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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Every One!! This is my tiny little pumpkin - it's just fits into both my hands.... isn't it sweet?? We've only got a tiny one because there's only two of us, and I wasn't about to throw out all that pumpkin flesh (yummy) and if we'd had a huge one we wouldn't have been able to eat it all before we got sick of it, lol! I've stuffed up though, and over strached my self work-wise; I didn't go to the shop and get any pic-n-mix for the kiddies coming trick-or-treating! Doom! I might just give them fruit! It's better for them, not as much fun I know, but you can't have everything. To be honest though I'm not having the greatest time of it at the moment. My head is all over the place, I can't sleep, and this morning I found myself crying for no reason what so ever. I just feel stressed and over tired. Now, like I said in my last post, I know I suffer from depression in the winter months. I know that'

Mini Me!

Awwww...... Isn't she SWEET! This is a "me" I made at : and I am very impressed with her. Not sure what I'll do with it, but hey, it was fun to make. Am feeling a little off at the moment. The lack of sun is affecting me badly, and Yorkie's ill too, so the mood in the house is less than brilliant. I'll get back into the habit of posting soon I imagin, but right now I don't have a whole lot to say. I'm in a grump and a sulk with the world in general, but I'll snap out of it soon. I promise!

An ok day

I'm feeling a little odd right now. I have time to kill, and no inclimation to do anything productive with it. So here I am, lol! It's not that I've not had a busy day, because I have: Took Yorkie to work Came home, sorted out work stuff Went to Morecambe Took orders to post office - had natter with girls in there Went to weight watchers (got my 10% target award, and offered a "job" as helper. As a helper I got in early, leave late, and get my membership fee paid for me!) Had lunch with Gemma Did some shopping for the house and some Christmas present shopping (early I know, but I need to pace my spending) Did the food shop Came home, sorted out all my WW online stuff Picked Yorkie up from work And now..... Well, he's in the bath, debating with him self whether or not he is feeling up to seeing some of our freinds tonight. Both Gemma, and then Lelly, have invited us round tonight. Chances are we'd all end up at Lelly and Coop's. I told them both it woul

Some people are just nasty

And for no reason at all.... Get this eBay customer I have at the moment. He's a new member (I wont show his user name), and he's really getting on my tits, even though I am being very nice to him: Orginal Auto-Generated Message, sent when I had been waiting two weeks for payment: An Unpaid Item dispute has been opened for the following item: URBAN WAR - PUBLICATIONS - ISSUE "3" (#8700241372) Reason given for Unpaid Item: The buyer has not paid for the item. Buyer actions reported by seller: Other reason. *Note: "Other Reason", I can put "No Contact" "Refuses To Pay" and any number of other reasons, but as at one point I was contacted to say payment had been sent, I was nice. Customer: I have already paid for this item using check or money order. Payment details are as follows: Check number: ********** Amount: £6.00 Payee: charlotte oaks Payment date: 07-Oct-2005 I don't know if this check has been cashed. Additional comments: i have

Mum's Will

Well, well, well...... I know I didn't mention this before - I was going to jot down in a couple of days that I had been to Burnley to see mum on some official business, but I didn't think for a moment that this "official business" would be this BIG!!!! I OWN MY HOUSE! No, I mean, I REALLY own my house! It's in my name! Or it will be in a few days once the paper work is all finalised. I thought I was just going down to be there while she up-dated her will (So that I don't have to go and live with my God Parents in the event of her death. I have nothing but love for my God Parents, but I think I'm I little old to need them to give me a place to live now), but no, as well as that there was much discussion about who to leave her house to (my children), who to give money to (me & my kids), and the signing over of my house (to ME)!!!!! I can't believe it! This means that - apart from owning the house - Mum finally sees me as a responsible adult, one whi

Seeing Dad

This is my Dad! (the one on the right, lol, on the left is Fay my step-mum) Well, we went to Leeds yesterday, and from there went to York for the afternoon, and then I had to drive home again from Leeds, so I was too tired to post it last night. We had a pretty nice day. Dad only showed himself up a small amount (the kind you can ignore, espeically since i's just the same old stuff that he's saying). He LOVES his birthday prez from me and Yorkie though, and told me all about how he's wanted a go in a glider all him life - GOOD! That's why I bought it after all. It's nice to see he'll enjoy it though. York was nice. We went to Dad's fave All-You-Can-Eat Chinese, so my diet is shot through again, but I guess it was worth it for his birthday (which actually isn't until Wednesday, but we can't see him on the day). Fay told me some very worrying things though, about Dad. Nothing to do with the vast array of illnesses he swears he has, more to do with the

More Dreams.....

I don't know why, but just lately I have been having the most vivid dreams! Last night I was dreaming that I was pregnant, and very close to giving birth. In fact, in my dream, my waters broke, but the baby didn't come. I was supposed to go to the hospital, but I felt so laid back about it that I didn't bother.... Again, thanks to the alarm clock, I never got to the end of the dream, but it's so strange! I don't remember dreaming the night before, but the night before that, the one thing I remember about my dream is that the woman I was talking to in a pub had a huge python curled up on the back of her chair - her pet it would seem. DREAM MOODS SAYS: Pregnant To dream that you are pregnant, symbolizes an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life that is growing and developing. You may not be ready to talk about it or act on it. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal. Python To see a python in your dream, represents


EMail from Andrea about last nights meeting with Glenn: Well, Glenn made me an offer I can't refuse and I start back the week after next !!!! Went out for a chinese in the end and after lots of discussion about how he will still be in business for years to come, what plans he has, and that he isn't going to do a runner with all his money, I agreed to come back........ON MY TERMS AND CONDITIONS LOL Think Clive and Glenn had been cooking it up between them cos they had both been talking last weekend seemingly. So, no hidden agenda's, Just wanted someone to run the office in his absence. Reckons things are on the up ! Got to rush cos taking Adam out. Speak to you soon. Andrea ( I am in MM on Tuesday) The words "stunned", "shocked" and (if I'm honest) "horrified" come to mind! Don't get me wrong, I'm glad we aren't all sacked (sort of glad anyway), but I thought Andrea was happy in her new job. I know she's said the people she w

Is this my last day?

Well, here I am, sat in the MM office with nothing to do. Actually, that's not true, I have a lot to do, I have saved up work especially for today as I have planned to be here all day so I can go to the bank at 2.15, and see Andrea when she comes in after her other job. But - and this is a very big but, possibly the biggest but since I officialy left Glenns emplyment - today I find that he has changed the passwords on both eBay and PayPal so that not only can I not pack anything that has sold, but I cannot make any new listings. That is what i had planned for today - to finish making the new Trust listings, and to make a full set of new Logic 3 listings. That would easily take up the whole day and then some. When I discovered that I could not log on to either site today I called him. Mobile off, called fest, not there. Got his home number. He answered, admitted that he had changed the passwords (after some ums and erms). I asked for them and he "coldn't rememeber" wha

Giant spiders in my kitchen floor!

Ohh! I had a NASTY dream last night! Really, really horrid! In this dream we were having the kitchen done out, and as part of this the floor had been taken up. This is not likely as the celler is directly blow our kitchen, but it's a dream, so hey. In the bit where I start to remember the dream I am stood in the kitchen, just inside the door, looking towards the back door (where for some reason we are thinking about having a down stairs toilet installed - also not likey. There's no where like enough room, in my dream my kitchen is the same as real life, but bigger). The floor between me and the back door has been removed and there is a lot of rubble and torn up floor boards scattered about. Very messy. Then I see it - in the rubble, on the front-room-wall side of the kitchen. A MASSIVE BLACK SPIDER! It's running away from me along the edge of the wall, and then scuttles off towards the back door. I think, ok, so long as it's running AWAY from me, that's ok. I can co

Yorkie's Birthday!

Hee hee hee! He'll kill me if he ever sees this photo! Look at that charming mug... my future husband! I would like to point out he didn't know I was going to take this photo! And he's 34 today! Bless! Poor old man! He's not felt like doing much today either. I don't think he's into birthdays much. He did like the prezzies though. I bought him Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - new movie AND old TV shows - on DVD. Mum gave him £25.00 in the card she gave me yesterday too. His mum called him, and my dad sent him a card and called him too. We were thinking about going to the cinema tonight, but there was nothing on that we wanted to see in Lancaster or Morecambe, and he didn't feel like going to Blackpool or Preston to see a film, so we snuggled up with Hitch Hikers instead, after a good long day of Guild Waring. At least he's a cheap date! Happy Birthday Baba!

Wedding Fair

What a LOVELY day!!! I've had such a nice time! Seeing Jaquie was great. She brought Mia with her (one kid was enough for David to cope with all day I think, lol) and she was a little sweetheart all day, so good and quiet! You'd hardly know she was there. Jacs gave me a photo of her to add to my growing collection on "my mates kids" photos! Towneley was heaving with people, but we got round just about everything anyway. Mum intriduced me to a lass called Zhara who showed me and Jacs round persoanlly and talked my wedding over with me, showed me the rooms it would happen in, explained the lay out, and recommended a good caterer, and suggested that a band would be better than a DJ (which is what I would prefer anyway). I think we might have embarased mum by laughing at in in-appropriate moment; a guy tapped Zhara on the back, and told he he's have to pop out for a moment to drop his bollard, and me and Jacs where in fits! When we finally found Allen (mum's mate

Google yourself!

Pinched the idea from: Search for your birth town, your home town, your name, your grandmothers name, your fave food, your fave drink, fave song and fave smell.... and then share it! Top idea, loads of fun!

Better today - apart from the 15yo!

Ahh, I'm feeling better today! I've had some nice chats with some friends online - not the same as going out and seeing people, but it's not bad :0) Good news is that Angie has not quit uni! So proud of her for sticking to it this time. She's made some good friends and seems to have settled in ok now, so I can stop worrying about her now. I've signed up for this new message thingie, which has 3D avatars on it. Seems quite sweet, but I hardly know any one who uses it. The down side is that any one can ask to talk to you, even people you don't know. And guess what - as always happens to me, I end up chatting to a guy who want to show me his DICK! And get this - he's 15!!!!!!!!! How many ways can i say NO! Apart from the fact that I have a feller and I'm getting married - HE'S 15! AND I'M NOT A PEDDIE! Quickly blocked him. I don't care how oftern he called me a "cool adult" for not "freaking out", it's not happening! Why


I don't know what's up with me to day. I am SOOOO board! And yet I can't seem to drag myself off to do anything, and now it's too late in the day as I'll be picking Yorkie up in half an hour. It's not like I've not done ANYTHING all day.... I went to my WW meeting this morning (another 2lb, by the way, that's more than a stone now), had a nice time there. I've been to the bank and the post office and out some fuel in the car..... Not riviting is it? I've been playing Sims 2 most of the afternoon, but I even got fed up with that after a while. I know there are things that need to be done - I have washing to do and the kitchen to tidy, new shower curtain to put up, but nne of that is fun either! I've been onto the WW messageboards, but there aren't many people on, so there's not much to talk about. I think I'm just feeling sorry for myself really. I have a headache too. I quite fancy the idea of having a long hot bath with my book,