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Brainy Baby!

I wish I could record sound with that silly old camera! Today - right after Mum went home typically so no one else has seen it yet - Jack figured out how to make the white tiger on his play gym play it's tunes. What you have to do it spin the ball in it's paws and he's watched me and Yorkie do it for him for the last 2 months. However, Jack does this his own way. He does it with his feet (which do look suspiciously prehensile and very much like my own feet, and my dads. Dad can pick up coins with his toes, I can sign my name with mine!). I was watching him do this for ages. It was very precise and controlled. As soon as the tune ended he reached his foot out, spun the ball and waited for it to end before lifting up his foot and doing it again. Occasionally he judged it wrong and the tune didn't play, and got stressed, but eventually he got a tune every time! He laid there playing like this for over 45 mins! He normally gets board of anything after 30 mins max. He&


Jack's a happier baby again now, only he seems to have started teething! Hopefully (for me at least) it will still be some time before any 'peggies' actually come through, but he is getting rumblings in his lower gum. He's started with drooling a lot, and by a lot I mean drenching 3 bibs a day.He's also been chewing his fist a lot. He's been doing that for a couple of weeks at least. But now he's combining that with a new cry. A real one with screamy bits and real tears. A couple of weekends ago someone mentioned that they thought they could see white bits on his gums which might be the start of teeth so we thought we'd get some calgel just in case, but didn't use it. At Lune Park Baby Massage on Monday Kathy was asking the lady who runs it about some symptoms that little Katie was displaying, including those of Jacks, and she suggested that Katie might be teething so I asked about Jack. She said the same! So it's been dabs of calgel on the gum

Sad baby

Yesterday was jab time again. This time Yorkie came with us as he's off work at the moment. Poor little Jack was good as gold until we went into the room where he actually gets his injections and then he started to yell. It's as though he knew what was coming, even though he's never been in the particular room before. He had both his legs jabbed - and he bled!!! It was horrible! But he had mummy AND daddy to cuddle him afterwards this time and he calmed down again soon enough. We weighed him (13lb 11 1/2 oz now - big lad!) and brought him home. He was happy enough for a couple of hours and then the nastyness started. His temp went up and his mood went down. He had to be held or he wouldn't settle. His poor little face just looking up at us with tears asking why he felt so rotten, what had we done to him, why wont we make it stop? Still, he's slept a lot since, and there's nothing wrong with his appittie either. I took him to baby massage again this morning thoug


I never seem to have a moment to sit down at this laptop these days! Jack is currently sat in his bouncer by my feet, all drowsy. But we're off to Mum2muM for 10am so it seems mean to put him to bed for his nap if I'm going to be waking him up again soon. He can sleep while we're there! So it's been a bit of a busy time. I've started taking Jack to some of the mum & baby sessions up and down Lancaster, we've been to a couple of the baby massage classes already which he seems to love, and I've been looking at some of the Stay n Play sessions which I'd thought he was too young for, but apparently they are suitable for 0 to 5 year olds. And it's another reason to get out of the house and talk to people too. I've been seeing people too, we've been out for a couple of days with Jen and her lads, Debbie's been over and came for a walk and a spot of lunch with us, we've seen Marie and been invited to her new house. Kathy going to the ba

A quick post for Fay

It's been baking hot over here the last few days so our little Gonk-Boy hasn't been wearing any of the lovely coats he's been given. Today is cooler so he's had a bit of a fashion show! This Jack wearing a denim jacket sent by Fay. I thought the rocking chair and floral throw would be a great backdrop for this mini cowboy (since he's still a bit young for cows n horses just yet). He's being a real mummy's boy today - which is lovely! We went for a long walk round Williamson's Park yesterday with Jen and her boys which wore him out, and after having a bath with his dad last night he slept really well! 12 hours (less night feeds and a couple of nappy changes)! And he's still drowsy now, wanted nothing more than snuggle to his mummy and snooze! Guess the house work will have to wait a day. What a shame!!

Routine update

It seems to be working to the most part! I'm not going to pretend that we stick to it like glue - and this morning we were as far from it as you can be - but he seems to like it and he IS going to sleep or 8pm each night giving me and Yorkie some time together. We've had walks in the sun and in the rain - lucky Jack has a rain cover. I just get wet We're bathing him every night and massaging him with olive oil. He's liking the baths now, and enjoys the massage so long as I don't put him on his tummy to do his back (we'll work up to that one). And just to prove what a happy baby it's making him take a good look at this photo! What a sweetheart! And doesn't he look like his dad?!