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Growing up fast

Our lad Jack... I can't get over how much he's changed this last few weeks. He's been sleeping through the night now for about 2 1/2 weeks, which is wonderful! We put him down about 8.30pm and that's it until 6.30am, with the occasional feed as we're going to bed if we wake him up by mistake. He's crawling forwards now, first just a couple of little crawl steps, then - once he had the right motivation - really motoring forwards. Take last weekend for example. We went to stay with Jenny for the weekend and see the family. On the Sunday we went for lunch at my mother-in-laws and little Alex had Jack's juice cup. Jack was not impressed since I had taken it off him (so he wouldn't fill up on juice and not eat his lunch which he's good at doing). He growled and stomped across the floor to snatch it back! He's got two teeth now too! Both front ones on the bottom gum. He's taken to wanting to feed himself too. He's pretty good with his tommy tip

Jack's Days Out

I've been feeling a little out of sorts just lately. There are a few things weighing on my mind, but the jist of it is: I hate being at work all day away from my little boy, I'm stressed out with the pressure of the new roll, it's sodding winter and winter hates me! But that doesn't mean that on the days when I'm not working myself into an early grave/nervous breakdown that I can't go out with Jack... He loves other kiddies! Last week I met up with Jen at Jills house. Adam was at nursery but she brought Conner, and our two lads played happily with Jills two, giving us chance to have a girly natter. This week we helped Jen move some stuff to her new place, and Jack had a great time playing with Adam and Conner, and looking at the fish in Jen's landlord/housemates fishtank! Today we took a family trip out to the park, although I'm feeling ill and Jack's under the weather too. He had a go on the swings and slide, and was gentely rocked on one of the kid

Jack Walker, Art Critic

Last weekend my mum came over, and since it was a soggy damp grotty day we desided NOT to take Jack for a walk like normal on her trips up. We took him to the gallary in town instead. There was an exhibition by artist Sundar Walker (no relation!). I like this artists work... it's a very similar style to the one I had during my art degree. Jack liked it too! He staired at the pictures for ages, keeping his eyes trained on the ones he liked if I tried to move onto the next. The one he loved best was this one: Jupiter Landscape In fairness, the photo does not do it justice! Maybe our boy has a future in art?

Yikes! 3 months!

There's a lot to get through! Jack is currently playing on the rug with his latest V-Tech toy, and trying his best to crawl. Yorkie is on hand to play/cuddle/fuss as required so I'm going to have a bash at updating this blog. Let's see how far I get! So in my last proper post Jack was just getting over a nasty infection and has just given it to me. We both got over it! Hooray! My step bro Antoni and his lovely missus got married in Egypt in August. We'd been invited, but with Jack being so young we really couldn't risk taking him. So we went to house sit for mum instead, and look after her 4 (yes 4) cats! Along with Splash ( Fizzy's brother) they now also have 2 boys from the same litter - a ginger like Fizz n Splash, and a calico type like Muppet - they have called Amber (3) and Opal, and a little girl who had been abandoned starving and dehydrated they've named Jet as she is mostly black. She's also insane. Nice, but utterly BONKERS! We took Muppet a