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Grumpy boy

It's been a hard week this week with one thing and another. Jack was in a huge grump all Monday. It wasn't his fault, but despite having so much fun at the weekend, the break in routine upset him. He's used to sleeping at certain times, and those times only, so the combination of long car rides through the day where he slept, and late nights, wasn't good. Something we'll have to be careful of in future. Tuesday had him pretty much back to normal, but Wednesday was jab day! His 16 week inoculations. 3 of them! He hated it. He screamed. He bled! And true to form all day Thursday he hated me. I'm the evil parent who lets people stick pins in him. He had smiles for daddy, and nanna, and even total strangers. Me? Well, he screamed and kicked and refused to eat unless he was starving. Very hurtful! Still, today I seem to be forgiven. I can't help but wonder if his tasty home made butternut squash dinners might have something to do with it!


It was Tony's 60th at the weekend so Kate had a 'do' for him on the Sat. It's a long journey from home to Kate 'n' Dave's, and since me and Jack hadn't seen my Mum all week we broke the drive up by spending Fri night at her house. It was past Jack's bed time by the time we'd arrived in Burnley and I was fully expecting him to start yelling when we sat down for tea, but we put his car seat on one of the dinning chairs so he could see us all while we were eating and he was fine. He chuckled and chatted all the way through. After another three course breakfast - and some Jack 'n' Nanna time - we set off for Jenny's, dropped off Muppet (Fizgig stayed with my mum), and Jack's things, before going over to see the Birthday Boy. It was nice to see Tony, we'd not seen him since Christmas and he hadn't met Jack before. Kate and Dave put on a really good do. As well as us there was Rachel, Garry & the kids, Jenny, Bob n Rachel, C

A happy Jack and a play date

Jack's cold seems to have almost all gone now, which is great news for all of us here. Getting up in the night not to feed him but to put drops in his nose so he can breath has been exhausting for all of us. And gorgeous though he is, the sad expression he's been carrying round while he's been suffering has been heart breaking. Still, the last couple of days he's been much brighter and happier. He had a good time at baby massage this morning too letting me do all the advanced stuff with him and showing off his favourite moves. He's sleeping better in the day again now too which makes for a happier baby while he's awake. Kathy came over just after lunch today with Katie and they had a play together. I think maybe the two kiddies are starting to recognise each other - Jack sees more of Katie than any other individual child at the moment since me and Kathy are going to some of the same sessions. They had a play on the big gym and both got all happy and wriggly loo

We need one of these!

This is a frog mirror. They have one at Appletree Children's Centre just down the hill from home. Me and Jack have been there twice today - once for Stay n Play and then back for Marsh Mums. And both times this has been the one thing that Jack has loved the most (other than being cuddled by other mums because he was the youngest there this afternoon and was getting people broody). It's foamy and soft. The one at Appletree is covered in bite marks too where other kids have loved it. You can bend it to distort the reflection too. Jack had a good hold of it and 'chatted to the other baby in the mirror' for AGES! And while I found a picture of it on the web easily enough, I can't find anywhere locally that sells one.

Wedding Anniversary!

Wow! A whole year! Our first Wedding Anniversary! I could go on about what a year it has been etc, but you all know it all anyway if you've been reading this, hee hee. Needless to say I'm thrilled to bits! We've had a fun day of it too. Yorkie brought me breakfast in bed this morning just as Jack was finishing his breakfast (which is always in bed. Alright for some!) along with a card, a cute teddy (from Jack) and my half eternity ring that I have been hinting heavily for since before baba came into the world. Well, actually we went into town yesterday and bought it, but it was given to me in it's box properly this morning! I also got a DS card with recipes n stuff I'd been drooling over as an early prez a couple of days ago. My gifts for Yorkie were not quite so romantic - I didn't think romance and mush would be as thrilling for him. I (along with Jack) bought him all 5 of Bottom Live on DVD. He's been trying to watch them on the Dave channel for weeks but

Catch up (again)

Jack's been poorly again this week. He's had a horrible snotty cold which has been keeping him from sleeping well because his nose kept on blocking up and he couldn't breathe. It's been hard, but he's coming through it now. I'm so glad I kept that little bottle of drops for his nose from his first cold because we'd have been stuffed without it. But we've been keeping busy. Jack's slept through most of it, but busy is busy. On Monday my boss came over and took us out to lunch as Hest Bank. It was lovely weather and we sat out in the sun to have our fish n chips - which was the one time Jack perked up. He's getting very interested in food! Me and the Boss-man talked work and I have been given the OK for the days I want to work, and for time off in Oct to see Dad & Fay (just waiting for Yorkie to get the same from his boss) so that was all good - and it meant that Jack got to have a ride in the boss's nice blue jag! On Tue the health visito