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Progress :D (Jack in TOP BUNK!)

Well I can check a few more jobs off the list! Mark finally managed to fix the bunks and Jack is in the top one now, been almost an hour and no screaming or tumbling from great heights as of yet so I'm feeling hopeful (there's even a thunderstorm rolling about but not a muff from the kids). Jack was asking for me to bring Tom in to share his room as I said night night to him :oD Think it'll be a few nights yet before I stick um both in there! I've managed to sort the cloth nappies and vac-pac the larger ones for later. The smaller ones are in the Tidy ready to be washed closer to my due date. Really wish we could sort the big dresser in the boys room (it's musty, don't know how to shift the smell) then I could move Tom's clothes out of the nursery and in to there, but it will have to wait until the better weather I think :o( This thread gave me a few ideas to try (and a chuckle):

78 days till my due date and....

O_o 78 days till my due date and I am already packed n ready to go! Baby bag done, hosp bag done... All I'll need to buy on the Big Day is some chocolate and diet lemonade to tide me over between meals. Think I may have gone a little over board with organisation this time. Still... these things need to be done sometime and I'm working till less than 2 weeks before due date so why not now? Nursery is sorted (aside from Tom still being in there), the crib is up and in our room (finally), just need to get those bunks sorted (tomorrow???? Prob weekend), get the boys settled into sharing that room, and buy new mattresses for the crib n basket, and we'll be ready! Just bits of washing to do then... No great stress :)


It's been a busy weekend! Yesterday I finished vac-packing the kids clothes that fit currently fit neither of them (but will soon fit either Tom or Smudge), and I put the crib up - only to find it wont fit in our bedroom until the drawers have been moved so it's staying in the nursery for a bit. We also took delivery of our new dishwasher. Today I've done a tip run, bought more vac-pac bags, and tried to get some of the bits Mark needs from Screwfix, only they didn't have exactly what we needed. I've emptied the drawers in our room and Mark has mended them, but they cant be moved until the filler-foam has set in the gap he found round the window........ that had better be today or we have no where to sleep! All the drawers and their contents plus the telly are on our bed! Meantime he is trying to mend the old teak drawers in Jack's room - which will soon be Jack & Tom's room so we need use of the larger set of drawers asap. The bits from Screwfix wou

Change Bag!

Ooooo! Look at this: The lovely lady at  Oh Sew Fine Design  made this for me after I saw some similar bags in her ebay shop. It's exactly what I wanted, and so nicely made. I have already packed it with the things Smudge will need at the hospital! Just wanted to share....

Growth Scan & GD Clinic

My scan was great! Smudge is still normal size for now (but so was Tom at this stage) and I got a pic I need to scan in. GD clinic was a real result.... the consultant (who is a cow and not meant to see me her self any more after the way she handled my second preg) came to see me herself to say that not only are my blood sugars perfectly normal, but also by the current standards used to gauge GD, I never had it in the first place! AHAHHAHAAA! I bloody knew it! I've said it all along! So now I only have to go back one more time in 5 weeks for a last growth scan and last GD clinic and - assuming baby and I are fine - they'll sign me off the clinic! (watch me go over due now


You know, I haven't had my SAD too badly these last few years. Or at least it doesn't seem like it at the moment. Right now, though.... right now I feel awful. I actually cried in Asda today when Jack had a total meltdown tantrum. There are other things on my mind at the same time which aren't helping, like: The job situation: The potential buyers are due a meeting at our office today. I'm glad I'm not there to be honest (although I'll be FBing Tamlyn later today to see how it went). They may or may not carry on with the purchase now we have lost so many important contracts, if they don't where does that leave the company? If they do buy us, is their any point in them keeping our office open? Jack's Behaviour: I love my kids, I really do, but right now Jack is driving me crazy. It's not all his fault - far from it - he's bored and restless, so he's acting up. Constantly... When it's not winter I take the boys to parks and let them

Using Drupal

There is one thing to be said for the work situation I find myself in... I'm being forced to update my skills. The 'potential' new company (if it gets going) might be/prob will be using Drupal. So it's about time I learned to use it. I might even be able to make a bit of money doing some web design while I'm waiting to get a new job / new co gets going. Drupal: I'm playing around with my own site, with some considerable set up help from my friend Simon, and so far I think it's ok. I pine after html and css but I can still use it, prob better once I get my head around the whole thing! I've been playing with it all weekend and think I'll be ok to get the new co web site running off it tomorrow. Wanna see?

Soooo depressing!

This is like working in a morgue, only with fewer jokes. We're not looking good. At the moment we could either be sold then shipped about or shut down, or we can simply go bust. There is a slim chance of our jobs being safe but let's face it... In our current 'economic climate'? I'm not holding my breath. Most if my co workers are looking for other jobs and having interviews already. I'm not to lucky. No one will interview someone who will be on mat leave in 3 months time... It's too late to get another job without telling them I'm duffed (not that I would, or could even hide it) because I am past the 'notify your boss' stage. At best I can hope for some redunancy money. At worst, I will be pregnant/have new baby, and unemployed. I can't afford not to be earning! The bills come out of my account and I need it to stay that way. I need regular money going into that account. So what can I do? I can't get a new job, and a can't afford

Bad day :(

So the boss called me in to see him today. We've lost the Parks which is a real kick. He's selling up remember and we're only worth the value of our contracts. The people who won the parks off us are asking for the tupe details of the staff, and he wants to include me in those staff. I have the best exp of the parks in the office and I still have a hand in the workings. But I don't want to go to a new cleaning firm as part of the parks bundle! I hate the parks! He thinks they'll make me redundant first chance they get too! To him this is a good thing for me coz I'm preg and will get a good settlement... I'd rather have a job thanks! His alternative was I stay where I am, but also says I'll prob be made redundant when the new owners take over! No mention of his new IT based co, the one I want to work for, doing something I enjoy, something I'm trained for... The one I have ALREADY been going work for! So do I take it that he doesn't want me in

Midwife at Firbank

Went to see the middy this aft. All seems to be ok... My BP was fine, nothing unexpected in my pee, babys HB was good n strong, and I seem to be measuring 100% spot on... For now Middy was asking about my GD, I have clinic again on the 18th. She asked if I'd had the GTT this time but I haven't. She was sure I should have / will have one I hope not. I hated it last time and my blood sugars have been so far. Oh well... Growth scan in 2 weeks, guess we'll see from there.


On a whim I had a look on Argos at the pushchair we want for Smudge. I've had my heart set on the M&P Ora since I still have my M&P Aria Twin for when Smudge is small (travel system so ideal for us on past exp.)  Reduced to £99.99! but out of stock for delivery. And our local store. And the 10 nearest. Tried near mums.... same  Gutted Then one of my Jenny popped up on FB and suggested I tried near her. 1 left.........! She said to res it, and she would pick up n pay tomorrow, pay her back when ever! (which I will on pay day in 2 weeks) She often goes visiting folk near my mums (Ash to be used to live near by my mums) so will ask mum to store it for me till we need it!  Chuffed to bits! First proper baby purchase!!! And all thanks to my lovely in-laws <3

Christmas 2011 & New Year

:oD It has been lovely, the kids have loved it! Ok, so there has been some illness (Tom still suffering tail end of what ever that bug was so either in with us at night or screaming his head off, me being sick xmas morn, then both Jenny & Ash coming down with some gastric yuck between xmas & nye) but generally it has been fun! Christmas eve and morning with my Mum, then the drive over to Yorkshire for dinner with Jenny & Ash, buffet tea at Dave & Dee's with their kids, boxing day at Rachel & Garry's with their kids, Bob, Rach & Ben, Kate & David, and Clare with her feller (Meggie was with her dad)... we called in on folks again through the week and chucked in a trip to Rother Valley County Park, and a Brewers Fare (for the play area and yummy coffee), before heading back to mums for one more night and home for New Years Eve... I'm shattered after all the driving, but its always wonderful to see the family and I'm always sad to come home a