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New Years Resolutions

OK, a little early, but I'm going out for New Year and if I get totally drunk I know I wont get on here tomorrow to post them! So here goes (in no particular order) To get to 10 stone or less by the end of 2006! Via sticking to my WW diet and using the gym membership I pay for every month, and the excesize equipment and DVDs I have speant a fortune on over the years! To organise a HUGE chunk of the wedding as by this time next year there will only be 6 months left! To get my business turning enough profit to pay me a WAGE! Other wise 2006 will be a very very poor year for us! To get my house and my house-work sorted out , possibly by means of a weekly house work check list that I actually STICK to this year! No more mice! To keep in touch with my friends! Friends are as important to me as family. It's about time I started to treat them a bit better! There. I think 5 should do it for this year. They are all achivable if I actually put my mind to it, and in most cases I HAVE

6lb gain

Gutted. I weigh 11 stone and 6 lb! Look at how HORRIBLE that chart looks now! I'm almost back up to my 10% goal instead of down to just a lovely 11 stone.... the lightest I have ever been as an adult.... Almost makes me want to cry! Not as gutted as I would have been if it still said 8 pounds this morning, but still, 6 pounds is almost half a stone that I have gained over Christmas! Well, that'll teach me for living of bacon, sausage and chocolate for 5 days wont it!? And I do know that I can be 11 stone, it's no longer a distant dream or impossibiliy which it had felt like for so long. I know deep down that I will not only get back to 11 stone, but that I will also get lower and healthier. At 11 stone I am still too heavy to be healthy for my height and build, and I wont relax until I am beblow the 10 and a half stone mark. That's when I get to the top of my healthy weight band. But as for the Valentines Challenge.... well, it's 7 weeks between now and my last WI b

Guess I'll have to diet again.....

I've just had a horrible shock! I jumped on the scales in the bathroom and they say I am 11 stone 8 lb! I refuse to believe I have put on 8 lb over Christmas! I know I have eaten a huge amount of food, and a stupid about of chocolate and booze has also passed between my lips, but 8 lb???? I am just hoping - hope against hope - that it not an accurate reading! It's early evening and I have been eating and drinking all day, and evening weights are always different to morning weights. So I shall try not to panic unti morning and weight myself before breakfast like I normally do at the WW meetings. Needless to say I am NOT happy about this all the same! The only reason I got on the scales tonight is because I have had another reminder from WW Challengers that I have not submitted a start weight or target for the Valentines Challenge and I thought I'd get it posted. Instead I have made a comment and promised stats in the morning. *CRINGE* Still, life goes on regardless of Christ

Family Christmas

Well, I hope you have all had a lovely holiday this Christmas - and if you don't celebrate Christmas I hope you've had a nice time too :0) We've had a great time of it..... and I don't think either of us will ever need to eat again! At least not for a couple of weeks after the amount of food we have crammed down our necks these last few days! Friday morning I banished Yorkie from the house at 8.30 to go to town and finish off his Christmas shopping. I started to pack up the suit case and gifts, and keep poor puss cat hungry so she wouldn't skip off out on us. About 10.30 he came back laiden down with bags and sweating like a pig. We wrapped up the last gifts (with a quick trip to the local shop for yet MORE gift wrap!) and packed up the car. We got to mum's about 3pm. Muppet was glad to be out of her box and was running about mum's house rapidly making it her own. She was snoozing under mum and johns giant christmas tree at one point, and I was dying to take

Typical MM Day

What can I say about today at MM. My PC's still not really working very well. D thinks there's a problem with the memory with it that he'll try to sort out. I'm locked out of MM's PayPal account again - maybe because he's changed he password, maybe because PayPal are fucked off with us and have shut us out Glenn's told D that he's "not bothered" about the web site any more (WTF!) Glenn wants D to open a new ebay / paypal account and think up a "good name" D doesn't want to do these things and said to Glenn why wasn't he asking ME to do these things. No answer. The game order that came back from Germany (an ebay sale I wasn't allowed to process) is STILL sat in the shop. D and S aren't in a position to sort it, Glenn WONT sort it, and I'm not supposed to even KNOW about it! It seems because Andrea sent it in the first place it's her problem..... but she's LEFT! So I have sent Glenn another email. I did try t

St John White

What a morning! I thought my world had collaspsed around me at one point! Forget St Nick, this year my praises got to St John, John White of the Lancaster City Council that is. Let me explain. Last night laid in bed me and Yorkie were discussing the remaining Christmas gifts he had to buy, and the end conclusion was that I would go into town this morning and pick up the bits he wanted as long as they were still in stock, and let him no so he could get somethig from work if what i was getting was out of stock. So 9am today I pulled into a pay and display car park at the bottom of town. I listened to the end of a story on Radio One about Chris Moyles being on Richard and Judy last night, checked I had cash for the car park, my wallet and cards for the shopping and sundry other bits. I had everything so I switched of the radio and went into town. I was very happy to fond that Boots had EVERYTHING I wanted, including the Treseme curling tongs I wanted to treat myself to with my Boots point
My Tree (Feat Muppet the cat): Small, and completely over the top!  
Yorkie's Christmas Tree: tall, noble, and under stated 

Yay! Puss Cats and Music!

As we're going away for XMas me and Yorkie have agreed that it's not a good idea to take all the gifts we have been given WITH us, due to limited space in the car. Therefore we have been opening the odd little thing of an evening. Naughty we know, but hey. We're all grown up (ahem) and we'll do what we want! Haa haa haa! So far I have opened 2 of the 4 from Jacs (some brillaint CDs and Thorntons chocs... the woman knows me so well! I love her!) and a perfect gift from Andrea, which is a beautiful pussy cat earing and necklace set!!!! Wonderful! Yorkie is going to be so mad when he sees them because he was looking for a broach for him mum in the same style, and can't find one! Should have started shopping sooner sweetie! Just come back from a nice long lunch with Andrea. We meet in the Lancastian, the first time I've been there since I graduated. It was not the best choice of venues! Nothing wrong with the place as such, but who should turn up but Andrea's e

All a bunch of Bankers!

Have you noticed how long it takes for money to move from one place to another? AGES! Even if you are moving money from one of your own accounts to another of your own accounts, or trying to put cash into an account. It always takes time.... days....! For example. A customer buys something from my web site on monday. And, to be fair, on monday there it is in my paypal account. So on that monday I withdraw the money into my business account. This takes 10 days, the NEXT thursday this money arrives in my business account, when I then have to send it over to the Visa card so I can use it. That takes another 3 working days, but three working days from a thursday is acutally 5 days because of saturday and sunday being in the middle, so that more than 2 weeks for the money which is rightfully mine to become something I can actually spend! Now, normally I just bimble on, knowing this, but taking it all in my stride. That's no so easy at Christmas when I have orders coming in faster than I

Gutted, Damn the Flu!

The damn flu has spread round the rest of the girls and they are all sick..... In the end only Debs and Marie could make it, and I was starting to feel more than just a bit off myself. So I had to cancel my sing star party. Soooo sad! It's fair enought though. Poor Sarah looked so ill last weekend at Simon's 30th, and we were all very close, and sharing the dips and stuff. It makes sence that we've all caught it. I've been putting my own symptoms down to feeling depressed, getting drunk and throwing up, and being cold yesterday. I.E. bad tum, sore throat and banging head. It feels like someone driving six inch nails in the base of my skull. Guess in truth I've got a touch of this bug that they all have. Even Jill said "blame Sarah", lol. Still, the game's are going no where, and me and Yorkie troffed the snacks for tea last night! It's not like I can't do it all again in the New Year. So instead me and Yorks spent the night cuddled up with the

Catch Up

Didn't get chance to post yesterday, saw doing too much! Not like me at all is it? Yorkie got home from Lelly and Coops' at 6.15am again.... Not as un-fussed as I was on Wednesday as we had to be up and doing stuff on Friday, but he did manage to pull his weight so I'll let him off. About 10ish I dragged him into town to do some more of his Christmas shopping. I swear I will never understand the way men shop for Christmas.... We went to Boots and the one thing he had in mind to buy his mum's feller Dave had sold out. Last time we were there - buying things - they had loads. Yorkie, in a strop, desided he's had enough of town after this one shoip because it meant that he didn't know what to buy Dave any more. I asked him why he hadn't bought it last time we were there. He said he didn't have the money for it then. But I'M the one who paid for the stuff from Boots when we were there last, so that wasn't an issue.... Go figure. I made him buy at lea

Up and Down

it's been one of those days. I'm not sure if I'm happy, or if I'm sad today. I'm not feeling very social I know that, at least, not social enough to climb out of the secure bubble that is my house and see people. I went to MM day. Saw the boss man - shock horror - for all of 30 seconds before he barked orders at S and shot off again. Had a bit of a laugh with D, particularly when the computer that used to be "mine" when I was a full time emplyee of MM packed in and died. Not really sure what's wrong with it, but I suspect is has a serious case of viruses! As the anti-virus expired months ago and boss man has done nothing about it! Lucky for him I have the web site back up, other wise we'd loose the lot on a clean start on that pc. Not that any of that will have occured to him. D says he might be able to get it fixed on Monday. But so long as I get my cash on Thu I don't really care. I can prove I've done the work, wether I'm at MM or h

I blame the Merlot!

I was going to be good. I was going to just have a couple of real drinks, and then stay on the cola all night. It didn't work out that way.... at all! Started off at the Sun pub, which I was doubious about as the last time I was there it was bearly a whole in the wall. However, that was some 4 years ago, and now it's a very classy wine bar with leather seating and ikea style decor (if you an put classy and ikea in the same sensence). Me and Yorkie were the first ones there. Debs and Marie arrived shortly after, and another Mark arrived a little after then. I'd had just 2 vodka and cokes by the time we'd left, and I was happy that I had showed people I was out for fun and thought from that point on no one whould notice I was on soft drinks for the rest of the night. From there we moved onto the Blob Shop to meet up with the rest of the people (Dave & Steph - the boss and his Missus, Jez and his missus, and Simon). On the way up Yorkie and Mark had gone on a head leav

Money Worries

I'm feeling a bit glum today. I hate having no money. I hate the fact that my poor little business has very little money too. I now have two lots of no money to worry about. I shouldn't be so stressed about it. Money is coming in, it's just that it's going out again just as quickly. It's never there long enough for me to look at it and say "Hey, I've got some money!" I know that after Christmas I wont have as much going out, which will be great, but also, I wont have as much coming into the business when everyone is spent up after the festive season. So I'm looking for little part time jobs up and down the place, prefereably the home based ones where I sort out my own tax and national insurance etc. But there's nothing out there at the moment. I know that will change after Christmas too, but it's not helpping in the meantime. I'm feeling very stressed, and everything seems to be happening too slowly. I'm constantly waiting for money

When Good Trees Turn Bad!

Funny how things link up here on blogger, isn't it! RainyPete's comments of Christmas Tree Hunting made me laugh, but when I picked up a wounded Yorkie from the Garden Centre today, out rang alarm bells for an international Christmas Tree Conspiracy to bring down the human race! One stole Yorkie's saw and used it against him in this horrible and uncalled for attack! Horrible!!!! I've had a much less eventful day. It's really not easy going shopping with next to no money! Especially when you have no fuel in the car, and more expence right round the courner! But it had to be done. We had no food left in the house again, so I had to buy some food for us and for the cat, and some loo roll! Those are things we cannot be with out! I also filled the car up. Something else we can't do with out is fuel in the car. But..... As we're out on Yorkie's staff do tomorrow, I wanted to buy some new clothes. And it's more than just a "Night Out! Need New Clothes&


Oh! What a fun night! Utter maddness in a cheesey sort of way, and it was SO much fun! Simon's 30th Birthday was bound to be a little bit chessey - in a good way. Fran will always bring that out of a group of people round at their house. Last year she started our PlayStation Dance Mat craze and formed the monster which is my Yorkie loving S Club 7 dance routeens..... In an attempt to continue the madness I bought a sing star kit last christmas (having played at the MM XMas do and loving it), but never really had the guts to try to force any one to play. So it has sat gathering dust all year. Fran has the 80's version, and got almost all of us playing! Naturally, the girls won! Infact, I got Lead Singer Status on the results board (that means I was good at it, compared to some of the others, i.e. most of the lads!) It was a good night though. As well and Fran and Simon, and me and Yorkie there was Ray & Sarah, Garry & Jill, Mark & Gemma and Tara & Colin. Gemm

Christmas Shoppers

Grrr! Doens't it drive you mad! I know those of us who do Christmas are out and about now buying stuff, we can't all be the kind of people who get everything sorted out in September (and who'd want to be, really) but as of today I hate Christmas Shoppers! After my WW meeting today I was merryly tootling my way home when I remembered that Yorkie had asked me to nip into town and buy Simon a birthday card, and if I got chance, a Darlik key ring he's seen in M&S earlier in the week. Question is why didn't he buy it then, but never mind. I thought I might as well do it as I was out. But could I find a parking space??? Not a chance in hell! I even tralled the most expensive car park in the hope of finding a spot. After all, it's only a small car, I don't need much space! But there was no where! And by now I was dying for a wee! I ended up driving home, parking up out side my house, using the loo, and walking into town. In a fit of rage. I know I shouldn't

Evening Post

(Me in my P.J.s) All the time I was int own I felt fine! But as soon as I started to come home I stared to feel odd again. Maybe there's something about home which is bothering me that I haven't pin pointed yet. Must work on what that is..... Anyway. Went to town, and no sooner had we arrived then we bumbed into Jen again! Yay! This time she was out with the baby, so I suggested meeting up for lunch after we'd all done what we were in town to do. Nothing like a good pub lunch with friends! So Yorkie and I posted off todays orders, went to the bank, and wondered aimlessly round the shops trying to find SOMETHING to buy people for Christmas. This is not an easy task! Yorkie has four people left to buy for, and of the four, we found something for one of them. ..... Still, that's one done! Only three left now! Just as we were settling on this one gift Jen called to say she was in the Bobbin waiting for us, and was sorting out heating up the baby food, so off we toddled to

Feeling odd again

Yup, got that nasty tight feeling in my gut again. No idea why. Wish it would go away! Yorkie's off today, so we're going into town in a bit to do some more Christmas shopping. I'm not sure I'm really in the mood to go to town, but I don't have much of a choice. I have orders which need to be sent, and I have to put some money in the bank or I'll be in a world of pain! But all I want to do is stay inside, maybe play some games, and just be cozy with my man and our cat. Maddening how life gets in the way! I think I'm going to have to go back to the doctors at some point in the near future. This feeling of anxiety is not getting any better. I'm actually getting breathless with it! And I know that's not good. Spoke to Andrea on Yahoo yesterday while I was at MM. She's going through more shit, poor woman. Her hubby was in an accident over the weekend, the wheel came of his van and he ended up with concushion. Luckyly he was only driving slowly, had b

Tears. But not mine.

Well, Yorkie came home at about 10.30 last night. Which is much earlier than I expected him to arrive, so I was happy about that. I had been grumbling to myself most of the evening about Marks attitude towards our marriage, and was wondering if I should say something to Yorkie about it. I wont be doing. As he stumbled into the bedroom, he announced "I've got a best man". And, naturally it's Mark. Well, I always thought it would be, and I'm glad, even though he has pissed me off of late, as like I said, I do actually like Mark a lot. Yorkie was in a real state though. He'd been crying. His face was pink and his eyes were red, his cheeks streaked with tears. I jumped out of bed to fuss him and see what was wrong. He kept saying he was "peachy". Mark had "protested" about being best man (I was not impressed by that comment) but apparently only because he thought there was better men for the job. Yorkie's reply was that Mark was his second