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Why Yorkie and Glenn will never be friends!

Wow - has it really been this long since I posted???? Well, stuff's been going on, so I suppose I have been a wee bit busy to make posts... It was my birthday on the 26th, I turned the ripe old age of 25 - a whole quater century! And naturally, I had to go out and get trollied. So I DID! It goes at follows: Mum and John came over to see me and Yorkie and take us for lunch. I only get an hour for lunch (usually plenty of time) but when I arrived back in the office 2 and a half hours later.... well, let's say I didn't get much work done that day. Got some nice stuff off them, Mum had already sent me £1000 (combi bday / xmas), John gave me £40 and a HUGE box o thorntons chocs (yum yum yum). Back in the office, Andrea gave me a new Dean Koontz book (HOORAY!), and Lynn gave me a box of knickers! Very nice too! Oh, yeah, Glenn's gift to me when down a storm - don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with it, in MY eyes! Alison on the other hand..... You see, on Wedne


Did another "work from home" day today. Only to fiond out that eBay seems to be playing up in general, not just works computer messing about. GREAT! But I listed everything on the web site instead, so at least that's getting bigger and better. Other than that there's not much doing. We have NO money! Acutally, we have almost £1500 in thebank, but it's in cheques and wont clear until this time NEXT WEEK! So we've got to live off a bag of spuds, 3 onions, two leeks and two carrots until I get paid on friday! Guess we'll be having a lot of leek and tatty soup! That said, with a bit of luck the last of Yorkie's JOb Seekers payment MIGHT arrive tomorrow, which means we will be able to eat. If not....... I guess I might have to take up one of the very generous offers of a loan from our many good friends - who find out who cares when you're really stuck don't you.. Thanks guys, All of you. You're great! I LOVE MY MATES!


Had quite a busy weekend! Spent most of Saurday in town, after dropping Yorkie off at work I ordered some flowers to be made up for my Nan (She was 80 on Tuesday) and then went to buy birthday prezies for our nephews - and popped into Lancaster Market to set up the FTP for them. Although, they said they know all about FTP, so why didn't they do it them selves??? Instead of me working on a saturday for nothing! On Sunday we got up bright and early and headed of to St, Helens to see my Nan. We spent a few hours with her, having a natter and catching up with my Family gossip (I never see any of them thanks to my dad! *Spit*). Turns out Nan became a great grandma 9 months ago. Cousin Anita had a little boy (nice of any one to tell me - DAD!). She liked her flowers and gave me a huge food processor for my birthday O_o Then we drove down the Sheffield to see Rachel and her lads. Chris was 3 on the 24th last month - but we were at Fran & Simons wedding, so we couldn't make that, a


Not much doing today. Still got builders in - although we do have water again now. Did some web site stuff, worked on eBay from home yesteday, playing on a new game "Space Colony", which is a bit sims, a bit city builder, a bit starcraft, while not being any of them really.... hooked though! Got another new suit through from eBay though, looks good too. Shame I'm not another half foot taller though - all my new skirts and trousers are too long! I'll either have to buy some SERIOUS high heels, or learn to sew! I get a feeling it'll be shoes though! GameSites looks to have re-vamped itself. I think I like it though (unless I just got logged out and I haven't changed the settings right - wouldn't suprise me the way I am at the moment). And just for once, I was thrilled by some junk mail that I got today. Years ago me and Jacs signed up for Chigago Rock memership when it first opened in town. Not that we ever use it, I hardly go any more. BUT as we're off


The new office is still manic - banging and sawing and drilling every where. At least I got to use the loo today though, even if a builder did have to stand by the door with his back to me so no one could walk in and see me having a pee! We've been inundated with slappers too - Alison was there THREE times! Making a point out of our "secretivness" lol - still not gonna tell you anything, and there's nothing you can hide from us that we'd want to know (or wont get told about anyway). AND the smack-head from next door came in for a wonder round, trying to talk to Tremain (sorry love, can't spell your name). Seems my new found friend (particulary cute builder, who seems to think it's great fun to tease me *blush* AND saved a girl from being raped at the weekend! PLEASE DONT TELL HIM I SAID THAT ANDREA!) had a short sweet (10 min out the back) thing with her.... and now she's on bunny boiler mode! HEHE! Andrea chucked her out. I had to laugh at Claire thou

We've moved! (sort of)

Well, we did it! We're out of the old office and into the new.... shame it's not finished! Not that I blame the builders you understand. It's not their fault that Glenn wants everything yesterday. Neither me nor Andrea understand why he insisted we moved so soon when it isn't reallt nessessary. Having siad that, it is nice to be in. It'll be better whent he building's finished to we can actually talk to eac other and use the phones - and actually HEAR what's being said to us, and it'll be lovely when we have a carpet down and everything isn't caked in dust, it'll be WONDERFUL when BT stop arsing arround and actually re-connect us to the internet - but hey, at least we're in........ There's little or no real new gossip. We (even Glenn) seem to have spent a lot of time being paid to be in the pub, or sat on our arses doing nothing. Not through lack of wanting, but we didn't even have desks to work on till last thing last night! Basicall

So much for the Spying!

Our little spy seems to have given up! She asked NO leading questions today AT ALL! But, oddly enough *pah* Glenn got a bollocking off Alsion for being so "secretive". While Little Miss Spy was out of the office today, we told him everything that had been said yesterday, and he came to the same conclusion. After all - how would she have known the things she knew if Alison hadn't told her all about it???? Alison much have given up the idea of using her to ask questions by now. Hasn't stopped the two of them (Ali & Claire) from trying to cause shit though. Claire was sent to the Q.St shop to send out the faxes since we do not have a phone in the old office. Lynn was working, and did the faxing for her. Claire came back complaining that Lynn had tried to slam her head in the hatch (hee hee hee). Not long after, Alison calls to say SHE hasn't had a fax! Therefore Lynn must not have sent it. During my lunch I popped into Q.St to pick up some bits, and asked Lynn if

The GOOD Stuff!

I have to say I looked a KNOCKOUT! I finally wore my sexy leather top out! Teamed with big leather boots and a flared out skirt!Sadly Gemma did not make it. I tried to call her, left hr two messages, and then just as I got to town in the Taxi I spotter her heading the other way with Mark. Tried to shout her, but she'd gone by the time I got acorss the car and got the window down.The meal was great though - Lynn looked good (not a patch of the 50 something she is), Andrea looked stunning - although she'd changed outfits at the last moment, worried she looked Alison-ish in the original outfit (E.g. like a slapper! lol),and Glenn wore his £65.00 shirt!!!!!!!! He's been shopping the day before, and Andrea totted up the money he's spent - what was it? £460.00??????? More than I spend in a YEAR! Any way - we went to Bella Pasta and had good food and good wine - chatted about stuff, told stories about sex and emabarasment! Lynn was tickled pink! Can you believe she thought I w