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Ohhhhhhh................ I don't feel right. Not ill, just not right. I think it's the time of year. I suffer from S.A.D you see, and I am trying very hard to get through this winter without my anti depressants. I'm doing all the things I should be: Got my "light box" on when I'm sat in the house on the PC, I'm going to the gym to get my body going (yes, I actually went today!), I'm eating properly (I'm doing Weight Watchers, so I don't have much choice about that) and I'm trying to get plenty of sleep. But that's where the lifestyle changes fall down. Sleep. I know that one of the best ways to combat the symtoms of S.A.D. is to keep a regular sleep pattern, but that's difficult whent eh depression forms it self in such a way that it keeps you up at night stressing about things you don't need to stress at. What doesn't help, is that I have been so stressed and depressed and wound up so much this year. That's lar

Back and Selling!

Well, eBay's back on, no thatnls to their so called support team! I finally found the answer on the message boards, when another highly miffed seller discovered the reason HE will getting these messages about his listing's being "wrong" was due to him being over £15.00 in debt on his seller fees.... Now, this sounds a little crazy, as for as long as I have ebay'd I have paid at the end of the month. generally in exess of £200.00 - which is certainly MORE than £15.00. I gave it a try anyway. I logged onto my account page, and I owed £25 and a bit. I paid it and tried to list again. BINGO! Listings are up!!! With in an hour I get messages from ebay offering to "help"!!!!!!!!! I told them - without a shadow of a doubt - what they could do with thier help, and informed them of what the "problem" had actually been, how they had not helpped, and who HAD helpped. I told them they needed to sort out the problems, had they seen the message boards and ho

eBay... What a JOKE!

I think it is fair to say that I am getting throughly fucked off with eBay! For more than a week now I have not been able to make any listing for Battle Heaven. Why? Becasue eBay are fucked up! 3 weeks ago my Seller Manager Pro had a little "blip". For three days I could not list, edit my listings, or create new listings. I contacted eBay via the only way you can - email - and to my supries they got back to me within 2 hours! I was told to edit my listings..... Duhhh! Didn't I say I couldn't do that? Then I was told to clear all my cookies etc. Well, I do that any way, but I gave it a try, and, shock horror, still nothing worked. I sent more emails. Got no answer. Then, 3 days later "ping" it was back. Phew! THEN I got an email from eBay saying they had checked my account and there was nothing wrong........! Gah! Last Sunday it happened again. I promtly sent an email telling them it had happened again, and that I had already tried the two sets of corrected p

The Good, The Bad, and the F****g A******e!!

Well, what a weekend! I’ve had a (generally) pretty good long weekend. Yorkie had Friday & Saturday off, so on Friday we just played Guild Wars ALL DAY! Didn’t even get dressed! Mind you, it was bloody cold on Friday, so I was sat at the PC in my P.J.’s, socks, slippers AND robe! But it’s not “getting dressed” really, is it? We had a nice day just playing the game together though. On Sat I had to go to MM to drop off the stuff from Lancaster. Ste still isn’t happy with how it’s going. Can’t say I blame him though. Clive was there too, sorting out some of the building work. We only had a very quick chat because I was only parked for an hour, and I still had to go to the post office and my weight watchers meeting. Weight Watchers was GREAT! I’ve lost another 3lb! Just 2 more to lose a WHOLE STONE! And with a bit of luck I might manage that this week! I met Angie at the train station just after 12.15 and we went shopping again! Damned if I can EVER find any clothes I like that I am ac

Jen & Adam

I met up with Jen today, for the first time in AGES! And met baby Adam for the first time. This is him (he's really, really not that pale! I think my scanner's on the fritz! He's a very healthy pink really!) He's 4 months old, and seems to HATE him mum eating, as the poor woman hardly got any of her lunch down her, lol. Jen seems to be doing very well too, she still has an amazing figure (grrr!) and I'm hoping we'll get a night out together soon like we used to. Steph has stepped right into fatherhood, and has no problems looking after the little tyke while Jen goes out. (Too right!) Also went to MM today. What a laugh that whol place is now! Still no internet connection, so I dug out the Plus.Net number and gave them a call. 27 mins I was on holf to a 0845 number (not MY bill!) only to be told that our account has been cancelled due to "non-payment". What a shocker!!!!!!! Now, last week, Glenn swore blind he had paid the Plus.Net account, so I assume

24 Hour Drinking

Right, there's been a lot of stuff in the news over the last few months about 24 hour drinking in pubs.... and frankly, I'm sick of it!! Drinking laws 'will harm teens' - Only if parents don't keep control of their kids, and / or fail to educate them on alcohol! Extended Hours Will Increase Violence - No... I don't think so! Binge drinking and packed crowds at kicking out time causes voilent out bursts, cramming as many points (or bottles) down your neck as you can during open hours, and then being pushed out into the street with 100s of other people you would normally avoid. It will lead to more drink related health problems - Alcoholism is a sickness that is NOT restriced to pub opening hours. If you are an addict, you are addicted 24/7. Does no one think that people who have a drink problem don't have drink at home - with 24/7 access??? The truth - as I see it : For a few weeks there will be a mad rush to enjoy the novel idea of being able to sit in a


Now, when I say our bathroom is TINY, I mean it - this is IT! Small, right?? Well, it's feeling bigger now that I have painted it white. The dark green and red HAD to go, and now it has! I still need to get rid of the horrible carpet - which I think is such a bad thing to have in a bathroom, but I am scared to death about what state the foorboards are going to be in when I lift it. However, Yorkie has the weekend off next week, so I might be able to convince him to give me a hand with that bit. After all, I did all the rest my self!

Covered in't' Paint!

Two days ago I was driving past B&Q after taking Yorkie to work, and a moment of madness struck! "I know," thinks I "I'll go and buy some tile paint and redecroate the bathroom!" £100 on, and a good deal of mess, plaster and paint later, I have almost finished! And I'll have done it all by my self! Aint I a good un? My bathroom is tiny, and I do mean TINY! As you walk in you almost fall over the sink on the right hand side. The loo is directly in front of you (your knees fit under the sink while you sit on it), and the bath is on the left, taking up the whole of the left hand side from the door to the 'far' wall, next to the loo. You cannot fot two people in this bathroom! The tiles, which take up the while of the bath wall and come upto the window behind the loo, and about a third of the way up the sink wall, are a nasty dark green with gold fleck, and the non-tiled bits of wall are WOODCHIP painted dark red, again with gold flecks. Apart from

All work and no play

I am worn out!!! I still feel a little off colour, but much better than I was on monday. Yesterday I spent the morning re-organising all my stock in the office so that now almost all of it is staked up on the shelves in a sensible way, all lunch time talking to a potential new supplier, and all afternoon building up the web site. Today I spent an hour in the gym, an hour in the sauna, far too long in the supermarket and thankfully little time posting orders at the post office. And all I WANT to do is finish reading Harry Potter!!!! I read it in bed at night until I can hold me eyelids up no-longer, and it isn't enough! I took it to the sauna with me today, and only went in the steam room and sauna room once, spending the rest of the time on a lounger reading!!! I only have about 1cm of pages left, and poor Harry's world has crumbled around him (I wont say more for those few of you who haven't got there yet) and I HAVE TO SEE HOW IT ENDS! Sooner rather than later. In fact -

I feel sick!

Groooo! I feel HORRID! I have a high temp, an upset tum, and all I want to do is sleeeeeeep!!!!! Had a really nice weekend though. Angie from L&M college came over for the weekend. We went shopping, went to the fair ground, went to the pub and met up with Jill, watched movies, and played guild wars, ate pizza. All in all, a weekend doing all the things I love with a very very good friend! Doesn't get better than that! In fact we're trying to sort out one last weekend before she goes off to uni at the end of the month. Jill seems really taken with her and has insisted we do it again! lol. Maybe this time my plans will work out right. You see, this weekend I had hoped to have a big girly night out, but slowly it all fell apart. Andrea's little girl was sick so she couldn't make it. That meant that the curry idea has been put on hold until Andrea can come because that was a "me and Andrea thing". Fran did not reply to a single one of my text messages - maybe