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In the office

So I made it in to the office today - just in time after driving down from the Marina - and was set to work on the phones and PC. I seem to have forgotten even simple phone etiquette! Like asking who is calling before I forward a call! DOH! I'm sure that's just nerves though and I'll get back into the swing of it in no time. I seem to be OK with the rest of it so far though, getting the hang of the filing systems and finding my way round the computer files too (once the server let me in, it hates me, that server!) to order stock, process forms and documents etc. I finished just after 5pm so that's a good 5 hours under my belt without upsetting anyone (I hope). Seems to have gone well though. I have a position in the office now. Better rate of pay (just more than Yorkie actually) so I should be able to get everything else back on track, like paying mum back for the loans for the wedding and hen night, clearing my credit card, putting money back into the savings account a

Goodbye Nan

Short post. I got a phone call from my Dad yesterday morning, just as I was getting ready for work. As soon as he said hello I knew what had happened. Nan died yesterday morning. She'd come home from the hospital last weekend - they could no nothing more for her and she hated being there - so she was happy at home and she wasn't alone. Anne and her kids are staying there, and I would imagine that Brenda may have been there too. And of course her beloved dachshund too (named Bruce Willis.... My Nan's great!) so I guess if there are good ways 'to go' she got one. I'm not up to posting a lot about this just yet. Maybe later, maybe not at all. In the meantime, I'll just share a photo of this wonderful woman I love and will miss forever.

Progress at LN

I've not talked about working for LN much since I first started. Needless to say most of the teething problems with my kit got sorted out eventually (although I do need to speak to someone about my wages when I find the time). I am moving up! I have started doing the next level which is Site Visiting (i.e. checking that cleaners have enough stock, the right equpiment, doing the right hours and not missing anything or getting anything wrong). And I had an interview with the boss yesterday for the operations managers job. I'm not suited to the job it seems, but I was recommended to apply by the other ladies in the office, and the up come of the interview is that I will be working with the boss for a few shifts next week. He seemed impressed with me and is looking to find a position that I will be useful in. So even if I don't get the OM job I might still get something good / intresting as a result. I do like the idea of working in an office again, and I enjoy being 'on si

He's BACK!

YAY! *dance dance dance* My wonderful feller came home last night. I had no idea it was possible to miss him this much! He was still half cut, and has a massive broose on his ass from the ladder on his bunk bed (thought it best not to ask), but he's had a brilliant time. They caught the Street Performance World Championship , got drunk lots, and even ended up in a karaoki bar! Poor sod's had to go to work today though, I think he needs a couple of days off to get over it all!

Site visits

I am SO tired! I started training as a site visiter for LN yesterday afternoon. It's more hours and pretty flexible so I'm happy to do it. But I'm tired out! I did 3 hours yesterday, and then my normal shift at Carnforth, and then I was working again at 6 this morning! 2 hours, and then off to the Marina for my normal 2 1/2 hours, and soon I shall have to go out again to cover 3 more sites... on my own this time! Wee bit nervouse about that. I shouldn't be, the work isn't hard, but until I am certain that I am doing it right I'm not going to be happy. On top of that I am still working on my web sites (had a gallery to make for one yesterday evening that took up a couple of hours) and my college work to do too. I also fell guilty about being out, because tonight Yorkie leaves for his stag do and I wont see him again until Monday :( Ijust want to curl up in my mans arms and go to sleep! Wahhhh!

Another weekend away!

I'm starting to get used to this! But I am still so tired it's painful! We stayed at Kates again this weekend. We got to se the jacket again which is coming on in leaps and bounds! The sleaves are tacked on and the front of the lappels are on (she did tell me the proper name, but I forgot it) and the breast pocket is done! The skirt and fake pocket flaps are to go on next I think. Yorkie still looks bloody good in it too! We had a nice time again, Rachel and her brood were over on Saturday so we got to see the kiddies and had a BBQ in the back garden. Saturday night we played ' dirty minds ' which is such a funny game! I'm going to HAVE to get a box of that for nights in with friends! And I managed to consume a whole bottle of Pinot Grigio all to myself... which I loved doing but isn't something I should brag about! (Not my fault that the glass was topped up everytime I turned my head, hee hee hee, not that I am complaining at all!) Sunday was chilled out, relax


My adorable little ginger baby-boy cat has turned into a KILLER! Just look at those evil little orange eyes! In the last week he has brought me 2 birds and a mouse. The second bird was still alive - with a huge hole in it's back. I tried to free it, you know, give it at least a chance at life, but I'm not hopeful for the poor bugger. It was in a bad way. The first one was dead. I found it in the front room next to my shoe when I was poorly. Yorkie got rid of that one. We didn't know for sure which cat brought it in, but Muppet is a butterfly hunter, not a bird hunter. So we guessed it must be Fizgig. It was a small bird, maybe a fledgeling he'd found. 2 days later I was sat at the computer and he came trotting in and stared to play with something. The something ran into a courner and I saw it... a sparrow. That was the live one I caught and put outside. Tonight, just as Yorkie and I were tucking into our dinner, he dropped into the living room with a dead mouse! Which

Pre Hen Do!

YAY! Party at mine! I kicked Yorkie out for the night and had the girls round for a Kitten Fever party. Well, a fair few of them anyway. Esther (Kitten Fever party hostess and company boss as well as friend - posh, eh?) Me Jen Jill Sarah Tara Gemma Debbie. Fran and Lelly couldn't make it at the last minute, and Jacs couldn't come as her hubby was on a stag do else where. It was a bit far to come for the rest of my girls. We cracked open a few bottle of expensive pick bubbly, a bottle of champers and more cava than we should admit to and a fair few bottles of rose wine too, troffed on chocolates, haribo mix, humous , caraot and celery sticks, and sensations! My first guest arrived at 6.15, we bought beautiful sparkly things from Esther, gossiped and laughed.... and before we knew it dawn was breaking! People started to filter off at about 2am, but I dropped my last guest off at home (once sober enough to drive) at about 11am! I honestly can't recall most of the evening, but