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Musical Condoms...!

Thank you Scott Mills for sharing this with the world: Condom plays tunes A musical condom has been invented that gets louder as the sex gets more passionate. Different sexual positions determine what tune is played by the condom reports The Sun. The contraceptive has tiny sensors connected to a mini electronic device that produces the sounds. Ukrainian inventor Dr Grigoriy Chausovskiy said: "There is no danger of being electrocuted." They will cost 20 per cent more than normal condoms. "But people will pay for the extra stimulation," he added. Wheeeeeeeeeeer! Don't believe me (or Scott) Click Here !!!

Stresses of working!

Been a wee bit busy again just of late. I am KNACKERED the WHOLE TIME! Right now I have to submit my accounts to Companies House - No idea what I'm doing with that but hopefully Jenny will find a few minutes to run through it all with me soon. I have until Boxing Day I know, but as I have it now I want to sort it now. I also have to somehow drag my P45 and P60 from MM, who should have issued it back in the first week of April LAST YEAR but didn't and with out it I cannot sort out the self assesment which is apparently out standing with the tax office for 2004-2005 (nice of them to let me know LAST WEEK!) Glenn didn't really want to speak to me about it and Jane is on holiday so isn't there to sort it out anyway. I'm only being fined £100.00 over this cock up! On top of all that I am supposed to be reading up my college text books ready for the start of the class on Oct 1st. I'm feeling the pressure, and I'm not the only one. Yorkie is going though similar st

Jacquie's Hen Night!

What a brilliant night!!! I have to say, I was a little sceptical about going to a Take That tribute band night (never was a fan, regarless of my now undying love of the sexy Robbie Williams), but it was really good! After finishing work on Friday, re-dying my hair, and sitting in monster traffic for AGES I finially got to Jacquie's just in time to miss her as she went to pick Caitlin up from school - typically me. Luckily Dave was in (although naked in the bathroom so I still ended up sat on the door step with my suitcase looking like an over-grown evacuee). There was time for a quick chat while Jacs grabbed her stuff and we went to pick Leigh up down the road and off to the Village Hotel and our room. Jacquie had arranged for Champagne to be sent to the room at 6pm for the three of us to "sip" while we got ready, but I am impatient and had brought a bottle of Asti for us to start on (for old times sake, me and Jacs used to drink this when we went out for dinner as stud


Proving to be a right royal pain this is! Finding the right Tiara! These are three designs that I do like, but none of them are quite right. This one lovely and simple, but I have only seen it in white or yellow gold with diamonties in it. And I would prefer emeralds (or dark green cystal / glass beads anyway) This is loads of fun! I want ivy to be part of the flower arrangments and I like this. But I get the feeling that it wont be allowed :( This is pretty close to what I think I'll end up with, but it's so chunky - and even though having something hand made sounds like a nice idea... it looks a little tatty and rushed. What I really want is something in the style of the top one, only with a celtic heart knot, not the trinity knot, with the colour stones of the ivy tiara, set in a similar way to the hand made tiara. It's asking a lot isn't it...


Yes indeedy! I have been blogging away now for three years today! The New Job Well, having bummed around for a couple of months after finishing college and hoping against all hope that I might finally get my dream job, I have been forced into joining a work agence and have been given possibly the most boring job in the whole of retail. I work in a post office shop in Morecambe. All I do all day evey day is sell stamps. It's DULL! But I am getting a little more working for them than I was on job seakers so I guess I shouldn't complain too much. I suppose... Things don't seem to have changed much (cringe) I'm still taking on dodgy jobs to pay the bills and I have slipped back into studentdom. But I have had some fun on the way! Fav Bits! Russian Bride Alert! Letters.... Why Yorkie and Glenn with never be friends! WOW 1 Week on Who do you look like? Gliders and wedding dresses I've never been

SOOOO Tired!

Ever feel like maybe you've taken too much on? I'm wondering if maybe I have! What with doing the cleaning job 5 days out of 7, ferrying Yorkie too and from work, working for Avon, trying to keep my own business from going under, and now I am registared on my OU course which starts next month too. I'm starting to feel that there are not enough hours in the day any more! And to make it worse I have lost most of this moring by over-sleeping! I woke up half an hour ago. In half an hours time I have to get out with some more Avon (requests from customers who didn't have the money last night, bless um), and then I have to get my self kitted out for two cleaning jobs which will take up my afternoon with almost as much driving as cleaning. So why am I wasiting time on Blogger right now? Well, I have a 20 minute window (where I have done all the small jobs I need to do this morning, and I don't have enough time to start a bigger job) so I thought I'd update this. And po

The Sun's Come Out

And - suprisingly - my mood has lifted, regardles of the fact that like a muppet yesterday I clean forgot all about my docs apt and didn't go (DOH!) Other than the glorious sunshine that has been today things have been rather good. Within 10 minutes of my starting work as the Yacht club today a lady come up to me and complimented me on my work, saying that before I started the facilities had been "a bit grotty" and that now the "posivitvly sparkle!" and then went on to say how people take cleanliness for granted, and that they should appricate the hard work we do (Insert big grin and much thanks from myself). Shortly after, another patron called over to me: "You're doing a grand job!" So my ego was swelled, and I felt appriciated. It get's better... Before I had finished even half the customer facilites my mobile rang and it was someone from head office who was bringing my supplies and out standing paper work, but who was lost! So I directed he


I can tell the seasons are on the change you know. Appart from the obvious like the months changed etc. I mean I can fell the effects on my mood already. I don't normally feel like this until, what, back end on October, November time? This year it's come on early. I think it has something to do with the weather we've had this year. July, being SO damn hot and bright (which raised my mood to all new wonderful levels), followed by a wet and moody August, and a dark and damp September. It feels like November out there! (Which has me crashing down like junky two days after the last hit) Thankfully I have an apt at the docs tomorrow afternoon. I need to sort out a few things, like my ears (which are STILL giving my grief) and my "pill" perscription needs renewing. I'll have to ask for some more Fluoxotine while I'm there and start on it sooner rather than later. It's something I am adding to ever increasing list of failures in my life; Crappy job (literal

Friday Lunch

Jill cancelled on me yesterday. Can't say I am suprised. She had to go into work as they were short staffed - although her maternity leave isn't quite up yet. But I had a feeling that she wouldn't come for some reason. I'm feeling distanced from the WAGs just lately. Not sure if I am being over sensitive (the weather is shocking at the moment which always brings me down - especially after the scortcher that was July), or if I have done something to offend them (Not impossible after the hen night - they haven't said anything to me about it, but would they??), or what. I'm feeling a bit miffed about the whole thing - excluded I think. It shouldn't bother me, in all honestly the things they do aren't always my cup of tea - extended shopping trips bore me and I can't afford them, 6 weekly pilgrimages to the hairdressers is also something I am happy to live without (Having not been to a hairdressers in almost 5 years) and expensive lunches and posh wine b