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Another 2lb

*Grin* Impressed with me! I have lost another 2 pounds, and I as I am currenlty 'on' too I think that is pretty good! Not entrirely sure how I managed to lose anything after last weekend (a night out with my maid of honour et al, and an excessive amount of wine/guinness/jagermister which left me hung over for 32 hours). Yorkie is less impressed as he seems to be hovering around the 15 st 12 to 16 st 2 area, but he's still all wonderful and gorgeous, and snuggly too now The last of the wedding invites will hopefully go out today. I need to get a couple more address off people (via the text) and I'm seeing a few bods before the end of the weekend so I can give some out in person too. MUST REMEMBER TO SEND OUT THE REST OF THE HEN NIGHT INVITES TOO! There's so much going on that I keep missing stuff out!!

Only half a pound :o(

Last week I only lost about half a pound, which also knocked my confidence. I know that I shouldn't be overly fussed about my weight loss or work outs when I am actually ill. I know that a body needs rest and good food and plenty of fluids to get better, but a half pound loss was so disappointing. This week I lost 1 and a half pounds, which is better. And I suppose it means I have only missed one weeks's worth of weight loss. I'm still a bit groggy first thing in the morning, coughing up nastiness and snuffling a bit, but by the time I've got to work I'm ok. I should be able to get back into my work outs this week. I think I'm well enough for a bit of the easy work outs and build myself back up again. I'll need to work hard for this next week anyway as Jacs is visiting this weekend and we're going out for dinner and then off for some cocktails. I'll need to work off all the extra intake! And I'm 'due on' on Wednesday too which means I'

Wedding Jewellery

This is another opportunity for me to get all silly and girlie and squeal... My tiara, necklace and earrings, as hand made especially for my by Sweet Chestnut Designs, has arrived!!!! YAY!!!! Actually, I had to go and pick them up from the sorting office, as just for once, the post arrived before midday and I was still out at work. Doh! Naturally I HAD to try them on right away. The earrings are so sweet! They are smaller than I had pictured in my mind, which is better because they'll look nice and match the dress without distracting from it. I was starting to worry about having massive chandeliers hanging from my ears and getting caught in my hair. But not with these. They're ideal! The necklace looks spectacular! It's just enough decoration. Simple and clean looking, with the perfect colour match. And it's got an extension chain which means I can make it longer or shorter to suit the dress. I wont know for sure how log to wear it until I see the dress again. And the t

Progress (some slow)

Hee hee hee! Got the first 10 invites through from Rachel, and I've started writing them. Not got as far as posting them yet, but it's a start! Spoken to Nan about my aunts and uncles, and suggested that all my millions of cousins who I don't know didn't come (sorry, I know they're family, but I'd rather invite people I know than people I don't, family or not). Anne (one of my aunts) will have to bring her kiddies, all three of them. They're only young, and her ex hubby is a bit of a bastard (a lot actually!!!!!) and is not fit to look after the children (or even see them in my oppinion, nasty, violent, abusive.... you get the idea) so I guess that will have to be the only exception. Otherwise there'll be no room for Yorkie's family or our friends! Mind you, I still have not got round to sending out the Hen Night invites, which is a bit aft. I'll have to pront them off tomorrow or else! Problems.Will.Occur with the booking... However, I have


I actually FORGOT to eat any lunch yesterday I was so busy when I got in from the Marina. Was it ebay Sales? Web site sales? New web site design customer? Nope. I had to clear out all the shite that has collected in the far end of the kicthen (which was supposed to be a small dinning area, but which is actually used at a storage space and pet care centre for the furry little monsters we choose to love). The reason? I have a chap coming round today to measure up the kitchen and try to convince me that it's his company's brand of kicthen we should be getting installed. It took TWO trips to the tip (but I only have a Micra. A larger car would have done it in one with room to spare) and 5 hours! It's strange the things you find when you start chucking stuff out. Like, for example, all the fabrics I bought from my cross stitch abou 6 years ago and then lost. In a bag, in side another bag, in a box, in the kitchen. Why didn't I think to look there FIRST?? I also found a packe


SO happy! Yes yes yes! The rings finally tuned up at Mums a few days ago, and today me and Yorkie drove down to see her, and to see the rings! And they are PERFECT! Mine looks so tiny next to his (it actually fits inside and rattles round, hee hee hee). I think he got better value for money than me although his ring came with instructions and warnings, mine didn't. Yorkie says it's in case someone who buys a titanium ring and then breaks their finger while wearing it. It's a bit harder to cut through a titanium ring than it is a gold one! So people need warning to take them off if they are going to be doing something in which they may get an injury... I'm hoping they will NEVER need cutting! Mum has them safe and sound at her house. Last thing I need is for a certain small ginger kitten to find them and then play with them / lose them / eat them. At Mum's they'll be safe. This afternoon we took a trip over to the florist to see about the flowers . And it was the

New MyHeritage Stuff!

OK, maybe not new, but new since I was last there:

Wow... two weeks in a row!

YUP!!! I've lost another 2lb. BUT I'm going to have to be careful, as yesterday after weighing myself and feeling SO proud, I pigged out on biscuits.... 13 weight watchers points worth of biscuits!!!! I'm a bad girl and I need I smacked hand! At least I didn't have any booze. So this afternoon, when I finish work, as my other half is taking a rare saturday off to clear off out rather than spend any time with me, I am going to do a full aerobics DVD and try out my new Pilates DVD, which I have had for almost a week now and not even attempted yet (again, naughty me). But, I can't turn back time and NOT have the biscuits. All I can do is work hard to undo some of the damage. As I have dropped down to the next stone (being 12 stone dead on now, not 12 stone +) I am only on 20 WW points a day instead of 21. That means revising my meals. And working extra hard with the exersize as I have to do more to gain the same number of points back. It's back on track day today!