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Up swing

Yesterday got better almost from the time I clicked on "publish post". Before I had even pushed my chair away from my desk my mobile was ringing. It never rings. Occasionally Dad calls me on it, but from France that tends to cost a bit, so I was a little suprised. It wasn't dad. It was someone booking an Ann Summers party for next week! Hooray! This gave me the kick up the backside that I needed. I had to go through my Ann Summers kit and remove the stuff from the old catalogue that has been discontinued (New nighty for me! Hooray!) and jot down all the stuff from the new catalogue that I want adding to it. Problem is though, that anything I order now wont turn up until the day AFTER the party, so I ended up having to fork out for special delivery so that I have it in time. After all, I can't hold a party with the old stock and catalogues, half the stuff that might sell will be unavailable!!! But it'll be worth it. I did go out with the Avon books, and actually ca

Rememberance Depression

I'm feeling odd today. Not bad, just odd. I have no motivation to do anything. Even though there is stuff I should be doing. I should be taking my Avon books out, but I'm wearing my heavy toe-caps today and it would mean changing my foodwear, maybe to my trainers. I should be updating my two web sites and ebay shops to add on the new stock, but that sounds too much like hard work and it's sunny out side today. But going outside would - again - involve changing my shoes and I still can't be bothered. I'm hungry (it's lunch time) but there's nothing in for a cold lunch and I can't be bothered to cook. I could do with having a bath and de-furring my legs and underarms, but baths are a hassle too, what with the waiting for it to fill up, getting undressed, washing, shaving my hairy bits, getting dry, dressing again, straightneing my hair. It takes over 2 hours to do it all. And I don't want to do anything. So it's just a quick wash at the sink and st

Angie & the reunion

Angie - Outside our old High School I'll admit now that I am having a massive adrenalin come down, I've got a hang over, and I'm feeling pretty shitty. But I have had a brillaint 24 hours so it's worth it! Angie arrived at my mum's around 5.30ish, and instantly it was like the years we've been apart just hadn't happened and we just picked up conversations where they'd left off! There's something to be said for a friendship that doesn't just stand the test of time, it behaves like time just doesn't happen! Mum cooked us steaks and chips (yum yum) and kindly dropped us off at Walshaw around 7ish. It's so strange being back there! Familiar old feelings - not all good - started to well up even as we drove up the schools drive way, and old habbits just fell into place; mum even dropped us off at the exact same spot she used to drop me off at when I was a student there. There were loads of cars parked round the school, but it didn;t seem like

Saw this, loved it, stole it!

Nicked it from Crash n Donna

I've seen Glenn!

Went into town this morning after dropping Yorkie off at work. The plan was to buy some more hair dye to cover my roots (the blond and grey is showing under the red now - pout) and call into my second bank to organise internet banking so I can use this account (that I haven't touched for years) for my Avon, therefore not confuse my money for Avon money etc... I though "Quick job, park at the supermarket, buy hair dye from there, dive into the bank, ask for e-banking, home by 9.30" HA! No chance! On a Wednesday this particular bank doesn't open until 10am... I was in town at just after 8.30 - with the dye already bought, and nothing better to do. So I did something random... I went to the local market to see if Micro Markets was still trading. And they are - just - and guess who was in the stall? None other than GLENN! So I went up for a chat. The first couple of minutes was a strain on him... he wsn't too happy, or maybe nervous. I asked him how his business was g

Giving notice

Yesterday we "gave notice" on our wedding! It seems like such a big step forwards in the planning of the wedding, and it is a really important one too! 11am we rolled up at Lancasters registrar with £60.00 to hand over to ask for permission to marry. The lady we spoke to seemed very nice, I forget her name though. She ran through all the stuff with us, explaining that it would seem a bit strange as she asked up both the same set of questions individually, and took our different bits of ID off us to enter into the system. Funny how if you're a little bit on edge the simplest of questions leave you dumbstruck... like: "How old were you on your last birthday" when both of us went "UUmmmm....." and forgot how old we are. Not how old each other were, how old we are ourselves! All the good stuff, like each others full names, birthdays etc we were ok with (And Yorkie went first and STILL remembred my details without prompting! A rare skill in a man I t

Ann Summers Catalogue 56 launch

WWOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo! Ann Summers Catalogue Launch! Hee hee hee - talk about having a laugh! Here's some of the girls. If I ever get more photos from the others I'll stick um on. We were supposed to dress up for the occasion in Mardi Gras / Carnival costumes... and turn up in Stoke for the day! ACK! You should have seen the funny looks we got! 100s of Ann Summers girls in various states of undress!

OMG I can' believe it - England won a match!

hee hee hee - Guess i shouldn't be so harsh. We aren't the worst team in the world by a long shot, but I am some what doubtful of our chances of going all the way. I mean, look at the way we played! Our only goal was an own goal (fortunatly to our benifit), and once again, after taking an early lead we sat and did nothing. It was a dull match. I KNOW that it's pointless to ware out our best players early on etc, and we need to save their legs for the later, harder, more important matches, but it smacked (yet again) of Sven testing out his squad. Surely that should have been done BEFORE settling on them and flying off to Germany! And when will we stop getting hourly updates on the "no news about Rooney" front! Im sick of this, tournament after tournament we "rely" on just one punter to save England's day and bring glory. And it's not just football, take the Rugby Union Internationals... as soon as Jonny Wilkinson got injured we were fecked! WHY OH

Seeing dad... last time this year??

My dad's moving to France on Tuesday. he's actually going. Leaving the country. Only coming back for occasional holidays etc. it's strange. He and Fay came over yesterday and took me and Yorkie fishing for the day. We had a lovely day too... 62 fish between us (I only caught a shameful 6, but my mind was else where and my hands were covered in insect-repelants sun screen which the fish don't like). The sun was scortching and I have discovered that there is one bit up my upper arm that i always seem to miss with the sun lotion (wont be doing that again - OUCH!) Dad is feeling bad about going, and bad about looking forward to it. He managed not to ask what he has asked in the past; do i feel like he is abandoning me "again", but did say often that he will be only a phone call and a plane ride away if I need him, if there is some emergancy etc. He was close to tears a lot through out the day. I'm not sure how I am dealing with it. I think, in my own head, I a

Bon Jovi Weekend

Well I've had a brilliant weekend! Went over to Jacquie's on Saturday morning (minus my feller who chickened out at the last minute), we had the Bon Jovi consert to go to on sunday at the City of Manchester Stadium. Saturday was fun, it wasn't far off lunch time when i arrived, and the sun was beaming down on us. Typical as I had forgotten to bring the sun cream I had bought Yorkie. As he was off work all weekend I was going to borrow it. So me and Jacs and the girls headed to Boots so I cold buy some sun cream and sun glasses, and then went for a pub lunch. The local brewers fayre has a great out door play area so Caitlin and Mia had a good play while we had a catch up. We'd left David at home to clean up (he's well trained that one :op ) and prepare the back garden for a BBQ. I still manged to get a sun burn though, my arms and chest are singed! Caitlin made me laugh so much though... the things she comes out with! She was asking me how old I was, so I told her.

Official Ann Sumers Party

How shattered am I??? The answer??? SERIOUSLY FECKING SHATTERED!!!! Tonight was my first Ann Summers party for some one that wasn't me or a friend / family member in 8 years! I had forgotten how stressful it is when you first get back into it. It really shouldn't be, and it wont be again once I get myself sorted out. And by that I mean, once I've got a few parties under my belt and I have built up both my conidence and my demonstration kit. I fell like I sucked.... I think I really bombed it.... When I go there the hostess was lovely enough, but she warned me that the people she had invited were a bit shy and would probably only buy PJ. And that many of them had been to an Ann Summer's party else where not too long ago so probably wouldn't bother to book another. What she didn't tell me was that her party should have been held by someone else as a result of that original party. You see, if Girl A books a party she is entered into something called "Hostess B