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Hen & Stag Do's

Still ages off I know, but if we know what we want we can work out affording it! I want a silly girls night out in Blackpool. I never do anything cheesy and just this once I'd like to go out and be utterly girly and pink! I've been looking at this site: Blackpool Hen Parties , but I'm wondering if I can wangle it cheaper "per hen" by organising it myself rather than go through a 3rd party as it is currently suggesting £68.00 EACH to go to hire a limo, go to funny girls and see a strip show, and that's before getting into the Flying Handbag and Flamingo club... Yorkie, on the other hand, wants a weekend doing Field Archery in Ireland!! Impressive yes? So I sent out an email on his behalf as I could find NOTHING to fit his critira on the web: Hello I am looking to book a stag trip to N Ireland next year in June. Can you recommend any where that 6 to 10 people could try out field archery for a weekend? And any accommodation near by? Thanks Mark And this is the re

Progress and Provisional Bookings

OK, so I've not posted on this blog for a bit, but things have been moving on! Mum has provisionally booked the caterer: Diane's Catering And has sent me info on cars: A1 Wedding Cars and Champagne Carriages AND flowers: Going Dutch There's not much to see on Diane's web site (maybe I should offer my services??) but I am quite taken with some of the cars and flowers! This is the car I like best at the moment, it's from Champagne Carriages, and yes, it's green! Might as well carry on the theme which has been sprung on me! I wasn't hugely impressed by GoingDutch, but I have found these people: Perfect Petals I want white lillies, with ivy, and this is pretty close to what I want, and what's more they have a photo of the kind of thing I want doing with our cake! I want three layers to the cake; fruit at the bottom, then sponge, and chocolate as the top layer, with lilies and ivy flowing down the side, combining these two styles on an otherwise undecorated

Urghhhh! "Keeper"

Right, I just saw this advertised on TV, and I am feeling quite ill now! I guess it serves me right for having Big Brother Live on the telly while I sit here tapping away on the keys of the laptop. The "keeper" is an environmentaly friendly alternative to sanitary towels and tampons. It is a rubber cup you shove up yourself during your period, then wash and put away till next time. You can keep it for upto 10 years. Don't believe me?? Check out the site! Personally I can see SERIOUS problems with this, starting with it simply being grim, and ending in the serious risk of Toxic Shock. I mean, how can you be sure it's clean? Put it in the dish washer?? I am happy in the thought that tampons are cotton and will bio-degrade! Bring back the adverts for NADS for women ! Much more savory to think about Ingrow Cream for NADS (sorry that should be "from NADS")

Red Head!

Here's me with my new red hair! I like being a red head and I do it from time to time. This is the fourth time I have gone ginger! And this time it's pretty much the colour I wanted! First time was a 1 day wash in wash out effort when I was about 13 on holiday and you could hardly see it Second time I was about 15 using a tempory wella mouse thing and while I looked brilliant while I was keeping it up, it turned my hair pink when i tried to wash it out Third time I was 18 at Uni and I had all my lovely long hair chopped off, dyed copper with gold streaks, but it came out bright orange with yellow stripes and I looked like a fat version of the girl from Fifth Element. This time I used the same dye kit I use for my blonde hair but in this Morello Cherry with Copper Red. I wish I had put a few more streeks in it, but i was a little shy of getting it horribly wrong. I shouldn't have worried, I have been blonding up my naturally dark blond hair with this stuff for years and I k

Winge... A pain in the ear and a pain in the arse!

I am in SO much pain! It's just typical for me that while I was totally deaf in my left ear I wasn't feeling any pain in it. Now that I have partical hearing I also have the most unbearable pain... it's constant, throbbing, aching, and reaching all the way down the left side of my face! I am living off my anti-biotics (just one left!), nasal spray and nurofen! I got NO sleep last night because of the pain and I am generally feeling grotty. But life goes on, the good and the bad. Had a spat with Yorkie early in the week. He got a cob on because I agreed to let me dad come round on one of Yorkie's days off. He reckons I hadn't "run it by him" when I clearly had 2 days earlier. It's not my fault he only ever half listens when I talk and is incapable of making a desision. Apparently it was "wrong" of me to make plans on his day off - which according to him I do all the time. When I asked him when I did this, he had to go back WEEKS to the weekend

Hard Graft

I've not been well. Really really not been well. I have some kindof horrible cold virus which I was dealing with well enough until Friday, when I lost the hearing in my left ear. Which still has not come back (with the exeption of about 25min yesterday morning when it came back to tease me) . Iam full of flem and nastiness, I can't sleep in bed for coughing and have been sleeping on the settee propped up to stop myself from drowning on the green lumpy slime that seems to have built up in side me. It's nasty..... But I still have a living to make, and no sick pay coming, so I have had to keep on working. I took Saturday off and on sunday made the mistake of checking my emails.... SO MUCH WORK HAD BACKED UP! So I had a new reason for not being able to sleepand started slugging away in the early evening. I finished half an hour ago (oh, and I did get a couple of hours sleep in too). The one thing that took the most time, and which I am fairly proud of, is the "fashion sho

Jacs & Leigh

Made the mistake of not taking my camera today. Really should have done, Mia and Caitlin are getting more beautiful every time I see them! Had a lovely day with Jacquie. I got there late, partly because after dropping Yorkie at work I had to go home again because I had forgotten Jacquie's Ann Summers order, and partly because once I got to Warrington I got lost - again. It's somethingof a tradition now, but at least I only took a wrong turn TWICE this time, I think I'll get it right next time, lol! It started off being a beautiful day, sun shinning and all that, so we walked into town with Mia in the pram and enjoyed the sun. Naturally, I got burned. Don't I always! After a quick look round town we meet up with a work friend of Jac's called Leigh who is coming to the Bon Jovi concert with us next month. She seems really nice and we got on pretty well, even managed to avoid those awkward silences when Jacs wasn't with us. We had lunch at a Weatherspoons (which w

I'd never been in a police van before!

It started off as a pleasent enough day... Jen was throwing a birthday lunch for her son Adam's first birthday. I'd said over the weekend that I would go, but that Yorkie was at work. On monday he told m he was actually off Tue and Thu of this week, so he could ocme with me after all. Although he pouted about going, demanding to know who else was there and informing me he "could have done with a nap".... Grr But anyway, we went. He was miffed about us walking across Lancaster to go when we have a perfectly good car, but Jen had said that there would be wine for the adults and I fancied joining in with a drink and had put aside a bottle of Merlot to take with me. So knackers to him, I was going, I was having a drink while I was there, and to hell with his mood! Typically when we got there there were plenty of people that Yorkie knew, not just mums and babies (HA! Told him so!) Infact, shortly after we arrived Mark turned up too. Most of the family stayed in doors, the

Going to the ZOO!!!!!

Went here: Dad and Fay came over for the day on Sunday, bringing the usual assortment of random gubbins with them, like a roll of backing paper for decorating (we're not doing any) 2 rolls of christmas wrapping paper (to put on the walls after the backing paper???) and an in car air conditioning unit (???). But they did also lend mye their pasta maker as they are not going to be needing it while they are living in te Dandy Trailer Tent all summer waiting for their house to be built in France, so it'll be fresh pasta a go go for a while here, yum yum. And a bee arial topper for my car (hee hee hee) But the best part of the day was being taken to the zoo! Something I have wanted to do for YEARS and not been able to talk Yorkie into going, he says he can "take or leave" zoo, but after this trip he seems to have changed his mind. Appart from being gutted that there were no Elephants, he suggested going again, and also going to OTHER zoos

Silent Hill Saturday

Yorkie has the weekend off, and just for once, we're DOING STUFF! HOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Mark called up on Friday night asking if Yorkie wanted to do anything that didn't involve a pub (this is shocking - normally they only ever see each other in the boozer!) so they made plans for the four of us (me and yorkie, mark and gemma) to go to the cinema and watch the Silent Hill movie on saturday. (this too is stunning as I have been begging yorkie to go to the cinema with me for months to not avail). So Sat morning I drove into town on the hunt for a multi-tap for the playstation so that me, yorkie and mark could play multiplayers until gemma finished work, and i was to collect mark from sainsbury's while I was there. Foolishly I ended up buying a multi-tap that was PS2 "slimline" only.... soit didn't work. Not my fault! The box just said PS2, the"slimline only" was in small print on the back of the box, so I forfit my gameplay and baked instead like a go

Days of monotany

I'm a seriously fed up wee lassie. My days are just running into one another with little to no differnce between them. It's my own fault. I knew that starting a home business as my one and only employment would cause problems like this, although I thought I would handle it better. My days have fallen into one single format - with the only exception being Yorkie's days off work, and Sundays when I ferry Yorkie round at different times. 7am, get up have a wee and a wash. 7.15am, power up the PCs and check all my emails 8am, drive Yorkie to work 9am, call in at post office on way home and post off orders, or get home and do quick housework jobs 9.30, check emails again, reply where nessessary, send of required responces 10am, start work on web sites and eBay 12pm, remember that I have missed breakfast and that's why I'm starving. Have lunch at my desk (why?? I'm at HOME!). 12.30, return to work - or if work is done for the day, play sims 5pm, collect Yorkie from wo

Star Wars Day

According to Chris Moyles on BBC Radio One, today is "Star Wars Day", May the 4th be with you, lol! it's daft I know, but driving home from Yorkie off at work this morning I had to laugh out loud listening to that! So, in honour of Star Wars (and the Radio 1 Breakfast show), here's some Star Wars stuff:

Britain 'needs compulsory voting' - EHHHH????

I just had to make a comment on this. I saw it on BBC Breakfast this morning and I am disgusted! Forcing people to vote??? Now, I understand that people have died to bring the vote to the general poplation, not least women. I am greatful for the right and the opportunity to vote.... and the right to choose not to if I see fit. My dad has - in the past - always told me that to not vote os awful, especially since he himself was a local counciller when I was a child, but even HE chose not to cast a vote in the last election. The reason why? THERE IS NO ONE WORTH VOTING FOR! I could never vote for the Labour Party. I am a former student, and their "wonderful idea" of charging a fortune for education leaves me seething. Now, if you want a good education, you have to either be rich to start with so mummy and daddy pay for you to go, or you can end up in so much debt that you will never EVER be free of it, or you can't have one at all and you and your children end up with only a