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More grumpy husband...

Seriously.... I've just been banned from watching soaps in the evening because he's getting that wound up by the story lines! I'm still catching up after Christmas and just been watching Corrie post Tyrone and Psycho-Kirstys wedding, she's in the hosp saying HE hit HER etc. And Mark is shouting at the telly and so on until he declares that I can't watch them because even listening winds him up. Shesh.... Yay for ITVPlayer and my iPad. Tucked up in bed watching in peace.

Hubby is struggling...

Poor fella. I do feel sorry for him. On the days that we both work there's about an hour - probably less - where he is alone with all 3 kids after my mum has gone home and before I get in. In that hour chaos reigns. When I got back today, before I had even locked the car up, I could hear him yelling at the kids, and I could hear Tom howling and Georgie screaming....... At least Jack was being quiet. So I go in and find Tom on the Naughty Step, Georgie in his high chair refusing to touch his dinner, Jack quietly playing his DS and my hubby having a melt down in the kitchen trying to cook for everyone else. I lift Georgie up and go to give him a milk feed since I'm sure that's all he wants before he settles for his dinner, I give Jack a cuddle and kiss and praise him for being quiet and calm, then recovered Tom from the naughty step and give all 3 a love as they start to calm down. But then Jack is told off for having his DS since he'd been put on a technology ban e

The New Routine

It seems to be taking the family a while to settle in to my return to work. The family. Not me. Georgie is suddenly unsettled at bed time. He's crying every time he's put down in is bed, crying in the night, and will only be settled by me. Tom has started wanting more and more snuggles too, I think he got used to me being home again. And Jack is pushing and pushing his boundaries (although that's his age, not me being back at work). But some else who "should" be ok but isn't is my dear dear hubby! 3 days I've been at work. 1 of those days my mum had the kids. So he's had the kids for two days, one Friday and one Monday. He has panicked, fretted, tantrumed, and not got a fraction of the daily housework done. The place is a bigger mess than usual and I think he's planning on selling the kids in to slavery - along with the cat - if they upset him any more. Safe to say he's not cut out to be a stay at home dad now we have 3 to worry about!

Tom's first proper day at nursery

Aww... Dropped my second son off at Appleblossom this morning for his first full day. He didn't want me to go and got a bit clingy, but I think its only because he was the only kid there that early. It took 10 mins for him to settle in before I could say bye and slip out. I'm sure he'll be fine now though. He's been really excited about going and seeing his friends again so I doubt there will be any problems. He'll forget about 'wanting mummy' as soon as his friends arrive too. So, with Tom there, Jack at school, and Mark at work, its just me and George today until 3pm! Bliss! --- All kids home and safely tucked into bed. Tom had a good day! He brought home some paintings and told me all about playing with a big golden drum! Success!

First day back at work

It wasn't as bad as it could have been. Work it self is fine. I hated leaving the kids though. Esp little Georgie. I knew Jack & Tom would be fine, they are both used to mummy working, but it was all new for Georgie. I held off the tears though. It's a big help that we are all used to my going out in the morning to take Jack to school, so I avoided having a crying baby as mummy walked out of the house. I just didn't come back till gone 5pm! I only called once to check if everything was ok. And it was. Funniest thing about the day was the look on Georgies face when he first saw me with my make up on, hair done, and glasses on... Took him a while to be convinced that this woman was still his mummy. He was all wide eyes and intrigue. He gave me the same look when I got home, until I leaned over to give him a kiss and then he KNEW I was mummy and just had to be picked up for a snuggle and cuddle. I wasn't allowed to put him own again for an hour, and even when I

Back to work tomorrow

Seems like no time since I packed up my desk to start maternity leave. I'm back to work tomorrow. Got my box of stuff packed (including photo of kids, kidston mug & tea pot, and my breast pump!) Just have to add my lunch in the morning. I've spent the day cleaning up. Kitchen & bathroom are fit (enough) for my mum coming over to childmind. Hubby & eldests uniforms are washed. Since its Twelth Night hubby has taken the tree and decs down. It's all very sobering. While in looking forward to being around adults again I am going to miss my kids terribly. I've never been apart from George for more than 3hrs and its going to be hard leaving with Jack - who I am dropping off at school - in the morning. Mascara might be a bad idea... But its not like I haven't done this 'first day back' thing before. It's no easier 3rd time round, but I do know everything will be ok. It still makes me sad though. I was fine until today and now it seems real I'

New Years Resolutions

I didn't make any last year.... So that bit is easy, lol! I do have some for this year though. Lets get the usual dross out of the way first: * Lose weight. Georgie is almost 9m old and I am still flabby n saggy. I know we want one more baby so there is little point dreaming of abs of steel etc but I'd like to drop a couple of stone (again) * Save money for the Summer Holiday. Target is £500 plus food money. £300 stashed already * Clear the Clutter. 5 of us and the cat in this house, one day there'll be another baby. Need to make some space! * Start saving for the Next Big Thing: if we're going to have 4 kids one day then we need a bigger car and a bigger house ( car first while the kids are small ), can't afford either just now. Parents have offered to put in for the car. House needs doing up before I can sell it. Time to start saving. This years target: £1000+

Our Christmas 2012 - Georgie's 1st

It's been a lovely Christmas (apart from Jack & George both being sick on Christmas Eve, and my total sleep deprivation over the festive period which is starting to catch up with me now), the kids seem to have everything they wanted - and then some :) We did the usual Christmas Eve and Morning at Nana's, Christmas Dinner at Aunty Jenny's, Christmas Night at D-Dads, and Boxing Day at Grandmas. We also managed to see all the other aunts, uncles, and cousins, had all of the 2012 babies ( our George, and Harry & Amelia ) play together, squeeze in Uncle Lee's 18th, and make it home for New Year. I didn't get any where near as many photos as I wanted to get but we do have enough chocolate to open our own tuck shop! I don't think Georgie had the first clue what was going on most of the time, but he did enjoy the pretty lights, the chocolate ( which might have a lot to do with the sicky bouts and broken sleep ), and the massive amount of snuggles and cuddles