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I can finally admit.....

...that we are expecting our 3rd baby! The very same day that Tom became a toddler, I found out I wasn't going to be with out a 'baby's for long! We were not actively trying for this one, but we're happy and looking forward to our new addition. I can post it officially now because we told the family this weekend. I've told a few girl friends and its slowly starting to filter into public knowledge :) I think I'm due around 15-16th April, midwife says my due date is 2-3 April, but that's because I'm counting from my late ovulation and she's counting from my last period. I have my dating scan on 22nd Sept so we'll see then. I'm thinking my due date will be what I think, but that I'll have baby closer to the midwifes date coz it'll come early. Can't help wondering if I'll have a girl this time. I feel much sicker this time round... A girl would be nice, a boy would be easy... I've bought a gender predictor pee stick! Jus

Feeling sick...

It's only 1pm and I'm laid in bed. I feel sick n tired... Had a lovely lunch but its not agreed with me at all so have left Mark to deal with the kids and come to bed (doing this from my phone). Think I'm going to have a kip, might feel better after some rest.


I'm having another one of those days.... SO bored at work today. I should be doing the phone bills and contact lists, only the area of the Orange site I need to access to do this isn't working. I called them over 2hrs ago to fix it, but nothing. I have done all the other work I can and now don't know WHAT to do. My line-manager is out too. I could skive off a bit (like now writing my blog) but there are too many people milling about and I don't want to get caught out. Especially not on the Forum :oS There are only so many cups of tea I an make, and trips to the loo. I can't even wander off to another department for a gossip coz we've been condensed into just these 2 rooms. I would consider asking to go home early and swap the hours for another day when I an be more useful, but the only other day I could do this month I have already swapped for my birthday. So I'm stuck there too. I'm feeling bloated and tired too. I could do with just going home

A cracking 24 hrs in the Walker Household My baby Tom becoming a Toddler yesterday.... So grown up! And Jack was dry all night last night.... And the kids got up at 6.30am today, not 4.30am.... AND I hit my 10% with Weight Watchers this morning.... Could it get much better? (oh yeah, I got a BFP yesterday, but Shhhhh!)

Possible TMI

Oh.... What is going on with my silly silly body? I am now on day 39 of this cycle.....  Def not preg. I have done tests and its a neg every time. I've had a day of spotting a couple of days back but that's all. I am tracking my cycles on FF - thought it would be a good idea after the hassle I had with my cycles between having the boys - and thought I had finally settled down but apparently not. It possible that I failed to ov at the expected time (around the 8th - 10th July) and then ov'd late which would put me due on next week, around Mon to Wed. I've decided that if I'm not on my Thu I'll be booking my self in with the doc. I really hate not knowing what's going on. It means I have to make sure I have pads and things in my bag all the time, just in case. Obviously its put a cramp on our sex life, neither of us relish the idea of me suddenly coming on half way through doing the deed... Gah! I wish it would just happen, and go away, all as it should,