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Family life update

Smudge is now 2 1/2 weeks old, and as cute as can be! The jaundice is gone, the sticky eye is getting better, and he's fitting in just fine. Jack adores him, Tom only has short moments of green eyed monsterness and generally has affection for George. Mark is finding it all a bit stressful but I expected that. He went back to work this week and I think its for the best ;) J & T are getting kicks out of winding him up, and G cries at daddy but not mummy (but like I said, Mark is tense and I am the food so what does he expect???) My dads been over from France this last week so I have a ton of photos and videos to post (later when I'm not blogging from my phone, in the kitchen, cooking the roast, and rocking a baby)

Weigh in #2

Well I haven't lost any weight this week, but my dad is over from France which means in the last week I have had a Mc Donalds, a Pizza Hut and 2 pub lunches. So frankly I'm happy not to have gained! Tomorrow he wants a take away from our fave pizza place too so that won't help either, but then he's off home and I can concentrate on my diet again.

Jack's school...

So we've found out which school Jack'll be going to in September.... WILLOW LANE! We're thrilled! It's our first choice for him, its where he wants to go, its 5 mins from home, and right next door to the nursery he goes to now (where Tom & George will be going when they are old enough) I'm already day dreaming about school uniforms, sports days, and all the stuff that comes with 'big school'. Can't believe my first baby is so grown up already. You just know I'll be in a flood of proud tears the first time he walks through those school gates on his uniform <3

First "weigh in" post baby

Got to love post-baby loss! I have not exactly been strict with my WW these last few days. We're still getting loads of visitors to meet George so it's meals out and cake and so on, but I have still lost 10lb!  I know its more to do with me having just had him than anything else, but seeing that drop on the scales has given me a boost that I needed. I am making good milk though. Little George is already almost back to his birth weight and the midwives are happy with his progress so I'm clearly doing ok :o) My dad is over for the rest of the month so that will hinder my healthy eating for a bit but I'm sure I'll cope. Sorry to just post-n-dash but I have to get me n the kiddies ready to go out for lunch and meet some more relatives (my Aunt Ellen in this case, who hasn't met any of my lads till now), busy busy busy!!

The next project...

I always need something to focus my mind on. Baby George is here, and I need a new goal. My figure... My weight... My health... His milk...! Yes, its weight watchers time again! I need to make sure I have a healthy diet to provide my littlest man with high quality mummy-milk, and as for myself, I need to slim back into my old stuff as soon as I safely can... And I would like to continue the weight loss I was doing so well with pre BFP. My total loss target is 60-66 lb, 4 stone and a bit. I've signed back up to weight watchers online system and started counting my points already. Gutted that I have to point the orange juice I've been drinking all through my preg. I've used 6 points on it today without knowing! Tomorrow I'll have a look round the WW site and see if there are any groups doing mini challenges I can join in with. Jenny is getting married on the 26th May and I would like to look less blobby by then. I know its only been a week, but I still look pregnant an

George Stanley Walker

This is my birth story for our 3rd baby <3 So I didn't manage to beat the induction this time. I had thought I was starting on my own late Sun / early Mon, I even spoke to Delivery and based on my regular but mild contractions they had advised I get mum over to mind the kids and prepare to come in when the contractions got closer together... But they didn't. They stopped. So Tue morning I packed the car, kissed the kids & my mum ta-ra, and me & Mark drove up the hospital for 8.30. They were packed out! I didn't get my 1st pessary until 4.15 that evening, and then it didn't work! I had the second at 11.45pm Around 2am I was getting contractions that I was finally wanting to get some pain relief and asked for some paracetamol. At 3am I was timing contractions while walking round the day room, they were about 1.5 - 2.5 mins apart and really hurting. This was finally it! I was given a check at 4am and told I could call hubby back in, they were taking me to

Induction eve

I need somewhere to waffle for a bit. And this is it for tonight. I'm being induced tomorrow. I thought I was going to beat the induction again but its not looking meant to be. Last night, just before 11pm I started with mild but regular contrations. They were just shy of 7 mins apart and lasting about 1min 20sec each. After an hour or so of this I called the mat ward n asked for advice since its my 3rd baby, 2nd was reasonably fast, and my mum (aka sitter for the boys) was an hour away. They said to get her over n come in. Only an hour later when mum arrived ( now 1am ) the contractions were milder and less regular... So I called the hosp back and we agreed I'd be ok to stay put, get some rest etc, but once I got to 4-5 min apart with the contractions to come in. I hung about till 2am, took some paracetamol and went to bed. Come this morning the contractions had all but stopped, and by lunchtime... Nothing. I've nearly even lost any plug. Very unhappy about it. Not to


No way I was going to just sit at home all day today... Not with the induction looming and the kids full of chocolate and sweets. So we went to Happy Mount Park. It's not been the warmest or driest of days, but we've had luck on our side. We got good free parking, avoided the rain save for a little drizzle, and since the big easter 'do' was yesterday it wasn't over crowded either! Playland opened again this weekend so the boys got to play on the cars and bikes again too, as have a ride on the train and a mad half hour in the Pirates In The Park indoor play. We had a small picnic while we were there and the kids had a good 3+ hours running about like loons before heading home so Tom could have a nap and Jack got a couple of.hours on the Wii with Mark. I did the roast! Mmmm... Lamb! And it was good too. Even the kids scoffed the lot (although they were on the promise of more easter eggs if they ate up). Now we're settled in watching the end of Toy Stor

Fed up now

Smudge is showing no sign of beating the induction. My bump is still very high, I've not had any show, even my BH have calmed down. I am getting back ache but only towards the end of the day so its simply being tired and heavy, not early labour. I'm not sleeping very well either which isn't helping my mood at all. I'm very very glad that Mark is home now (its his week off, then his pat leave) because it means I don't have to occupy the boys all by my self... I've not been in the right frame of mind to have much fun with them the last few days. That said, I have tried to keep them amused. Jack's off nursery for the Easter hols. Mon we went to Katies birthday, Tue Nana came over and we took them to Brewsters. Wed was a quiet one, but on Thu Jack had a play-date with best friend Rory. Today they've played with Daddy and his Lego sets while I've had a lie in and a long bath (thank you Hubby). I've enjoyed being pregnant through the 2nd half (1st h

Last midwife appointment before induction.....

Middy appt went well enough. Saw one of my 2 fave MWs. BP & Pee are both fine. Smudge seems fine, mostly the right way round for now which is good news. Not engaged yet though... At the brim, but not engaged. I guess there's time yet but it looks like I wont get an Easter baby and that I will get to my induction But my middy told me that she is on the Mat Unit on my induction day so I might well get to see her while I'm there so that'll be nice. Always good to see a friendly face.