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End of clomid month 1

First off.... I am not pregnant. I am more than just a tad disapointed about that. BUT on the plus side, I have been able to chart properly (pretty much) for a whole month. And the clomid has clearly worked! Regardless of what some people who looked at my chart said about my temps being wrong for ov, the rest of my body signs all pointed to me having ov'd when I thought I had, and he closest thing I have ever had to a postivie opk said I had too. So in a way it's nice that AF showed up right on time, because that means that I am reading my body right after all. So on Sunday I'll be starting my next lot of clomid, and charting very carefully again all month, in the hope of getting a BFP on MY 30th BIRTHDAY!!!! (Yup, next AF due 26th Aug).


Came home from work today to a very happy little boy.... who has started to give KISSES! Jack has been giving hugs for ages, he likes a nice hug. But when it comes to kisses.... they have always been something that people (mostly mummy) gave to him. This evening I was subject to a million or more "MMmmwa!" wet kisses on my face and mouth! Ahhhh!

2 ov dates!

Hum... I have two predicted ovulation dates for this month. The first is the 14 th , based on the the days that I took the clomid . The second is the 28 th , based on last months temping chart. I have been charting like a trooper all month, and for the last 4 days I have had exactly the same temp! 36.4 degrees C. I'm starting to think my thermometer is broken and stuck at that temp! Guess I'll know then I do ov though, because there should be a big shift in my temps. Guess my hubby is going to be in for a good month :0) Don't want to miss our chance!


For the last week we have had next to NO Internet connection. It'll be fine for a couple of hours, and then cuts out. Reconnecting every 4th or 5th attempt, staying on for 6 seconds, then off again. It's driving us (Yorkie in particular) NUTS! BT swear there is nothing wrong at their end, but er have tried different cables and connectors, and different computers, and nothing changes. What makes it more irritating is that there is a pattern to the times it works and does not work. Sounds like a BT fault to me! SO we shall be switching at some point soon. In the mean time, we may not be on the Internet much!

2nd Wedding Anniversary

It was out 2nd anniversary yesterday, making it 8 years since me and Yorkie met! And I had to work. A full day. Didn't get home till 6.30, dirty, smelly, and tired out. I swear that back in January I asked for today, and my birthday, off work as holidays. Diane signed my holiday sheets.... and yet there is no holiday down on the system. I guess I should have checked after my May holiday was booked for March! But hay-ho, can't do anything about it now! And I wont be working on my birthday anyway since it's mid week this year. On top of that, I haven't been paid yet so I couldn't exactly splash the cash when it came to buying a prezzie for my wonderful husband either. He got beer and a couple of DVDs. Rubbish. I'll do something nice for him when I do get paid. But dispite all that Yorkie managed to make it a lovely evening. He bought me Thorntons chocs (YUMMY!) and some DVDs hat I have been wanting for ages (much better than the "I think he'll like these!

My wonderful son

So yesterday I went to this conference with Mike and Ian. And I got to take Jack with me. What a little sweetie he was ALL DAY! Just goes to show you can take my son ANYWHERE! Over 1200 people were there, and I thought that being sat in an arena for hours on end would drive Jack potty. I had visions of him shouting an screaming, running off, refusing to eat or sleep (which he does when he's to hot or too wound up) and he wasn't any of those things. He did play on the seats for a bit, and tried to pinch someone else's lunch, but other than that he was as good as gold. He sat on my knee, he slept, he ate all his lunch and half of mine, he didn't cry (even when he slipped between our seats and the next row and got his foot stuck) and basically had a really good time. Although he did slap my boss once (I tried not to laugh). Thing is now though, that I am missing him twice as much today after having him all to myself for a day. I just want to snuggle and play games with him

I've got a new cooker!!

WooHoo! At last! After YEARS of no working oven I have a NEW COOKER!!! And I have only burned myself on it once in the last 3 1/2 hours since it was installed. Not bad... (I need to get used to the fact that the gas rings go from off, to high to low, instead of the other way round like the old one...) STILL! I like it, and I am aching to get baking! I want to do cakes, and bread, and a roast or two... Hang on, it's like 30 degrees outside (and5 more inside). Hum.... maybe I'll wait until it gets a bit cooler and settle for baking some fish-in-foil for now *grin* *New Oven Dance* When did I get SO domesticated that a new cooker would instill such joy in my life????