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Quick update - bitchiness a go go

Lynn demanded to know why I wasn't working for "them" (me) 5 days a week, not just 3. I said that was all they had on offer for now. And I liked working for Glenn and no one else who could run the internet for him just now. Phew.... lying on my feet is becoming second nature now. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing..... Glenns been in a funny mood all day today. Not chatty at all, even though he'd been to play chess all weekend (won some, lost to the masters, heehee). I was almost glad of neils visit just to have a conversation! (almost!) Although he does keep offering to pick my lunch up for me. So I guess what ever has pissed him off, it's not me. So I officialy don't care! HA! Roy is still pissing me off in the most amazing way - it's the only thing he's any good at. Today I was a "bitch" for being right that he would need a larger jiffi bag to send his mag covers back. I don't understand how! I preteneded not to hear anything h
Well... I did a full day at MM today - first one in ages. And it was ok. The morning was hellish while I turned over in my head what I was going to say to Glenn. After all, by the start od April my own business will be trading properly, and I can't keep taking days off MM to do BH stuff. At lunch time I bit the bullet. I went and got us both lunch and then sat in Andrea's chair (Andrea's desk faces Glenn, and since she's on holiday it was free). Here's how I span it: "I've been offered another job" Glenn looks up and pauses mid chew "It's one I can't really turn down, but..." Glenn swollows" I'll still be able to work here Mondays and Thursdays to do the ebay and web site stuff" Glenn sigh and smiles - "Oh, right! So when will this start?" "April 1st" "Right... that's a Friday, so you'll be starting your new regeme from the.... 4th?" "Yep" "Oh, that's ok, right, ye


OH! I am SOOOOO happy! I have actaully sold more than half of my stock already! Ok, so I only had 4 thing to sell, but two have been bought and paid for, and a thrid has been ordered, I'm just waiting for payment! I've ordered some more stock today, although I did have to amend some of my prices - damed VAT! Went into Micro Markets today to send out the stuff we'd sold there over last weekend. Typical that when I'm not there nothing gets done with the internet. IU'm really pissed off about Glenn's attitude towards the internet sales. He talks all well and good, promising to spend more time withme on;ine, promising more stock, and even suggesting that he would close down one of the outlets and give me the stock to sell instead (although I have tried to talk him out of that as A, it's a dumb idea - we need that particular out let more than ANY of the others, and B, I don't want him to do that when I'm about to leave! I'd feel far too shitty, and I&

YAWN..... Awakening from my winter slumber

Gahhhhhh I hate winter. I hate feeling depressed, I hate going off into terrible moods and picking fights, I hate cutting myself off from the whole world, and I hate the feeling that I have no alternative when it comes to feeling those things.... Don't think that I've been sat on my ass doing nothing all winter though. I feel more like a butterlfy that has finally imerged. I've set up my own business! I'm still working for Micro Markets for the time being, as until by business starts to take off I still need to have a regular wage coming in, but as soon as there is enough money left at the end of the week to pay myself I'll be out of MM and away. If any of you want to have a look at my web site, here's the address: I've got a lot of reasons for wanting to do this. Mostly down to the situation at MM. Since we moved offices in August things have gone from bad to worce to fucking awfull! The boss has run out of money, so we've had pr