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I'm killing time really. At 7pm I have to call the family planning and try to get an apointment for tonight to get my depo jab to ensure that I am not going to get pregnant in the next three months. It's not something I enjoy having done, and I am looking forward to the day when me and Yorkie are married and I can say "I'm not having the jab this time, we're trying for a family" but as that is still some time in the future I guess I'll have to just lump it and go. *sulk* In the mean time I have noticed that I haven't posted a recent photo of myself on the blog for a while. Even that one down there that I used on the myheritage web site is an old one. So here's me tonight. ( myheritage thinks I look like Celin Dion tonight, I'm not so sure) Mind you, when I say I'm not looking forward to the jab, it's actually just the process of having a needle jabbed in my ass I resent. In truth, I am looking forward to getting my hormone levels sorted

It's finally gone - a day to morn

We did it. We took the old Mondeo to the scrappies.... and left it there. It's gone, For ever. And I really feel quite sad about it too. The scrappy gave me 50 quid for my poor old car. Not much, is it? They'll make good money out of the spare parts too, as most of the car was ok. Even Yorkie was a bit sad about it. He came with me, and as we walked away from the scrap yard he looked over his shoulder and said "good bye little old motor". We walked back. And it's a horrible wet day too. It seems some how fitting for saying good bye to an "old friend". I've had that car for 2 years and 2 days. The longest I have ever owned a car, and it's been a damn good car to us too. I didn't cry. But I felt like maybe I should have done. Which is daft, because after all, it's just a car.... But you do get attached to them don't you? But anyway, what's done is done and we all have to move on. I have a new car now and I'm sure in time I will

Who do YOU look like? Found this on , and it's so much fun! It takes a while, but you always open another window and tit about while you're waiting. I up loaded this photo, and this is what it came up with! I'm gonna do some more! Weee! BUT I HAVE TO SAY, THAT YORKIE'S IS MY FAV!!!!!

Unfounded rage

Well last night went OK. Yorkie didn't run and hide after all. We had a Chinese, and Marie selected the DVD for the night (Blade Trinity). We nattered, drank, ate, and had a laugh, and it was all very pleasant. I had to laugh at Debs and Marie who were hunting through a college course magazine looking for a class they could take to meet men, and all the classes ere random shite, like "Hum, holler n sing"..... BUT when they had gone and me and Yorkie went to bed I got the most horrible feeling of rage.... and for no reason what so ever! I'm putting it down to the combination of booze and my anti-depressants. I used to not be able to go any where near vodka when I was on my pills before because I got rage, so last night I avoided vodka, and had Baileys instead. I had 4 small ones over the night, and then switched onto soft drinks (mainly because the Chinese had made me thirsty, and Baileys doesn't really do the job) but I still felt really really mad, and like I sa

Feeling deflated

Shopping went ok. Got my mum, John, Bob. Jenny and Dave sorted. I've got something for Jacs and David, Yorkie's got some of what he wanted for Tony, and I have a good idea of what to get Fay. That's a big chunk of it out of the way. The snows gone now though. Figures, it never lasts long here. Too close to the sea maybe. But my real downer is about tonight. Debs is coming over, hopefully with Marie, for some drinks and a take away. But Andrea can't make it, neither can Jill or Fran, and I can't get hold of Sarah, so it's going to be a quiet night. Still, I'm sure we'll still have fun. I don't know Deb and Marie very well, so I guess this is the time to get to know them. I get a feeling that Yorkie's going to be off and hiding first chance he gets (Even though Debs works with him, and is technically "his friend" before she's mine), and I am more than a little nervuse. Nothing to worry about though I bet. They'll be here in a litt

It's snowing!

I've just looked out of my home office window for the first time today, and it's SNOWING! I love the snow (unless I'm driving in it) and I love the way it makes everything look so pretty and so clean. And it's starting to feel that bit closer to Christmas too! Weee! We're going Christmas shopping today. I'm still looking forward to it, Yorkie is grumbling about it. I don't think he likes the snow at all, and I know he hates shopping, so he's going to be a JOY to be around, lol. But the snow does mean one thing, it's not at all likely that I will be ditching the Mondeo today, as I'll have to walk home afterwards, and as much as I like snow, I don't want to be walking around in it for too long! I think I'll have to re-think my attire for today too. I don't think the low cut top, and high heeled boots are going to cut it today. Back on with the wooly jumper and sensible flat ankle boots, lol. Still, they'll be under the huge faux fur

24 Hour Drinking - I told you so!

After all the fuss and hassle over the 24 hour drinking licence, look what's happened. NOTHING! Let me show you some quotes from the BBC: 'Business as usual' in city clubs Police say the first Friday night of 24-hour drinking in Sussex and Surrey passed off peacefully. Smooth start for 24-hour drinking New licensing laws allowing 24-hour drinking begin without the widely predicted violence and bad behaviour. So, is all went well? Are all the people who where SO against it eating their words? Cold night deters rowdy drinkers Police say cold weather in Kent helped the first Friday night with longer pub opening times pass off peacefully. Weekend 'big test for drink laws' Police say the first weekend of 24-drinking in Kent and East Sussex will be an "unknown quantity" for the force. Mmmm, so it was just a coincidence that violence etc didn't rise, is it? Well, on the news this morning (not on the bbc site yet), guess what? The SAME APPLIES to the weekend!

Impressed with me!

I have to say, I am feeling a little smug this afternoon. I dragged myself of to WW this morning, and I really didn't fancy it AT ALL, I was feeling fat and frumpy, and conviced my self that I hadn't lost much, if any, weight. And lo... I've shed 5.5 lb since I last went! That means I have only 1 stone and 1 pound to go before I'm at my goal weight! The end is in sight! It aslo means that I have lost a total of 25lb since I went back to WW in August this year (hence the little green star up there). Although, that being said, I don't much feel like doing anything else for the rest of the day. I had high ambitions for the day, what with Yorkie being off an all. I was going to take the Mondeo to the scrappies, do the food shop, and get some christmas shopping in too, but as it's taken me over half an hour to get round Lancaster's one way system coming back from Morecambe, I don't really feel inclined to go out again today. I'll have to do the food shop

To the DVLA

If I made any slurr against your name in my earlier posts, I take it back! I got my Tax Disc TODAY!!! How brilliant it that? Now I can drive my lovely little yellow car! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Like that feeling you get before a thunderstorm

Do you ever get that tight feeling before a thunderstorm? Headaches? Something to do with air pressure and static in the atmosphere I think. It's kind of like that. I'm feeling paniced. And about nothing at all. Daft isn't it! From about 3 yesterday afternoon I've had a nasty tight feeling, just between my chest and my tum. It's anxiety. I know it is because I get it sometimes when I'm depressed. When I was at my worst I was given beta-blockers by my doc because I was getting panic attacks. Not that I think I'm going down that road again. But the feeling is there, the kind of feeling you get at the on set of a panic attack. The biggest catch of that though, is that you worry so much about the threat of a panic attack that you can actually force one! So I'm trying to stay calm. I was telling Yorkie about it last night (a warning more than anything else, as I'm likely to go off on one when I feel like this) and he was so worried for me! Lots of hugs an


Even though I got my cover note in the post this morning I STILL cannot tax my damned car!!!!! I totted off this morning with all my doctments, in the pouring rain and gales, to the post office. I filled in everything I needed to fill in, bought a tax disk holder and then got told: "Oh, we can't tax this car for you!" "Why not?" "Because it's registered for disabled use." DAMN! In order to get my car taxed now I have to go to the DVLA people in PRESTON! If i'd known that I would have arranged to pick the car up at the same time, but there you go. And there's the problem of actually GETTING to Preston, as the DVLA place is no where near the train station, and I don't know my way well enough to get a bus, and I'm not paying for a taxi. The alternative? To post all the stuff and hope that they get it sorted ASAP! Which is what I have had to do. Andrea, bless her, picked me up and dropped me home so I could go to MM and get my wages, a


You know, I STILL don't have my insurance docs through the post yet. It's becoming unfunny! Without them I cannot tax my car, With out tax, I cannot legally drive my car!!!! I'm supposed to be at MM tomorrow, will have to wait for the postman to come and then either 1) walk to post office, buy tax, walk home and then go to MM, or 2) There'll be no insurance docs and I'll have to scrounge a lift or get the train! Luckily Andrea jumped in and offered to take me in if I get stuck as she'll be local anyway around mid to late morning, but still, I want to be able to go to work in my own car! *grum* Just spoken to Andrea actually. She's still highly pissed off and is leaving first chance she gets. Good for her I think! There's been a row between her and FB over money and things that Glenn said / hasn't said / done / not done and Andrea is understandably seathing. And it seems that SB is going to be off work for a few months too (news to me) as she is havin

Random Buffy Test

Found this on Hydrangeas are pretty's blog. Good fun! Gonna try the rest in a bit! Glorificus 90% amorality, 63% passion, 54% spirituality, 27% selflessness You probably have a complicated, multi-faceted personality. Kind of like Glory-Ben-Glorificus. Passionate and driven with a spiritual side that comes out at times, a healthy taste for the finer things in life and a willingness to do what's necessary to achieve your ends. You're assertive and have no problems standing up for yourself. And, push come to shove, you're the closest anyone's ever come to straight-up beating the Slayer and her gang. Congratulations! If you enjoyed this test, I would love the feedback! Also, you might want to check out some of my other tests if you're interested in the following: Nerds, Geeks & Dorks Professional Wrestling Love & Sexuality America/Politics Thanks Again! -- THE 4-VARIABLE BUFFY PERSONALITY TEST My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people yo

I've got the car, and a huge guilt complex

I went to pick up my car last night, and all went well enough. The bloke we bought it off turned up at exactly 5pm which was great! He handed me the keys, showed me the lights (inc the fog lamps as last night was very very foggy) and assured me he's left me enough petrol in it to get home. And he probably had, if I had not got myself lost leaving Preston! It's only 20 miles away from home, but I don't drive round the place, and in the dark and the fog I had no idea where I was going! I think I turned the wrong way at the train station and ended up coming out of the wrong side of Preston all together! That wasn't much of a problem though, I soon picked up signs for the motorway and it gave me a chance to get a feel for the car beofre getting out on the open roads. About half way between the Preston turn onto the motorway, and Forton services (just out side Lancaster) there was a "bing-bing-bing!" sound, and my fuel light came on. OK, I though, so that works. I

He's a bastard!

This is something Glenn must have shares in. Having read Andrea's journal this morning, I left her a message to cll me if she wanted to have a natter, and she did. And the things she's told me left my all but speechless! Needless to say, Glenn has swanned off on his hols without paying the builders. This is now a debt of £1500..... How does this affect me and Andrea you might ask? Andrea's hubby is the guy responsible fo the build and the builders and other workmen on the job. Glenn had insisted that as many men as possible were put on the job, seemingly KNOWING he didn't have the money to pay them. And has fecked off..... This means that poor Andrea and Clive have been having to scape together as much of their own money as possible to pay the men what they can - which leaves them short before XMas - and the men will have to wait for the rest. For at least two weeks! Understandably they are pissed off, but it's Andrea and Clives door the are banging on, not Glenns.

My New Car!

Introducing my NEW CAR! Well, I say new, it's new to me, it's actually 6 years old. The youngest car I've ever owned though! NISSAN MICRA : NISSAN MICRA 1.0 Inspiration Sunroof, ABS, Climate Control, Power Steering, Drivers Airbag, Immobiliser,this car is imaculate throughout, ideal first time buyers car!! And it's YELLOW! Really really yellow, this photo does not to the yellowness any justice! But it's such a sweet little car that I can forgive the colour. I don't actually have it out side my house yet sadly, I have to go and pick it up from Preston tomorrow as the garage is giving it it's MOT on Monday morning. But it is paid for it is MINE! I have to say that dad came good yesterday. I know I winge on about him and his insane ideas about life etc, but he does love me, and every so often he comes through for me, in amazing style! The original budget of £1300 was forgoten, as he discovered (as I had, but not mentioned to him) that £1300 would only buy an

Bon Voyage Glenn

Believe it or not, I actually SAW Glenn yesterday! Shock Horror! The boss who is never there, was there. Although, admittedly, not for very long! Infact, it was a day of productiveness! There was a message for me to call a customer from the web site, one who wanted to BUY something, not complain about something!!!! So I called her, and she wanted two LOTR box sets, we only had one of them in, but we did have her second choice, so in the end she did actually buy two from us. A £44.00 (inc P+P) sale for the web site! OK, so it's not much, but a sale is a sale. And by that point in the day, it was more than the shop had taken! Haahaa! I've also updated the rest of the GWS stuff on the MM web site, and set up an alternative method of payment from the site while PayPal is still locking us out; an email form, and a phone number for the shop, so customers can be invoiced and pay over the phone with their cards. Again, not ideal, but at least then we can actually make a sale! Glenn was

The joys of being an only child

I really should count my blessings you know. As a kid I was never happy about being an only child, I was lonely a lot of the time, and I wished I had an older brother (particularly once I hit my teens, when an older brothers good looking mates would have been nice too). But being an only child has it's advantages. And being the only child of devorced, affluent parents is even better. Please don't thik badly of me. I don't take advantage of the situation, I don't ask my parents for anything. I'm 26 for gods sake, I'm a full grown woman with my own business, I'm getting married! But I'm skint. Totally skint. Mostly BECAUSE I'm running my own business, which as of yet is not turning enough of a profit to pay myself a wage. I'm car-less, as you know. On Saturday, I wont be. In theory anyway. Dad called me last night - Fay had told him what had happened to my poor mondeo and had also clearly told him that I am very stressed about it. She had mentioned

Car Obituary

Doooooom! I took my poor little car in for it's MOT yesterday. I knew it wouldn't pass, it's about 12 years old for a start, and last time it went to the garage I was warned that there are problems with the exhaugst. Bloke rang me up just after lunch time. "Are you sitting comfortbly?" he says "it's failed misserably" I sigh deeply, and admit that I thought it would, greatful that I had saved a couple of hundred quid to cover the costs. He ran through the problems with the car - which I admit I didn't understand, but all the work he's done on it in the past has been good work, and good value too so I trust him. Then he hits me with the big one. "I've estimated the cost, it's rounded up so it might cost less. £500.00...." That 50 more than the car cost to BUY! But, I thought, I do need a car, and what are the chances of me being able to buy a 2nd hand car that's not going to cost me the same or more? After all, I can'

Pamper Day!

I love days like today! I have done no work, not any, at all! What I have done is take a wonderful, long, hot bath, with the specialist beauty mud my mum bought me in it. I had a face pack, de-furred my body, did a deep condition on my hair, and just lounged in the hot water. I played my entire Robbie Williams collection (on party mode with iTunes!) while I was soaking. For almost two hours! Then I spent over a hour treating and straightening my hair, applying scented moisturisor to my whole body (Jean Paul Gaultier - to match my perfume) and getting my make-up just perfect. Why? I am going out on a hot date with my man? Am I having a night out with the girls? Nope, I just wanted to pamper my self and make my self beautiful! And while that photo up there might not look much different to any other I have posted, I feel amazing! My skin is like silk, my hair is shoft and shinny like on an advert, and I smell wonderful too.... And what's more, I don't care that no one will notice,


Now, we don't really do Romance, Yorkie and I. We're not the sort of couple that goes to posh restraunts, buy hearts and flowers on a whim etc, but last night we had a really sweet night. We didn't really do much that was classically romantic, it was the mood, the feeling in the air, if you know what I mean....? I cooked us steaks for tea, which is always a winner for Yorkie (his second fav after anything pork) and had the candles lit in the front room. Not that I was going for a romantic atmosphere, I just like to have candles lit on cold dark nights. We snuggled up on the settee together, watching nothing much on telly, all warm and cozy under a blanket, with the cat curled up o us. We'd been talking a little bit about the wedding and stuff, and about what my doc had said to me about what to do before we start a family. Yorkie's eyes went all soft and sweet, he was hugging me close and saying all the right kind of sweet thinks that I love to hear. It was on

Ahhhh.... Fluoxetine!

Well, I went to the docs this morning. I love my doctor! He is SO understanding! If anything, he told me off for not coming in sooner, "come in before you feel depressed, this medication is not addictive. Why wait until you feel depressed when you can avoid it?", so that's me told LOL! So I have two months worth, and a repeat if I need it, but I should be fine now. I usually feel better after XMas, don't know why, maybe it's because I've spent so much time with people, got away from home and home hassles, the evenings are a little lighter, or the stress of having to get enough cash together over and done with, or a combination of the lot. but generally, that's when I start to pick up. I also finally got my butt to the garage to get my car booked in for it's MOT, 10.30 on Monday. I've moved some money onto my debit card too so I should be able to pay for it easy enough (assuming the car isn't that badly off that is), so that's a weight off m

Rememberance Day - Spare a thought

Spare a thought for those who lost thier lives in the war, to save ours Spare some cash if you can Wear your Poppy with Pride

Another day at MM!

Before I go off on one about MM, let me show you the coat I bought this afternoon!! The on-line shop only has a photo of it in white, but I can assure you, the rich chocolate brown one I bought it even more beautiful!!! Mmmm...... Happy, Sexy AND warm! But enough niceness, lol! I was late into MM this morning as I had my "VAT Educator" visit, where I was treated (nicely) like an idiot - which when to comes to numbers I am >_< While I have been away from MM poor Andrea has been getting it thick and fast from the other "ladies" within the company. "She" (now to be known as "Skinny-bitch, or just SB) had been on the phone to Fat-Bitch (FB) most of Tuesday. Neither of them have a clue what's going on and both have been digging. Now, I've already said that SB has been digging for info with Andrea, but what we didn't know at the time, is that FB has been digging at Glenn for info, and also got no where (HAHA!) On tuesday SB asked Andrea t

Re: This rant....

It was on the news this morning that the 16 year old daughter of "said mother" is now also pregnant, only she's keeping her kid. Why doesn't this woman spend less time bitching on the news, and a bit more time being a mother to her children, who clearly need to be parented!!!

This rant might upset you

.... But I am SICK of hearing about this on the TV and I want to state my view on it. Abortions on teenagers, approved by doctors, without the partents consent or knowlege. Good or Bad? This is not about whether abortions are right or wrong, it's about the right to confientiality! This woman who has been on the news lately ranting about how it is terrible that she wasn't told by the family doctor about her daughters abortion is driving me MAD! The truth is, this girl considered herself mature enough to have sex. Phsically she is! And she chose how to deal with the consequences. She made the choice to have sex. She got pregnant. She didn't tell her mother, she went to her doctor and had an abortion. Now, regardless of your oppinion on abortions, this was her choice, and she made it. In the circumstances I feel that she made a logical, mature choice. A very sad one admitedly ans one which she will cry about for years, but the logical one. How is anyone of that age supposed to


Last night we had a fit of madness, and desided to go through all the boxes I have on the shelves in the front room. I have a set of nice silver shoe-box-style boxes that I use to store the random tat that everyone collects, you know the kind of stuff, things you don't use, but don't really want to throw away, like birthday card, bits and bobs that might be usefull one day, that kind of thing. It's a job which needs to be done every now and then, and we always end up with a couple of empty ones at the end when we've thrown away stuff we haven't found a use for in X amount of time. I also have a larger wooden box, bit like a chest. It was full of the same sort of random stuff. I thought we could use it as our toy box, and keep our trading cards and stuff in it. Only, as Yorkie got to the bottom, we had a horrible discovery! Something had been trying to make a nest in it!!!!! Papers were chewed, a small teddy-in-a-paper-bag had it's guts ripped out, and there was

At the risk of sounding cheap.....

..... I love George at Asda Some of you out there might think that's sad, but remember I'm not the richest of people, and after all, fashion changes so rappidly that I do not feel inclined to spend a fortune on something I'm only going to wear for one season, maybe 10 or 12 times at the MOST, and evening wear is lucky to get out of the house twice in a season. George sell some real tat I know, but they do also have some very very nice stuff too, and very reasonable prices! The reason I'm saying all this is because me and Andrea had a really nice "girly-day" yesterday! Once I'd got home from taking Yorkie to work I had a text from Andrea telling me she was in MM until about 1pm, and that she had brought me some boots she thought I might like. Would I pop in after my WW meeting. Then she came on-line so I messaged her to say that as she was there now I'd come right over. After all, MM is only a 2 min walk away from where I go to WW. We had a natter, and