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1st loss of the *new* diet

Humm… We still have nosh in that needs consuming. The diet isn’t really happening yet, but I think we all knew that it wasn’t going to start till Jan 1st, right? Ahem. On a ‘lighter’ note… some of the initial Christmas weight is shifting. I have dropped 6 pounds in only a couple of days. I don’t expect for a second that this is the kind of shift I will see again, it’s only the post Christmas drop, and I expect to get to just above where I was before Christmas. Maybe 12 stone 4 or 5. That’s when the hard work starts! I went to work yesterday. It’s only a short shift; an hour and a half cleaning. But that works out at about 5.5 weight watchers points, so I can claim 4 back on the junk I have been eating. I haven’t tried to work out how many points I did eat yesterday yet. I think I’ll save that for Jan 1st too. Wimping out slightly!

All about my Christmas!

Well, we've had a lovely time! Went to Mums after I finished work on Saturday and spent the night there, with a slight de-tour to a service station when poor Muppet had a very pongy accident in her carry case. Not her fault - it's not like we can tell the cats to 'go before we set off'. Fizgig and Splash took a few minutes to get used to each other again and then they tore the house apart! Muppet was very glad of the break and camped out on the landing well out of the kittens way! We had missed Simon (Tony's eldest) by a matter of minutes too. He'd come by with some Christmas presents on his bike and stopped for a brew. Wish I'd seen him. In my head he's still about 6, not into his 20's which he is! Sunday lunchtime - which is when one of mum's breakfasts finishes - we set off to Maltby. We took the sceneic route, i.e Via Skipton and Leeds on 'A' roads. Don't ask why... we're just glad we didn't end up in Wigon thi

My WW Stats

Well, I'm signed up again. Last time I was at WW I weighed 11 stone 2, now I'm 13 stone, which hurts! I can have 22 points in a day. That's quite a lot really, when you think an apple is only half a point. Lets see how I get on!

Long catch up

I've been feeling a bit down since that last bit of news, but as it's almost Christmas I suppose I ought to make a post. I have been doing stuff, fun stuff too. But it's that time of year - the shortest day today - and I am really feeling it! Been out a few times. Went to Fran's PJ Birthday party on the 9th. Girly night in, and it was a good do. All the boys went round to Ray and Sarah's house for curry and beers and the girls flopped around Fran and Simons in our PJs troffing snack food, supping Cava (or in my case smirnoff ice) and singing along to SingStar games (I came second I am please to say!). Very girly indeed! Following Wednesday I went out for a cheap and cheerful night with Debbie and Marie. I invited Jen along too because I haven't seen her in ages and we always have a good giggle when we go out. The idea was for each of us to go out on just a tenner each, not buy anything new to go out in, and to stash a bottle of grog in our handbags to top up our

Cursed Names - Poor Amber

It seems there is a curse on the name Amber. I've just had a phone call from my mum to let me know that one of her kittens, Amber (Nosey) has died. At just 12 weeks old. It seems he climbed into the washing machine this morning while no one was looking and was trapped in there through the cycle. She found his poor little body around 11 this morning. Naturally she is devastated, and riddled with guilt. John sounds cross, and I'm crying even as I type this. It's not mum's fault.... she thought that the two kittens were together and safe. She only took her eyes off them for a second. We've never had a cat climb into the washer or dryer before and it never occured to her to check. I have Fizgig on my knee right now, purring and trying to lick the tears from my face, I understand how it happened to Amber, Fizgig is always trying to get into the dish washer, and of there is any water left in the bath tub he's in there playing in it. He has wet paws now from the bath.

World Aids Day

Nuff said