that he walked right past me in the Plough Inn pub we w