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Wow.... I can't believe it.... Today baby Smudge is considered Viable! Not that I want to go in to labour JUUUUUUUUST yet, but it is reassuring to know that should it happen the hospital would pull out all the stops to save my baby rather than just be sympathetic towards my miscarriage. Now I feel like it's safe to start buying and prep'ing for baby's arrival - once we're through Christmas anyway. I've started making plans and writing out lists of things we need, mentally putting things aside for my hospital bag, and generally getting excited! As soon as we're back from Christmas I'm on project baby!

Midwife, MAT B1, & Mat Leave

Oooo! Feeling organised today! Had my 25 week midwife apt today (a week & a day early for a change coz of Christmas). Smudge is fine! Had a good listen to the heart beat. My BP seems to be back to normal too. I also picked up my MAT B1 form (late coz I was at RLI for my last apt, not the with the middy) sooooo that meant I could officially tell work - as if they dont all already know - and book my mat leave! I am working until Fri 30th March, and returning the first week of 2013. That sounds so far away at the moment! 2013.... From now on I'm being seen every 2 weeks!!! I cant believe we've got to this stage already! 16 weeks to go IF I'm allowed to go full term! Meantime though my boys are sick. Jack spent 2 nights in bed with us over the weekend - totally unheard of! He was sick Sunday night as well which freaked him out. Tom was sick tonight too but seems to have got over it quicker, and since Jack is on the mend I'm hoping both will be ok by Christmas Eve.

Kids stockings 2011

Kids stockings 2011 , a photo by chiggster on Flickr. Kids stockings 2011

Jack's first Christmas Concert

He was supposed to be a donkey, but refused to have the costume on... so Mary & Joseph travelled to Bethlehem on Spider-man. Rubbish camera work, but I did have a toddler on my shoulders, while standing at the back (trying not to topple over since my huge bump is throwing off my balance) and zooming my camera phone in as close as I can!